Microsoft counts the votes, names the winning Windows Phone commercial

Last week Microsoft asked you to vote for which Windows Phone commercial from NFL Quarterback Cam Newton should air during the NFC Championship pre-game show. You had the choice of four endings to the commercial using a different catch phrase at the end.

The "Peanut Butter, Jelly" version, shown above was the runner-up and will air during both the NFC and AFC Championship games.

If you're the type who would rather tune in this Sunday, January 21st, during the pre-Game show and see which version won, don't stray any further. If you can't stand the anticipation, you can find the winning version after the break.

Still think they should have had a War Eagle version....

and your winning version is "Poundcake, French Fries"!

Source: Windows Phone Blog



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pLUSpISTOL says:


sholokov says:

That's the one I liked...

joe_easton says:

I really hope this marketing is getting through; I have seen an increase of WP in the wild since WP8 launched but not enough to make me believe that MS is eating into the market share.  Guess time will tell!

jbrandonf says:

The thing is, you can't use your personal experience as any indicator of how well a platform is doing. Thats anecdotal..

pookiewood says:

Wait PBJ was the Runner up but will air?  Which one Won though? Am I just tripping?

theonedunn says:

I guess pound cake, French fries won and pbj was runner up? Here's the blog

Well, on a related note, GOOOO FALCONS!!!

BK-one says:

Falcons motto the past several years. Rose up / fell down.

edjr07 says:

Atlanta cowboys will choke again.

Don't you dare compare us to the cowboys! We got this!

theefman says:

Well its ironic he cites Xbox gaming as a plus when we all know the service is pretty lackluster on WP so far and probably for a while to come with the rumoured defocusing of Xbox on WP.

Aww, no French fries...

jsnod25 says:

That was the one that won...

sholokov says:

Why does the WP app show the pbj one?

ihavewp8 says:

This cam person sucks. Should show another wp commercial instead.

killer rin says:

It is the FBL, they should have just thrown up one of those 2 minute videos super-ads they have on their YouTube Page. Lord knows they can afford it like a million times over.

jbrandonf says:

Nobody's going to pay attention for two minutes. Its gotta be short, you're in and you're out.

Ticomfreak says:

We need a commercial on the Superbowl...

VagrantWade says:

I'm confused. So does this mean PC&FF will air during the Super Bowl or something?

jsnod25 says:

Did you read the article? Will be played this weekend during the AFC and NFC playoffs... Says so in the article

No it states the PB & J one will air during the playoffs. The winning commercial it says will air during pre game, which seems a little odd.

WPSteve says:

PB&J was WAY funnier.

pookiewood says:

I read it also and it doesn't make sense. When will the winning commercial air?

rodneyej says:

This is off subject, but does anybody think that Asus might be making a Surface branded WP device?? I know this sounds strange, as I do from time to time, but considering the recent articles about Asus and MS in talks about a device... Well it may be possible..