Hello, Latin America! Nokia to launch Lumia 505 in Colombia, Chile and Peru

Lumia 505

Nokia is set to launch its budget smartphone, the Lumia 505 in Colombia, Chile and Peru on the mobile network Claro. The device was originally believed to be exclusive to Mexico's Telcel mobile network. With this move hitting light, we wouldn't be surprised if the Windows Phone moved to more markets where it would sell well.

The device runs Windows Phone 7.8 and while it doesn't sport the highest amount of storage (just 4GB), the Lumia 505 features a 3.7" AMOLED screen, an 8MP rear camera (not Carl Zeiss - no front-facing camera), Bluetooth 2.1, 256MB RAM and a 1300mAh battery.

Manuel Gonzalez, Director of Communications at Nokia for Latin America, had the following to comment on the announcement:

"At Nokia we have a strong commitment to bring Windows Phone to new items at affordable prices and in different devices for everyone. With the Nokia Lumia 505, we intend to continue to welcome more people to experience the incredible experience that Windows Phone offers its users."

It's good to see Nokia pushing its less powerful hardware in more than one market, especially since there's no need to restrict availability on Windows Phone 7.x handsets.

via: Windows Phone Apps.es



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Judge_Daniel says:

Surprised at the camera and battery! Nice work, Nokia!

pazces84 says:

Pretty crappy specs...

Rich Edmonds says:

Not everyone wants (or can afford) the latest and greatest in gadget land.

AngryNil says:

The biggest letdown here is WP7.8. Honestly, it just feels rotten to sell it as a new model in 2013, in the same way that bargain basement Android 2.3 devices do a disservice to Android.

Windows Phone 7 is stupidly constrained in fundamental ways that even WP8 isn't. No VoIP in the background. No navigation in the background. No native development.

It's just icky.

paulheu says:

You obviously do not get the purpose of these type of devices. They are not for the purpose you describe. The are cheap entry level devices which provide the WP user experience at a base level.
In your world a modern day Fiat Punto is a crap car because it does not do 200

Cellus13 says:

Does the word budget mean anything? These are meant to serve the purpose as flip phones but in the form a budget smart phone.

iDonev says:

Go back a couple of years and repeat that statement...

pazces84 says:

You can say the same thing to pretty much anything that was ever invented buddy. 

Jandieg says:

Crappy is the massive offer of Blackberry phones and feature phones on those countries... Operators sell them as bread. If Nokia can beat that, welcomed!

DiegoMoBa says:

In Mexico is 2,000 MXP which is around 170 USD, which makes it a pretty cheap phone if you ask me

mauriciod73 says:

Let's hope they bring soone the 920 and 820

rogonso says:

It's still exclusive to Telcel, but only in Mexico it's called Telcel, in the rest of Latam their name is Claro

abooker34 says:

Dismissing its specs and price and such, I actually find it to be quite a gorgeous phone.

WinFan1 says:

a freaking men they should have used this on a budget wp8

Cellus13 says:

Yes I actually find this better looking then the Lumia 620.

RenatoFontes says:

The problem is that is priced like the lumia 610 with specs that are actually lower than the lumia 610.

Viipottaja says:

Not having checked prices, I would venture a guess they are not exactly the same price. Second. The retail/end user price is not all that matters - at which price can Nokia wholesale and the carrier purchase the device?

DanBB1 says:

Well.. Lumia 610 vs Lumia 505; same memory(256mb), I assume same processor, same battery(1300mha).  But 505 wins 610 in camera(8mpx vs 5mpx) and screen ClearBlack amoled vs lcd.
I think the only thing 610 has over 505 is storage(4gb vs 8gb).
I would choose 505 just because of the screen. I can actually see from it in sunlight.