iHeartRadio for Windows Phone 8 was released in error, not quite ready yet


We recently covered the disappearance of iHeartRadio from the Windows Phone 8 Store. The app was suddenly pulled from listing, but remains available for those running Windows Phone 7.x. We found this to be slightly odd, but believed an updated version would be in the pipeline.

After contacting iHeartRadio, turns out our assumptions were correct:

"The iHeartRadio application was released to the Windows Phone 8 markeplace in error. It hasn't yet been tested for compatibly with the Windows 8 phones. We will keep you updated when an iHeartRadio application for Windows 8 phones is released."

There you have it, folks. iHeartRadio was released for Windows Phone 8 in error (fancy the chances of that, eh?). This may explain why some users were experiencing issues. We'll await further details from the team as to when we can all expect to see the app return to the store for those with latest Windows Phone hardware.

If you're running Windows Phone 7, you're in luck as the app is still available for your smartphone. Should you be packing the latest devices from the manufacturers, we'll have to wait until iHeartRadio is comfortable with the app and release it once again.

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Shane says:

A few other apps on WP8 are apparently having issues as well. Becoming disappointing.

Nokia Music FTW!!

Quin 2013 says:

Its not as good as Amazing Music app.

Try it out, you may like it.

Is this NOT available in the UK? I only ask as I had to get the xbox version through my US acc to use on my UK acc

goldenpipes says:

I thought wp8 can run wp7 apps? But there's no way to dl the wp7 version amirite?

Shane says:

True, but there are two sides to this coin. Enabling a WP7 app to run on WP8, and producing a native WP8 app. Apparently its the former rather than the latter and they seem to be working a dedicated WP8 app.

BlueCane says:

IHeartRadio is working just fine for me..... Lumia 920.

Quin 2013 says:

Yeah, I have no issues with the app whatsoever.

sManowar says:

I use this app on almost a daily basis and I haven't had any issues with it since getting my Lumia 920 in November.

Stan City says:

Same here, these write ups have me confused, since this app works better now then when I use my NL900.

Quin 2013 says:

I agree with you. It way faster then when I used it on my old HTC HD7.

cgold1 says:

I had an issue of it taking like 30 seconds to start a radio stream on my 920 with it, but I used it anyway, that is until I found the npr app, which works much better (assuming you just wanted to listen to various public radio stations)

odoggyfresh says:

I still have it on my lumia 822 and havent had any problems yet

pmhgeneral says:

I have it on my 822 and use it with no problems

eortizr says:

BS. It was working fine on my previous 920.

blackhawk556 says:

Its not bs. The app doesn't work on my Lumia 920. I don't know why but it doesn't

JLP says:

Wonder if its app side, carrier side, or what? I see the comment that its not working for some users, but it works on my Verizon 8X

I just wish this was available in Canada.

exyaster says:

Good thing, although it hasn't been working on my iPod either.

romeze says:

Another app that was promised but not quite ready... Seeing a pattern here. So far we have sizeable tiles on the home screen, that's about the only thing that has changed for me.

thaman04 says:

Seriously?  Do your research on WP8 before posting that nonsense.

romeze says:

What research do I have to do? The operating system is dull to me, no app support either. Instead of commenting on my opinions realize that I may have different tastes and different experiences than you have.

lancguy says:

Yeah , I have problems now. I can't go to some areas of the AP. I can't get to the commercial free mix lists.

mikecel79 says:

I had the app on my 8X until recently.  It mostly worked finr but I was having problems creating a custom radio station in it so I decided to a uninstall/reinstall.  I was surprised to find it had been pulled from the marketplace.  Hopefully we see it back soon or the Pandora apps gets released!

Montpbm says:

I have mines still on my 8x and never had any problems with it.. I listened to it just the other day..