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Major Surface Pro 3 glitch fixed, but no release date yet.

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Surface shipments up in the UK, tower over year-old Nexus tablets


Microsoft rewarding Scripps National Spelling Bee participants with a brand new S-U-R-F-A-C-E


Microsoft gives its Surface Pro 2 a £150 price cut in the UK


Yahoo!'s David Pogue just made the greatest Surface Pro 3 commercial yet


Nadella and Elop pushed back the Surface Mini because it wasn't ready to compete


Adobe brings updated touch experience to Photoshop on Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro struts its stuff on video. Looks hot.

Surface 8 Pro Screenshot

Promotional videos can be really awesome or really cheesy. This new one for the Surface Pro falls in the middle. It doesn’t offer any of the heavy bass drops from the dubstep intro for the first Surface, but it does highlight some of the compelling features of the Surface Pro. Check it out.

Not a flashy ad, but it does tick off some of the features that set the Surface Pro apart from other tablets. The emphasis was definitely on productivity over consumption. Clever of them to highlight the ability to charge a USB device from the power brick and the pen with Photoshop. Two little tricks that most tablets like the iPad or Nexus 7 can’t really compete with. I think the goal was to show this is more than just a tablet, it’s a full blown PC.

Videos like this aren’t meant to be shown on traditional TV ads, it runs at an attention deficit busting 1 minute and 24 seconds. It’s mostly meant for people doing researching Surface Pro online, it could also do well with those ads that you’re shown before a movie starts at a theatre.

With the Surface Pro coming out in a little over two weeks, we’ll probably see more advertising as that date approaches. Any of you thinking of picking one up?



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JLP says:

Already saved my money for one...though I typically dont buy tech in day one release, I may make an exception for this!

Sam Sabri says:

Which storage size are you going to be? 64 or 128 GB?

JLP says:

I might go "all out" for the 128GB I think

MinkaKelly12 says:


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)


Happy New Year!



seandworkman says:

No one gives a shit about your new job.

GTFO spammer. im sick and tired of these "i make 49bajillion dollars a month" spam posts, is it not that easy to tell that its a fake website? 

ChrisLynch says:

I do wish it came with 8GB of RAM and/or a 256GB SSD option.  The Ivy Bridge Core i5 proc is more than enough for me.

wpguy says:

^ Would also like that option.

RayWP7 says:

One thing I noted in RT version is that microSDXC isnt treated the same as onboard storage when it comes to storing photos and music. What this means is that you have to resort to trickery such as mount points to get some of the Windows Apps to see any data you want to see there. Adding the microSDXC disk alone to a media library for indexing isnt enough. Unless they fix that odd behavior, I'd strongly recommend getting the largest capacity you can afford.

Masltov says:

the pro runs win 8 x64, so you should be able to go test out the behavior yourself... i will have to give it a shot and see as i am not a fan of the hacks on my RT.

sdreamer says:

It's the same on any version of Windows. Not sure why Microsoft decided to handle removable storage like this. USB hard drives are affected by this and can easily be added to libraries where as removable storage such as flash drives and SD cards cannot.... without trickery as you mentioned.

sHAYM4N says:

Not really the same but presume ReadyBoost could help with the RAM :-)

Great ad. Hope to see it again elsewhere.

Was going to buy it, but then I realized I have an rt and I'm getting the vizio CA27T-05.

alex6272 says:

I'm trying to decide between the Surface Pro and a Vizio notebook. The Vizio's look so nice but the Pro has the pen for taking notes.

The Vizio thin and light (best model) is on sale at the Microsoft store. And you get so much more for the price.

My buddy got one at WalMart for 500$ brand new vizio thin an light

Which model? The 14 inch or 15 inch? I'm talking about the 15 inch.

alex6272 says:

Wow, that is a good price. Thanks very much for the info!

The 15 inch has a quad-core i7 processor and more storage and ram. Getting this on the Microsoft store for only $799 is a steal.

alex6272 says:

That is a steal. My only concern is battery life and whether I should wait for the refresh with better battery and touchscreens. That's the model I'm interested in though so it's tempting. I wouldn't mind a full 8GBs of RAM and the dedicated graphics either so I may hold out.

It isn't terrible. But you should know the MSRP is $1,200. So you can get it now without touch for $899, or when it comes, with touch, it will be $1,200.

as147 says:

I don't know about you but as Windows 8 is touch optimised I wouldn't be buying a notebook without a touch screen. My understanding is that the Vizio is not touch screen enabled.

First off, it has a great touchpad. Second, they announced the new ones at CES with touch.

MFmonster says:

I am only looking for ultrabooks, notebooks, etc if it is also touchscreen.  The Surface Pro has me interested, wish it was under 1000 (with touch cover and memory option) and the lenova yoga 13, or lenova ideapad ultrabook appear to be good options.  Anyone think otherwise or have a recommendation?  I can wait a month or two if something will be released in the next few months that is worth waiting for.

The vizio thin and light series or the notebook series are great.
If you want touch, wait for the new models coming in spring announced at ces.

Rishicash says:

Check out the Lenovo Helix.

JungleFiene says:

While my heart says "yes!", my bank account says "NO!". I think if I used my tax return on this instead of saving for a wedding, my fiance would kill me and I'd never get to enjoy it. If only there was a way to get this on a registry... 

Sam Sabri says:

Well... if your heart is going for the Surface Pro over the fiance... I think you know what you have to do ;)

JungleFiene says:

Good point, but I love her so I'll have to wait. It will give me time to devise a "look how this will help us in the wedding planning" scheme. 

Tomasz S. says:

Show her the limited edition touch covers that have just appeared on - if she doesn't love them and want one, dump her.

Tomasz S. says:

Oh, and if someone would be so kind to buy and ship a blue one or a red one to Poland, my wife is willing to pay every price for it.

MadSci2 says:

Hmmm...Is she cute? ;-)

chrgeorgeson says:

Here is what I do to my wife sometimes. 
I buy an expensive widget of some sort, for lets say $400. Then I come home show my wife right away. She immediately says "How much was that?"
My response " $1200." 
"WHAT!!!!!"  I let her rail for a little bit than I say "Well your about to be very happy, it only cost about $400!"
It doesn't really change her mood that much but I get a kick out of it.... how am I still married? 

samyaras says:

Man! You are taking a risk :D

Well my wife does same thing with me. So I know the reaction I hive to her :)

S0ckM0nk3y says:

That has to be the funniest comment I have heard in a long time.  Well played my friend, well played.

ladydias says:

Lol, she's still with you because she has a good sense of humor? If my husband did that to me I'd be like "What? I hope you got one for me too.". That's what happens when technology junkies get married.

enthuz says:

You sound just like my wife...two engineers married has been very expensive.

bono5112 says:

Absolutely....go with the surface pro

TwoReplies says:

Hint to her for it as a wedding gift!

TwoReplies says:

Too bad the Windows Store or other electronics stores don't have a wedding registry. :-p

pookiewood says:

Lol nice! I'm sure Best Buy has a registry. Also nothing like cash or gift cards. ;)

Ricardo Vega says:

Well I would go for the surface, as soon as another lady sees that you are using it she would want to go out with you!

MadSci2 says:

Well if you lose the Fiance you will have plenty of time to enjoy your Surface :-o

RayWP7 says:

I know you're being silly, but in case you weren't and were remotely considering this a conundrum... Wow. :P

JLP says: in a similar situation. We had to put our dog down unfortunately, and agreed we would not get another. Lo and behold, that didn't last long, and wife was sad and she wanted another. So I said if you get a dog, I get a Surface...she agreed. Can't wait for Feb 9 :)

mango.lover says:

Photoshop FTW!

sHAYM4N says:

Would like to have seen more of the pen with that though!

joe_easton says:

I love that they show the Windows Phone in the video as well.  It's important to promote the entire ecosystem.

Tomasz S. says:

I love the idea of the charger with an additional port to plug in your Windows Phone.

pookiewood says:

That charging solution is brilliant! I didn't know it did that.

blackprince says:

Me too, i'm going to do that school when i need to.

dkp23 says:

Hopefully they stop doing those bad high energy fast commercials where you can't even see what the surface does. Almost as if they want to hide how to use a surface. Highlight the features and abilities clearly and effectively. No need for dance revolution

chrgeorgeson says:

While we don't like the Surface RT commercials I think a lot of the tween croud does. Not that they are buying these devices but I think MS wants to be in that 'hip' market place that Apple is/was associated with. 

Chemilinski says:

Well of course the 'tween' market isn't buying it, as you so eloquently put it; their parents are.

This coming from an 18 year-old who's mum is getting me a Surface Pro for uni :-P

I ordered a Nexus 7 because it had cellular connectivity, but I think the Pro will be great for serious computing. Can't wait to go to Yorkdale mall to try it out!

latempete says:

I think I might just add tethering to my AT&T data plan and tether to my 900. I pay $30 now so it should only add $20. Most of the time I am in a wi-fi area anyway.

SWE_M says:

I love how you actually have to pay for that feature. In Sweden this is free! Unlimited 4G data, calls, sms, mms and tethering for 55$/month. Including a "free" Lumia 920. =)

as147 says:

Most purchasors of tablets surprisingly don't buy one with a cellular service and of those that do very few actually activate the service. Those who want a cellular service after buying a tablet purchase a cellular USB key. With the Surface you have this option and the benefit of buying this is you get the best deal at the time of purchase and can upgrade to the latest cellular speed without needing a new tablet.

ricardios says:

Will battery life be its Achilles heel?

Sam Sabri says:

Not if you think of it as an X86 ultrabook vs an iPad. I mean...this does have an i5 processor inside. You can run Photoshop, etc

No. 5-7 hours, no problem.

TheAsbo says:

DUBSTEP INTRO link leads to an "ACCESS DENIED" page.

Sam Sabri says:

Weird. Works fine for me. 

sholokov says:

I enjoy my RT everyday and is enough for what I do on a tablet. Surface Pro for me is a little too much for my taste of a tablet; spec wise (size, weight, heat, etc) as well as money wise. But I love Windows 8 Pro, so I upgraded my Desktop and laptop with the $39.99 deal running these days.

sholokov says:

Don't get me wrong, I still would have loved to have both RT and Pro, but my wife would shoot me then.

JungleFiene says:

With both your story and mine, I have come to a conclusion... Women are violent these days. 

procen says:

LMAO! Yeah they get angry very fast.

jfkn2001 says:

What I will do when the Pro will be available in Germany: Give the RT to my wife and buy the Pro for me :)

Tomasz S. says:

Surface Pro is more like a cool ultrabook than a tablet. The coolest ultrabook out there actually. My wife can't wait to get her hands on it, as she needs one for work. I'm fine with an RT.

pookiewood says:

I may get an RT. The thing that bothers me is the resolution though. I'd love that 1080p. Maybe get the RT and sell it when RT 2 is out. I pretty much just want it media, gaming, music and web access.

Tomasz S. says:

Do you really need 1080p on a 10'' screen?
And the image quality on Surface RT is really good, photos and wallpapers look awesome.

ustudio says:

I have to have it my music program require 1080p im curently using a 1600by900 and its is frustrating. Dont know how it will be on a screen that size but cant wait to see as it would be great to be truely mobile.

James Allatt says:

I was at that point when the Surface came out. I work in the IT industory and I had a 3 year old laptop at work running Windows 7 and a Xoom at home for browing the web accessing emails Streaming video and the odd bits.
After seeing the Seurface RT I decided that I would take a chance at getting the RT version and so far I have not missed anything that my Laptop at work dose everything I use is covered by the RT or there is an app for it.
I have now stopped taking my Laptop home as my surface RT can do everything I need it to do when I am at home like VPN into customers servers, Remote desktop onto there PCs/Servers access to my work email and I have a Sky drive account for all my personal data and a Box account with all my work data so I can open Excel, Word, One Note ect documents I use at work from my surface at home.
I also links well with my 2011 Home server the only thing missing is backing it up which I would be able to do with the pro version.
For me Im glad of the choice I made the Surface screen looks very good the media access is amazing and it has replaced my Xoom and Laptop at home as it is really the complete device. For me the Pro is s step up from the RT but I only see a plus to it if you are going to be using it for hevy work and gaming. To me For just using Word Excel VPN ect the RT will do a very good job and so far after having it for a week I have not had any issues or not managed to find a program to get somthing I do in my day to day job.
We are all different but I can say to most home users dont get an Ipad Get a Surface to replace your home pc and instead of a Ipad/Android and the same for any one who is just the odd user of Office and Email and anyone who is looking for a powerful tablet for work get a Surface Pro as this will do everything your work pc will do and has the Added advantage of running full programs of Photo Shop, Auto Cad ect.

as147 says:

The $39.99 upgrade deal is a great offer and it allows you to add Windows Media Centre for free (an add on option in the web page)!
However I need Surface Pro for only one reason. The mail app on the RT whilst good is not good enough for me as a mail/contacts/diary power user (I use all the bells and whistles in MS Outlook) and omiting MS Outlook on the RT for me pushes me to the pro. I might still buy an RT for the kids and wife however.

pazces84 says:

I want one! Using tax return to get me one :)

zigzagr63 says:

Actually going to pick up 2 of them next month. Can't wait to get it in my hands.

And cut that's a wrap ! Winner

This will sell... It is very well made and a very nice Hybrid (Tablet / Notebook) that can do very many things with. It is also less expensive to own than a iPad plus a notebook as you need only one device.

pdch says:

Will be waiting when the store opens 2/9!

1jaxstate1 says:

WIll it run Crysis?

12Danny123 says:

Yep :-). Unless it's a CD. then you will have to buy a CD port

U can get the download torrent

pookiewood says:

He means buy the digital copy. *wink wink* ;)

CJ Thunder says:

Just run into a Staples and steal the Surface Pro while you're at it.

bawboh86 says:

I already bought a Lenovo Yoga 13. Don't have much use for the pen, and needed the ability to upgrade the RAM and storage (although, I haven't quite hit the storage, yet). 8GB of RAM for a few bucks more and the ability to add another 256GB mSATA drive were enough to get my attention to a Win8 device.

MFmonster says:

I was looking at that device.  Do you like it?  Positives, negatives?

cashcar1979 says: XPS 12 is nicer. Not sure why you fan boys gush over the Surface Pro when there are arguably better devices in the marker...

slepr says:

Planning on the 128gb version. Also have read that you will also have the option of i5 or i7 but not sure that is correct.

as147 says:

I think an i7 would be awesome but I don't think that will happen in the first generation of the device as the chips were not available in time.

iBandar says:

Getting it on same day :) Thanks to MS Canada store :P

daguila29 says:

The charger can charge surface and USB devices at the same time. That's sick. MS might be making a come back after all

pookiewood says:

That surprised me and may tip me to Pro. I'll probably get the RT though. Depends on what Nokia does at MWC. ;)

msualum says:

128g version. Wish the keyboard was included...

cdb033 says:

I can't wait to get one!

Does anyone know if the Surface Pro has WiDi capabilities? Some of the ultrabooks don't seem to have it though their specs support it.

Sam Sabri says:

Good question! I'll dig around and report if I find anything. Same goes for you, if you find out let us know!

rcciren says:

I've just bought an i5 Ivy Bridge Asus S400 touch-screen ultrabook. Whilst it doesn't have the pen input it does have plenty of RAM and disc and I get 6-7 hours continuous use out of a single charge. Oh, and it cost £550. That's value!

as147 says:

There certainly are a lot of very keenly priced powerful and portable laptops and tablets out there right now. Great news for consumer and probably best time to buy.

RyanAMG says:

selling galaxy Tab 10.1 and Dell Latitude D830 for Surface Pro 128GB.  Will look nice next to my HTC 8X. now all I need to do is get my fiancée to sell her iPad and then I will marry her ;)

Sam Sabri says:

Do not put a ring on it till she drops the iPad :p

RyanAMG says:

Sad to report she informed me I paid for the damn thing. I don’t recall that as I am aware I would burst into flames like a vampire in sunlight. 

pookiewood says:

Nah if she drops it surely the screen will shatter. ;)

Crunchy Frog says:

I'm pretty happy with my Surface RT and its great battery life. This is a very compelling device I must admit but the RT is a great companion device to my laptop I already have to use for work.

jonchai says:

If only it's available in Asia ... Why Microsoft? Why must you lock devices with good potential to certain countries?

David Ray says:

Must.. Have.. This..

JSAJG says:

I will definitely be getting the Surface Pro, with 128 storage.

KLinCHI says:

Urgh! The Surface Pro, the IdeaPad Yoga or the ThinkPad Helix? So many options...

as147 says:

The ideapad yoga doesn't feel that good when the unit is folded all the way back and the keys get lots of muck in them as they rest on your lap/other surfaces. Also you might like to look at this review of the Helix
My belief is that if you need a keyboard you should have it with you all the time because you don't always know whenyou may need it. Carrying around something that adds that much weight and requires you to attach it and detach it to use in tablet or keyboard mode is not as convenient as the surface solution. It's light and always there whilst being functional and almost invisible. That and the ports with full windows 8 capability is why I am going with the Surface pro.

skywalkr2 says:

And in my opinion the Yoga is amazing, upgradeable, and the screen is perfect.  The 1600x900 screen is gorgeous and I can't imagine a 1920x1080 screen on a 10 inch device... my eyes would bleed.  The keyboard doesn't feel funny to me and I have never had it get gunky... but maybe thats becuase I dont try to clean up cereal with it...

Cool but with 3 hours on battery with productive apps ? ;] Naaaaah.

tomoakley says:

Heya, I love the Surface Pro, looks sleek (for what it is), powerful, well specced. The are a few things that are making me hesitant.
First thing is the screen size, I use a 15" notebook right now so I'm worried it'll feel tiny in comparison, I know I can use an external monitor, but currently I sling my Toshiba Sattelite in my rucksack and can go to the library and be really productive.
The second is using the type/touch covers, which one is better? Also I'm worried that if I'm using the Surface on a train as the tables are too small, the cover will overhang and because of the weight distribution typing on it will be awful.
As a student I guess I guess I need to justify the expense, I know the pen features will be awesome for doccuments and it'll be great to have tablet functionality I just need a bit of convincing! If anyone could give me advice that would be great.

Dare2Blink says:

What type of work are you going to do on it? design work or simply typing? If it´s the latter you should not have any problems in being productive without the need of a bigger monitor. I will buy one for photoshop while outside the house, although I realise that with a 10 inch screen it won´t be perfect but more than good enough for quick photos touch ups.
With regards to the touch/type covers it all depends on personal preference. Touch is extremelly thin but takes some getting used to while the type feels better to type on (pretty much as good as a normal laptop keyboard) but its sligtly thicker (and does not look as good or have adicional colours to choose from other than black). I would say if you do a lot of typing go for the type cover, otherwise stick with the touch cover.
With regards to using it on the train i don´t know how small these tables are but I find it hard to believe that the keyboard will overhang and that you will have any problem typing on it. Besides you can type on your lap (despite what some idiotic reviewers say)

as147 says:

Regarding touch or type cover just pop into a retailer and try them out. I did that a few times and got up to speed with the type cover very quickly. So I am settled on the tocuh cover (and I type A LOT). It is only about 15% less efficient than the standard touch keyboard for me. At the end of the day its down to your personal experience.

The RT would suit my needs for a new computer, but I want the Pro. Income tax is already designated for a white L920 outright and unlocked... Guess it'll have to wait until the Surface 2.

Mattyh95 says:

Would anyone recommend this for university? I'm looking at getting one because its so portable but would this be better or RT for uni?

Sam Sabri says:

What are you studying? If you ever have physics or chemistry classes the pen will be super, super handy for notes! 

Mattyh95 says:

I'm doing law and political Sci with a bit of marketting thrown in there for good measure, I want to sell my viao w8 net book for it :) but knowing ms NZ we will never get the surface so will have to go eBay or elsewhere haha :)

Cornbean7077 says:

Well, it all depends what your needs are. I bought mine for when I go to college (senior in high school at the moment) for note taking and media consumption and whatnot, especially since the battery life is great. But if you need it for other purposes, such as Photoshop or something, then I'd recommend the Pro. Or buy both, whatever floats your boat ;)

as147 says:

I would go for the pro if you can afford it because at Uni you will be creating content and there may be apps you need to have which are not available on RT. I know my kids are being told to buy iPads for their school and there are lots of iOS apps they need to use. These do not exist on RT but may exist on Pro as there are millions of native windows apps out there.

Coreldan says:

I got the RT for university studies. It seems your studies too are mostly just text-heavy, so I figure RT would suffice. I study theology, so I dont need special legacy software or need much graphs or something that would greatly benefit from digital inking.
I think the better battery life of RT is worth a lot more to me than the few things the Pro would add. At home I can use remote desktop on the RT and use legacy apps all the same on Surface.
While Pro is sexy, I'm sure RT is better for my needs while on the go.

Cellus13 says:

*gasp* They have a Lumia in the video instead of an 8x!!!! Wow! That's a change.

bpgui says:

I bought an RT Surface to try out the form factor and love it. Now I have to decide if I want to go pro and give the RT to the wife, or buy an ultra book with a bigger screen and keep the RT for lighter travel

Michael Shaw says:

I definitely plan on getting one.

Robinsonmac says:

Great news! I can finally get one soon....  but who's in charge of naming things at MS? "Surface Windows 8 Pro"  What the *&^#%%?  Just call it the surface Pro & be done with it.  When the Surface phone comes out cal it the Surfcae Phone & not the Surface windows phone 8....  Now which color keyboard to get......?

bobsentell says:

Yeah, yeah, but how well does it handle Minecraft?

Denegar says:

I'm getting one maxed-out on launch day. I love my Surface RT for home, and want this for work. Now they just need to let us know when we can expect the Surface Phone.

Eric Hon says:

I'm waiting for the Haswell Surface Pro

Sam Sabri says:

I'm waiting for the quantum Surface. It's the one that just replaces your brain. 

inteller says:

you were one of the same f-ers who said you were waiting for the Pro with RT came out, now you say this.  You are just a broke ass chump who will never buy a Surface.

Sofiasamme says:

Really wanting forward to the professional, are holding out as i want the bequest support to run graphics programs on that like illustrator/photoshop. Hopefully it will hadle it otherwise i'd ought to think about the samsung/asus alternatives that may have i7 and probably additional ram tho' the pen input in addition as palm rejection of the surface may be a very nice price add.

sayonical says:

Looks awfully thick compared to my RT

phatboy66 says:

Surface RT was really disappointing for me when I saw it in person. Way too small for writing on MS Word which was my biggest concern. This is really a good tablet for media consumption and browsing the web. Also the weight and build quality is amazing. But I'll save my money and buy a high end Windows 8 touchscreen laptop when I can

sluffmo says:

I don't really understand why people are so excited about this. It's just a tablet PC with Windows 8 on it. I have an old Motion Computing tablet that I put Windows 8 on, and it has more storage, memory, and can support any cellular card you want.
Plus, I'm running windows 8 on two other systems at work. It is broken for the most part. The apps aren't fully fleshed out, Windows 7 applications constantly have issues, and even media center won't work with my ceton tuner card.
I suggest waiting for SP1. Then fork out $1k for this.
Just my opinion though. To each their own.

sluffmo says:

Yes, someone whose run Windows 8 on a tablet, laptop, and desktop since September saying that it needs bake time is trolling.

I didn't say the surface or windows 8 sucked. I'm saying that the excitement seems unwarranted since the technology has been around for years, and that windows 8 has some growing pains that will be fixed with a service pack (Like every version of Windows ever). By the time SP1 comes out the surface will be cheaper, and it will almost certainly work more smoothly. I test products for a living, and this is my opinion. Buy one if you want, but don't cry because someone suggests waiting.

Nothing annoys me more than someone who acts like any criticism is an attack. It's ridiculous.

VagrantWade says:

64GB is MORE than enough for me. People made the same claim about the RT, and I got the 32gb and I have never came even remote close to filling it. I will do the same thing with my Pro that I did with my RT, put my 64GB SDXC in it and keep stuff on it. I also use a My Book Live to access files.
I don't plan on installing a lot of hardcore games on it. That's what my desktop is for.

sdreamer says:

The stylus can make or break this. It's great that it uses an active digitizer which showcases what Windows has been able to do for ages that no one else has been able to replicate that well, that is inking. The downside, this isn't Wacom so support better be spot on from Microsoft on this. I'd like to know more details like is that pen battery powered (the magnets look like the same for the power adapter, maybe double as a charging connection when snapped to the Surface), this'll add weight thats why, also how precise is it. All digitizers aren't that accurate towards the edges due to technological challenges, so I wonder how Microsoft addresses this.
Honestly though, this is what a real TabletPC should be.

I'm getting an access denied on the dubstep video link in the article. Thought I would finally learn what this Dubstep thing is, but apparently I won't. ;)

myjota says:

Ok. In usa 900$. In Russia will be 2500$. The same situation with all tech praducts.

gilesjuk says:

Most people in the media have written off Windows 8 and surface. If pro isn't priced well then it's going to flop.

MFmonster says:

If I remember correclty the "media" did the same with Vista and three years later were the same people petioning MS to continue support for Vista.  Regardless the expectation is not so high that anyone at MS believes it will sell more than surface than ipads which the 'media' will compare it too.  Some of the worst articles are from blatant fanboys who make a point to write negative anything MS.  It is even more dispicable reading a review on a W8 device that is written such basically proving to anyone who used W8 that they never used it much, I also found out one reviewer own stock in apple.  See the problem here?

thekonger says:

At this time I am leaning toward the Lenovo Twist. If you shop directly on Lenovo's site you can get a 4GB i3 320GB HD for $746. I am planning on getting the 8GB i7 for $890. Best deal I have seen so far for a tablet convertible.