Ffffound will make your Windows Phone look like art. Now ready for Windows Phone 8

One of our favorite "visual" apps for Windows Phone has been Roguecode's Ffffound, which pulls down the image feed from the site of the same name (ffffound.com). And much like his other apps, Ffffound does it with minimalism and flare making it one of the most eye catching creations around.
The app has now been updated for Windows Phone 8 and includes one of the useful functions for such a visually focused app: lockscreen support. Starting with version 1.4, users can now set the lockscreen to auto-update with either the latest Ffffound item or cycle through their Favorites. Either option is great and so far, we're really enjoying the look.
Other additions include double wide Tile support, including Live tile abilities and speed optimizations for Windows Phone 8 (though we hear a re-write of the app is coming up, set to make the app even faster than before).
What can we say, if you're looking for a repository of some really creative user-submitted art or just like pretty things, Ffffound is both a great website and this is the app for it. Lockscreen support finally brings you some great visual flare and the app is just fun to use.
You can try Ffffound for free or opt for the $0.99 version right here in the Store. Highly recommended.
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QR: Ffffound


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Darkgift says:

I'm not seeing the update. Just the version I have installed already.

RogueCode says:

If you use the link it should be there. Else just give it a few hours as it's only just gone through.

oscargodson says:

Downloaded it for the first time to my Lumia 920 and it just crashes after changing the picture once or twice. Tried three times.

RogueCode says:

Sorry about that :-/
What do you mean changing the pic?
EDIT: By the way I do receive crash logs so will get on this ASAP.

oscargodson says:

Awesome. Whenever I click the left or right arrows on the bottom. I'm on the latest since its my first install ever.

RogueCode says:

Thanks for the info. I will check it out when the logs come through from MS.
Until then, the lock-screen and live-tile functionality should still work perfectly.

MikeTheYid says:

I also confirm it crashes. The app is unusable.

Are you using version 1.4? Running like a champ on my NL920

mrshamoozoo says:

Love this app! Thanks for updating sir!!

aubreyq says:

I remember using this on WP7. One of my favorites.

CX1 says:

Now with more pr0n!

TonyDedrick says:

Lol. I always loved how the most innocent of looking pictures somehow connect to porn later on. Not to mean that in prudish way. I certainly have no issues with porn.......

sweet, love this app! and am happy that the update fixed the mini tile so it now just shows the app icon instead of a tiny version of an image..

and since I see roguecode is here I'd like to offer a suggestion: skydrive integration for favourites! would be sweet if images I favourited saved directly to skydrive (also nice as it prevents losing favourites when getting a new device/reinstalling the app, like I just did..). thanks!

RogueCode says:

Great idea, thanks!
While you are here, would you mind confirming if the app works/doesn't navigating back and favoriting things?

glad to help.
everything appears normal within the app (back/forth between pages, viewing related a few layers deep and back out, viewing full-size images and back, favouriting, viewing favourites and back, ...).
only issue is it feels slower than I remember loading images (though my service is a bit spotty at the moment).
also, the tile (normal/double) has yet to update with an image, though if I remember that may take 30mins or so after newly pinning it..
also noticed that global favs is missing (guessing that may be intentional as it never seemed to work/update properly?)
device: Lumia 920 AT&T

RogueCode says:

Thanks for the detailed answer.
I've removed a few little animations (to make it snappier) which may infact have made it "feel" faster. So it may load exactly the same now but feel a bit slower. Will do a proper test though.
To force the tile/lock to update, pin it (large or normal), then goto the lock+tile settings in the app. When you hit back it will force the update. Give it a few seconds because it may need to download the images (they will usually be cached to save bandwidth already though). Tile will switch between multiple images.
I removed global favorites because first everyone was favoriting dodgy images. I did leave it there and moderate the favorites for a while - but that just wasn't sustainable.

hmm, still not working for me for some reason.. will give it some time.

on a related note, just realized that the option in the ••• menu says 'lock-screen' settings, not 'lock+tile'. given that I never bothered to click there before, as I was interested in settings for the tile, not the lockscreen, it may be worthwhile changing that in the next update. thanks!

DiscoPiglet says:

Just downloaded the app, favorited a few items, but I still don't see the lockscreen settings. It's not in the three-dot menu.

RogueCode says:

You must have the wrong version. Make sure you use the link in the article above - and are on a WP8 ofcourse.

DiscoPiglet says:

I've installed/reinstalled three times now, using the WP8 store link above. Using a Lumia 920 btw. Still no settings menu of any kind.
EDIT: Realized I can only download version 1.2, even when using 1.4 link above. (why?)
EDIT2: Reinstall 4 did the trick.

RogueCode says:

OK folks - for those who are having problems with favoriting stuff, uninstall the app, and reinstall it (use the link in the article). Multiple people have confirmed that this fixed that.
For the crashing when hitting arrows - I will get an update into cert ASAP.

MikeTheYid says:

wow that's weird cause I did reinstall via searching the store and had the crash but on the link from here it works fine :|

RogueCode says:

Yeah, something is very odd. I actually had problems downloading the app from the store for a bit (and a friend is now battling too). Also, there should be no reason that reinstalling an app will change stuff - especially considering I know how the app works. I'm thinking that it may be an actual store/phone problem.

aaa6112 says:

@RougueCode: It should read Grabbing photos and stuff (and not photo's). Trying out the app now. Thanks!

since were on that point.. the capital 'G' there has always bugged me ever so slightly.. maybe I'm a bit OCD, but it's not a sentence! feel it'd look better all uniformly lowercase (not that the majority of users would ever care).

RogueCode says:

I've made both changes - thanks! Will come in next update.
EDIT: Also changed the name of the lock settings button.

Perfect because the live tile in the WP7 version hadn't updated since I got a WP8.

RogueCode says:

Update submitted to certification that will fix the crashing when navigating (pressing arrows).
Will use WAY less RAM now.
So if it's crashing for you, keep it installed 'till the update comes through :)

aaahhhh! can't wait; your app is one of the cooler ones I use frequently

Anton Sugar says:

I think they may have just reverted this update. Yesterday I updated and was able to set lock screen to ffffound.
This morning, I got a notification for a an update to ffffound. After it was done, my lock screen was set to "photo" and there is no option in the app to update the lock screen.
Anyone else?

RogueCode says:

When I go to the store I still see 1.4. Unless the store is being silly, what you described shouldn't happen. Maybe try uninstall it and then reinstall (from the WPCentral link above).

This is really awesome!An excellent update. What I like most of this update is the design, with features that are very useful. - The Balancing Act

Corey Moguey says:

What can we say, if you're looking for a repository of some really creative user-submitted art or just like pretty things, Ffffound is both a great website and this is the app for it. Lockscreen support finally brings you some great visual flare and the app is just fun to use.



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