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Cheap but cheerful Nokia Lumia 620 available in Russia at an affordable price

Lumia 620

The Lumia 620, the Windows Phone 8 smartphone that's currently launching in emerging markets, has made its way to Russia. Available in five different colours: green, black, white, pink and yellow, the Lumia 620 is offered to consumers with minute personalisation in mind. Already released in China, Thailand and India, the Windows Phone is priced aggressively against competing hardware.

The Windows Phone sports a 3.8" TFT display with a 480x800 resolution, 512MB RAM, dual-core 1.0GHz Snapdragon, 8GB internal storage (with MicroSD support) and a 5MP rear shooter. The Lumia 620 is available from official channels through Nokia for 11,990 rubles (approx. $400), as well as Euroset (only green, white and yellow variants) for the same price.

via:; thanks, Stanislav, for the tip!



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aaa6112 says:

so they launch a "CHEAP and cheerful phone" that was supposed to be $249, in EMERGING market for $400. How does that make sense?

I got a sudden shock too, when I saw the $400 price tag. I thought "agressive" meant something around $200.

schlubadub says:

It's weird... It launched at 250 in Malaysia and 275 in Thailand

ap3rus says:

I already got used to that everything new here in Russia is 30% more expensive then everywhere else. Good news is that in couple of months the price will drop drastically as non-official channels begin to sell the novelties.

lucktr says:

U nailed it ;)...8$ makes more $en$e

Come to uk i want this phone!

It's already being sold in at a much cheaper price, though stock arrives in a couple of weeks.

tgr42 says:

$400?  WHAT?
How in the world is this supposed to compete with a Nexus 4 selling for $300?

AngryNil says:

Wow. Just wow.

Why are you comparing with the US price for the Nexus 4? Do you not understand how the world works?

Rich Edmonds says:

Russia. Not America.

schlubadub says:

Surely that's a subsidised price? I find it hilarious when people say "But the Lumia 920 is only $150!" when that price only applied when they're locked into expensive 2-year contracts.
BTW in the real world the Nexus 4 8GB is closer to $500 and the 16GB is ~$550

Frap0 says:

400$ price is affordable? You have got to be kidding me. This phone should be around 250$.

Z10YkakPES says:

In Russia everything twice more expensive, L920 cost 900$ when in US its 450$

tgr42 says:

Good point, forgot about that.  This would've been a good thing to mention in the article.

Rich Edmonds says:

This is for a market outside the US. Things are more expensive than you all think.

Z10YkakPES says:

I know how expensive it is, I lived there, plus just yesterday I compared prices with my friend from Russia, so yeah....

volcane2004 says:

I think that there is an extra zero since 11,999 does come out to be somewhere close to $250. Besides, since when does a comma go before 4 numbers?

volcane2004 says:

Ok. Just checked the link and there is actually an extra 9 in the story. The actual price is 11,990 rupees which comes out to $219.43.

Frap0 says:

You are right about the exra 9. But in Russia they have rubles, not rupees and 11,990 rubles is indeed around 400$.

volcane2004 says:

Thanks!  I was looking at the price that I missed it said "rubles" and not rupees.

hasasimo says:

Why isn't the orange one pictured?

myjota says:

400 dollars in country where people are beggars

Beggars? Their poverty rate (12%) is lower than that of America and most of Western Europe. Moscow also happens to be the world's capital of billionaires (they have more than New York).

Frap0 says:

Montgomery, please forgive him, he has absolutely no idea what is he writing about.

Arsenic17 says:

I know a few friends here in the states that are interested in this phone. They are cheap skates, but want a WP. I think.if it launched in USA it would do well.

Nakazul says:

Green!! Love it!

srirangac says:

Not released in India yet. It sucks how the phones are more expensive in Emerging countries!

do u have any idea wen wil L620 be released in india ? i'm waitting for it ...

By early Feb. 920 and 820 just started getting shipped today. M waiting for my 920.

procen says:

The phones are nice, and love the colors.

I would like to inform the WPCentral: you have been used for the source the Stanislav, owner of this website, is a known violater versus copywright. The news about the 620 in Russia wrote WE, NO LINK FOR from Stanislav. He wrote a couple of  sentences and, happy, received two links - from WMPoweruser and from the WPCentral. Check our both news for time. 1. Winphonelive - 2. - We were faster for 19 minutes! I wrote you a link yesterday. Why the thief Stanislav, WPCentral?

Dude, I know that feeling.
Perhaps, Rich had to dig through a huge amount of tips to get to this, and simply ignored the rest.
This is one situation when the early bird does not get the worm.

Yes, but now, now you can correct it  :)

Eddie_Lomax says:

They really need to get it to $250, not sure why things outside the US end up so expensive, but someone else will be offering a phone for $250 ish and that will be enough to undercut it a lot.

greatamit says:

yet to arrive in india. eagerly waiting for it.