Some useful pointers for submitting incredible Windows Phone apps to the store

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The Windows Phone team have published some helpful tips and pointers for developers who are thinking of submitting apps to the Windows Phone Store. They go into some detail, covering the multiple XAPs per GUID, as well as deciding on how to approach the submission. Walkthroughs for three scenarios have been provided for the benefit of those who may find themselves needing a quick helping hand.

The three scenarios are as follows:

  • Should you already have a Windows Phone 7.x app and don't wish to take advantage of the newest functionality in Windows Phone 8, the app can remain as is. All new hardware are able to run existing apps that were developed for previous versions of Windows Phone. It's strongly recommended for the app to be tested in the Windows Phone 8 emulator, ensuring it functions as expected.
  • If you already have the app in the store for Windows Phone 7/x and wish to make the leap to version 8, you can reach out to expanded markets, languages and more fairly easily. The app can be upgraded using the existing app GUID, but the app will no longer be available / visible for Windows Phone 7 owners.
  • The last scenario is to add a second XAP to the app GUID - joining the existing Windows Phone 7 apps. Developers are required to make a duplicate of the existing XAP and upgrade it to Windows Phone 8. The Dev Center allows developers to upload more than one XAPs, which will prove useful when adding the second file.

We'll not copy exactly what the blog post reads, so be sure to head on over to the Windows Phone Developer Blog article for the full walkthroughs. It's well worth checking out if you're potentially looking at Windows Phone 8.

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog



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fardream says:

Their first point is obviously untrue given so many wp7 apps don't work on wp8, Spotify one of them

Gatlyn says:

This. If it were true, we wouldn't have another Xbox for Windows Phone game pulled each week.

y2bd says:

I would assume they pulled those games because the low resolution graphics don't look too sweet on the new 720p devices.

Gatlyn says:

Unfortunately, that's not the case. These games have compatibility issues that keep them from working correctly. The most recent example: http://www.wpcentral.com/turn-n-run-returns-windows-phone-8-just-ghostsc...

y2bd says:

Actually, it's not that they don't work, it's that they never pushed it for WP8. There might be slight incompatibilities, but more likely they're just spending their sweet time updating it to take advantage of WP8 APIs.

AHEM, Jay, best developer ever.

punkJD says:

Many apps and games dont fill the screen in htc 8x. is that because they are wp7 apps ?