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Nokia does a solid. Releases turn-by-turn Drive nav app for all Windows Phone 8 devices

Today, Nokia along with Microsoft have released Nokia’s famed Drive app for all Windows Phone 8 devices in the United States, Canada and the UK.  The app allows users to get full voice guided turn-by-turn navigation with 2D or 3D renderings right to their phone, including offline mapping capability.

Microsoft and Nokia famously entered into a technology sharing agreement back in February 2011 and part of that deal had to do with maps. Nokia was reportedly going to bring “mapping abilities” to all Windows Phone users but it was unclear how that would happen, including what role OEMs would play (if any at all).

The app is now live in the Store and users can go and download it today. We should note that this is very new, so there’s a good chance you may have to wait a few hours depending on your region to get the new app.

For all Windows Phone 8 users in the available regions, you should be very happy to get what is easily one of the top navigation apps completely for free. Let us know in comments what you think!

Grab Nokia Drive Beta+ here in the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, JPDVM2014, for the tip

Source: Microsoft

QR: Drive All



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Agent-P says:

Finally. I tried out Drive on a friend's 920 and I really liked it. Glad I'll now be able to use it on my 8X (once it's available. Currently I'm getting a message saying it's not available in my region, which is the US).

lolsamsam says:

DL works when you use wifi. Try it with wi-fi

HarryStyle says:


Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online(Click on menu Home)


Happy New Year!



realwarder says:

Is this any different in version or just a release scope change?

sholokov says:

That's very good news for the platform.

Spinfusor says:

It's a shame that it took Nokia and Microsoft 217 days after the announcement to release it.

Well colour you ungrateful. Nokia is providing everyone with an app that was previously only for Nokia Devices. Drive (not Drive+) was already available to other phones, providing that the OEM's included it. FYI, 217 days ago they only annouced that Drive would be available to all WP8 devices, not Drive+

Onager1286 says:

Well considering Apple and Google both have built-in turn by turn navigation, I'd say this should have been available to all WP 8 devices from day one. Actually, I'd prefer Microsoft just make their own app.

absolutshame says:

Not all Android devices have Google Nav

Ummm, yeah they do, actually.  As well as Mapquest and a handful of other free turn-by-turn navigation apps.

Residing says:

Well, Nokia really doesn't owe you anything, and Microsoft, it seems, never had the chops to create their own navigation app.

expectafight says:

they had one in WP7...

lippidp says:

Bing navigation was available for WM back in 2009 and was excellent.  WP7 then had total crap, but with WP7.5 it was good enough, but not as good as Bing back on WM.  Now, Nokia Drive+ will best them all once they take it out of Beta.

Residing says:

Okay. I forgot about that - that's the version where you had to tap the screen to get directions, right?

Ordeith says:

Bing Navigation still did things that Nokia Drive does not (like read street names), 
To this day I have no idea why MS didn't port Bing Navigation to WindowsPhone.

TechAbstract says:

Nokia Drive+ read street names

ymcpa says:

Apple release turn by turn navigation when iphone 5 came out and we know how that turned out.

abond32 says:

dont use it then

Scatty69 says:

its not just make navigation you need little bit more than just guy with skill to make bought navteq and that was company that was making navigation.its not like ms can buy garmin and then have his own app in store

bjax says:

Or you could just be happy that NOKIA is sharing an app it developed and put hard work and money into with all WP OEM's.

cgold1 says:

I'm sure they got money from Microsoft for using the software, and I'm also sure Nokia exclusivity for a few months was part of the deal.

Residing says:

I'd wager that HTC and Samsung ponied up some coins to license it.

Those SOB's giving away an app to non-paying costumers! Who the hell do they think they are???

Chazz says:

I don't know?! They expect us to be grateful they did something they didn't need to?! Lets cry some more!

I've got a 920 and those bastards over at HTC haven't given me a damn thing yet. You'd think they didn't appreciate me as their competitor's costumer.

it's a shame that's just North America and all WP7.x users are cutted out
i dont care because i purchased navigon a long time ago, but i dont think WP 7.x user will be happy

Jf.Vigor says:

My dream is if they combiend transport + maps + drive into one killer app.

KLinCHI says:

Fingers crossed the combination is in the works!

hary536 says:

I don't think they would do it and if I were them, I also wouldn't do. 
Having separate apps helps in easier and faster development and app updates. 

CJ Thunder says:

I, along with many others, have wanted that for a year.

Planblover08 says:

+100 I can't find a reason to have Nokia maps of I have drive.

absolutshame says:

Easier to locate local businesses with Nokia Maps.

Odog4ever says:


Why? Because Nokia Drive has routed me to "city center" and not the actual address l've pasted in before. That's enough reason to want a list view of turns, something that is available in Nokia Maps. So instead of a one way trip from Maps to Drive like it is now they could link back to Maps from Drive at least if they aren't going to add basic features into Drive. And don't get me started on the missing, voice-guided, turn by turn walking directions....

Jf.Vigor says:

Or... they can integrate maps INTO drive. it's like splitting the facebook app into "newsfeed" and "my timeline", when there's an option to simply view both in the same app

So this is the same as the Drive+ Beta app I already enjoy on the 920 just now available for all WP8 devices? I mis-read the title as Nokia Drive had been released i.e graduated out of Beta.

uberlaff says:

Weird... It looks like I can install this version next to the version that came with my 920. Are there any differences?

You can do that with all of their "exclusive" apps like CNN and Weather too. Same deal.

kurtd says:

Seems confusing to customers.  If we already have the app it should show already installed.  Not let us install two of the same thing and waste space.

WinFan1 says:

lol nokia bashers rethink your opinions

Residing says:

^^Exactly.  No doubt, those haters will download it just to bash it!  But secretly, they will love it and use it as their go-to navigation solution :)

chrgeorgeson says:

I have a 920 and love it but man the Drive app sucks in my area. Again in my area. I wish the map updates would come faster. 

Residing says:

Let's do our part and report those issues!  I haven't found many, just a couple; but I reported them nonetheless :)

excellent, I now have navigation on my htc 8x

Sam Sabri says:

Good guy Nokia. 

theefman says:

Maybe now the Nokia hate will stop. Nah, haters will be haters. :)

Residing says:

Yep.  They can't help themselves.  Pathetic when you tnink about it.

RyanAMG says:

Just went for a drive to test on my HTC 8X. Works good.

hardcoreplur says:

*well... Sorry couldn't help it

shaunydub says:

Yeah be good to know difference between this and version I already had on my 920...
New one is version and old one is version
Map versions are also different

Z10YkakPES says:

Plus its published by NAVTEQ EUROPE And not Nokia

dalydose says:

Do you know who NAVTEQ is?

Z10YkakPES says:

I know Nokia owns them, that wasn't the point

busngabb says:

Brilliant news! Thanks Nokia! Been waiting for someone to throw us 8X users a bone and Nokia did.

jhoff80 says:

Now, if only it was any good.  Nokia really needs to buy a few standalone units, plus try Apple and Google's solutions, because it's missing so much functionality that is basic to others.

Mafiatounes says:

If you read the app name it says Nokia Drive + "Beta"...
It works good and i use it all the times, it will not be good to have a look at Apple Maps, i agree they still need to add functionality in the next release hopefully.

PhilR8 says:

Google Navigation is still in "beta" as well.

Residing says:

jhof90 - It has basic features and more.  Keep in mind, that you nor anyone else had to come out of pocket to use it. 
Additionally, Nokia has great maps, as I can attest to using their mapping/drive solutions on Symbian - it is a bit more robust on Symbian, but no doubt those features, including street announcements, should migrate over to WP at some point.

jhoff80 says:

The maps are great, but the program isn't any good.

You don't have to pay for Google Maps' Navigation on Android or iOS, or for Apple Maps on iOS either. That's not an excuse any more.

Residing says:

Nokia is not responsible for the navigation for WP, just Lumia devices.  And as I stated, Nokia's navigation is a bit more robust on Symbian than WP - Nokia knows navigation.  Ultimately, WP will be up to par, and will hopefully, surpass the Symbian version.   And with users diligently reporting issues, those reports will also go toward improving the data.
All of this to say, Nokia doesn't need to get a standalone navigation unit.

erzhik says:

Nokia Drive is superior to every other free navigation app, why would they try Google's solution?

jhoff80 says:

Clearly you've never used Google's navigation on Android, where you even get a street view to show you exactly where you need to turn.
But there's completely basic stuff that every other navigation program does that is missing.  Biggest example is rerouting due to traffic.  It's absolutely impossible in Nokia Drive, when even Bing Maps does it.
The Nokia / Navteq map data is great.  The program itself is still horrible, after over a year of work.

kurtd says:

Street view pretty much sucked when I used it. It never showed a picture of the destination, usually the camera is way off. Plus you couldn't download a whole state or country. I had times where 3g went out and it became useless.

PhilR8 says:

Do you really believe this? Google Navigation gives you three route choices and allows you to easily switch between them. Worked great this past weekend and allowed me to totally avoid the DC area due to the inauguration.

Eddie_Lomax says:

When I was in NY (just when Sandy came over too :P) I could get around there using Nokia Drive while on a roaming tarrif that was 1.6 dollars for 3 megs, working offline made the Nokia Drive actually practical for that I just downloaded NY and New Jersey.
After the Navtec map data working offline is the killer feature for me, if it does not have that then its not an option in most circumstances.

Scatty69 says:

maybe someone needs learn to use it.its not that hard

jhoff80 says:

Well then sure, teach me how to get a route summary, or how to have it reroute because of traffic, or how to avoid part of a route, or find a POI near my route, or respond to voice entry, or allow multi-stop routes.

Good luck finding those features though, because they're not present.  Meanwhile their competitors do most or all of these features.

Scatty69 says:

ok.than go out and buy garmin.second option is that you get gmaps and go rooming.than show us your bill for that month.i was in cz couple months ago with my lumia without worry to get lost.navigation was working just fine.also found all poi with no only miss was that i didnt have citty lens installed at that would be fun to test it somewhere i dont know around but on other hand you only need nav to take you from point a to point b.then just open eyes and look around.its me

Razanbuddu says:

can't find in store search, direct link to store page errors with Error Code: 805a0194.  Installed through web site, says it will download to phone but hasn't.
HTC 8x (Verizon)

fierywater says:

Same here. Hopefully they'll fix it up soon.
Edit: Was just trying the QR code again to post the error code on the Microsoft news post and it worked. Oh, happy day. :)

Razanbuddu says:

i ended up switching to 4g instead of wifi and that idea why but who cares.

Same thing happened for me, I tried what you suggested and it downloaded. Guess who is using turn by turn to get home from work today?

esheafer says:

not sure why, but this worked for me too in the US

s80t699 says:

Pulling it down now for my Verizon 8x.  Thanks Nokia, I harbor no ill will, as a matter of fact, bought two 822's for my in-laws.  I want Windows Phone to suceed, I am not a handset champiion, but a platform champion.

ivirsnezbit says:

This app is a newer version than the Nokia collection app. Nokia app is and the new one is clue what this means...just thought you'd like to know

Chregu says:

Great, another promise that is fullfilled... for a very limited area. Thank you once again Microsoft ;-)

Z10YkakPES says:

Microsoft? Are you blind? Its Nokia

Chregu says:

This is just such a moment when I think: "People should know now, that I am well aware of this difference." But you maybe not, so I just tell you: I'm well aware of the difference, and I have read the FIRST sentence of this article.
"Nokia along with Microsoft have released"

Z10YkakPES says:

You deserve a medal, be proud of yourself

Well, he at least has better reading comprehension than you do.

As they stated it's a joint venture between Microsoft and Nokia so as it is I am sure everyone here can read no real need for sarcasm... But most Nokia users are very excited about Nokia because they build decent apps!

I'm surprised they didn't charge for non-Nokia phones.  Maybe Microsoft influenced them to do it.  Seems like they are buddies.

arrow22 says:

I'd imagine Microsoft is licensing the mapping software from Nokia (through a partnership that dates back quite a while).

joe_easton says:

I couldn't click download fast enough; my finger was shaking with excitement.  This is one of the few apps that I have been missing since moving to the 8X from the Lumia 800

GP07 says:

Damn, how about they add in a few more locales so more people can get it?  I'm tired of so many apps and services are US only and so on.

keizka says:

We would need to know what the deal behind this whole release really is...

walter1832 says:

Let the battery drain begin.

Z10YkakPES says:

Never was an issue

PhilR8 says:

As long as you back out of the app properly there isn't an issue.

tk-093 says:

That's been fixed.  No matter what, if you are not actually navigating, there is no battery drain no matter how you exit the app.

JPDVM2014 says:

Sweet! My first tip acknowledgement!! Glad being bored at work finally paid off. :-)

Nice tip dude congrats :)

CJ Thunder says:

Will this come preinstalled on new phones so more people can play with it in stores and right away?

ricardios says:

Must be feeling good to be an 8x owner

lucktr says:

Thrilled to hear this! Once I retire my radar the path is clear once again :D

Is this worse than the Nokia version?

eshy says:

Nice, more potential users for my app, Navigation Shortcuts

Saiyaku says:

LOL... congrats, I guess?

bilzkh says:

Now I want to support Nokia even more.

Mads Knudsen says:

Just hope Nokia will keep updating for WP7.x

edjr07 says:

Green tile instead of theme tile!

Ultimateone says:

Can't get the store to work on Verizon, ugh

aerosmillie says:

Amazing news. Next is the big whatsapp update and im really happy :) htc 8X just even better

swanny78 says:

Excellent had this on my road trip in France on my Lumia 800. Now on HTC 8x and missed this like a limb. HAPPY DAYS

jkelek says:

finally bridges one of the gaps with having the htc 8x that i was not expecting to have since ms/nokia said this would be available on all wp8 handsets.  they failed to mention that it wouldn't be there on release or built-in to the OS (at least from what i saw/read).  when looking back it's only been about 3 months i think since the day i got my 8x on the day it was released but when you are waiting for something it seems like it takes, not too shabby really.
installed and tested on my 8x,  looks like it will do the trick just fine.  i notice there is only a plain 2d/3d view but if you need pictures/images on the grid there's still the built-in maps for that.  your favorites in built-in wp8 maps are separate favorites than in the nokia app but when you open one of your location faves in wp8 and choose directions it will autolaunch nokia drive whereas before it would tell you you needed a navigation app installed.  you can add new favorites in nokia drive easily and then pin those to your start screen.  already have my home location pinned :-).

dbam987 says:

This is awesome... Patiently awaiting it to show up in the app store for the US on my VZW HTC 8X.

Edit: it appeared just now in the app store. I no longer need to worry about google blocking map access or Verizon's VZ nav app. The galaxy is at peace again.

djmikebrady says:

So is this any differet from the WP7 version of Drive?  

smartrthanu says:

This one doesn't have "my commute" to me the wp7 version is better.

jonathonpm says:

Glad Nokia is bring this to everybody, it strengthens the windows phone eco system.

markfern811 says:

Great news, this completes my HTC 8x..used this before on my Lumia 800, works a treat..

dortyboy says:

My 920 already came with Nokia drive+beta. Is this the same thing. Because its weird having the same app installed twice

heywhitmarsh says:

getting error c101a029 trying to download it here in the US on my 8x :(

mikecel79 says:

Try it again.  I was just able to download it!

heywhitmarsh says:

Yup, finally worked, so glad to finally have this on my 8x. I have no regret getting my 8x over a 920 now

aman pervaiz says:

Getting the same error. Tried re-booting. Tried istalling like 20 times, still no luck.

aitt says:

I think this is a good move to compete against google navigation and iLost maps. MS doesn't have a standalone navigation map unless its built into Bing. If I'm wrong feel free to correct. Turn by turn navigation is a much needed app for the whole WP ecosystem so I think this was a good move for competition. Personally I love Nokia drive and personally think its better than Google navigation. But Nokia still has some work to do on their maps. But its not shabby at all.

clivectmob says:

Well, i debated between a Nokia 920 and the HTC 8x when i decided to ditch android and go wp8 and it was a tough one. The 920 was better because of Nokia's exclusive apps (mainly Drive for me) but was bigger and heavier, or the 8x for the brilliant form factor and more competitive price. I plumbed for the 8x and have been struggling to find a decent nav app. Now this has happened and all I can say is "Happy Days!".

Fiann says:

8x = more competitive price? Sure, if by more competitive you mean twice as expensive for half the storage and missing several standout features.

fierywater says:

On AT&T. He didn't say where in the world he is.

senbobaggins says:

Not available in Ireland :( will region limitation change??

Tsyokiss says:

Daniel, do you know if they are going to change the regions for Nokia drive? Since the world is allot bigger than just the US, UK and Canada.. :-/

senbobaggins says:

Exactly, Ireland are excluded too

Region 'Netherlands' leads to the market telling me its not available for my phone, which would be correct if you look at the regions the app is released to.
Changed region to 'United Kingdom' and was able to download the app. 
This is where is started hoping it would work, but unfortunalty it doesn't support my SIM card (Vodafone NL), which leads me to believe that this is also part of the regional restriction.
App tells me:
'SIM card unsupported (MCC: 204)' - 'Tab "back" to exit application' 
O, well.. just going to have to wait for a official local release :)

gerrymad says:

I installed it on my U.S. t-mobile 8X and looked at the settings.Under Navigation Licenses it shows Global. When I tap licenses to see supported countries/areas it looked like a comprehensive list including Netherlands and Ireland. Hopfully I won't have to use my U.S. tmobile SIM in order to use the application when I am out of the country. That would not work as the cost of roaming data is absurd. I always get a local pre-paid SIM when out of the country.

dreamfly says:

Does it let you randomly select a spot on the map and drive there?  The old Drive requires an address to be entered first.

dalydose says:

I **really** hope Nokia was compensated for this app that they put money and time into developing.  It is a differentiating factor for their devices and this might cut into their sales.  For all of the "fragmentation" whining, I still don't see HTC or Samsung releasing any of their exclusive apps to the platform.  Just be grateful to Nokia.

Are ALL of the features the same?  Will HTC/Samsung get offline maps? I imagine on the 8X it would get cozy with that limited storage.


Residing says:

It would make sense that they get compensated by the other oems, or Microsoft subsized it for the other oems.  If I recall correctly, the original licensing from Microsoft was for Bing/Navteq data for maps only.
Would love to see the details of the Nokia/Microsoft deal, though :)

Odog4ever says:

Why? Because Nokia Drive has routed me to "city center" and not the actual address l've pasted in before. That's enough reason to want a list view of turns, (just to double-check accuracy) something that is available in Nokia Maps. So instead of a one way trip from Maps to Drive like it is now they could link back to Maps from Drive at least if they aren't going to add basic features into Drive. And don't get me started on the missing, voice-guided, turn by turn walking directions....

segadc says:

Sooo glad we finally have Nokia Drive!  :)  Thanks Nokia!!!

Efren Quiroz says:

I am getting an error trying to dowload it. Is it not available in the US?
HTC 8X (T-Mobile)

ArtemDepeche says:

Nokia gives it for free?? why?? disappointed. bad decision for Nokia sales.

dalydose says:

Agreed. Doesn't  make sense, but we don't know about any licensing of subsidizing deals that may have gone on.

omagic82 says:

I'm getting the error: 805a0194
HTC 8X on AT&T

Efren Quiroz says:

I fixed this by just searching for "Nokia" in the store. Look for it like this, don't follow the link.

This is a good move from MS and Nokia for WP8.
Now if Samsung would do the same with "ChatOn" and HTC with their HTC app, WP8 would benefit even more.

dalydose says:

Right?? Maybe the "fragmentation" whiners will turn on Samsung and HTC now. Samsung is the WORST. Their ChatOn app is available to ALL of Android, iOS, Bada, Blackbery, etc. Heck, they are even on feature phones and the web, but only their devices on Windows Phone.

danielm298 says:

I use this alot n ATL. And love it...and its free!!!!!

Same_to_you says:

Maybe somebody will bring some lights in here about N.D. for other countries.

Torch4x4 says:

1 month waiting for something like this, Downloaded and tested using my 8X, cool!

zikifer says:

WOOHOO. Downloaded and installed. I also downloaded the Surfer Dude voice - let's see how long that lasts as the configured voice...

JLP says:

Hmmm...IF I end up liking Drive, wish I would've known this before plucking down $6.99 on the GPS Voice Navigation app...though its a good app, rather not spend the money...

sleby says:

sim unsupported:|

Cheers2 says:

Daniel, Nokia drive Beta + supports less countries than Nokia Drive! Do know or have a link of what are the available/missing countries?

blasher4 says:

Very nice. Thank you so much Nokia/Microsoft!

ajvanbreen says:

Very cool.  Now if I could just get Nokia Transit for my 8x. :)

skylane182 says:

Installed it....get "Sim Card unsupported (MMC:204)"  I can't imagine they wouldn't support the 8X on Verizon.  Hopefully this gets fixed

With me being an owner of a Nokia 920 I liked having exclusivity on this. It was always something cool my device could do that some if my friends couldn't.

For the good of the platform I see this as something good. Windows Phone 8 needs all the help it can get.

Residing says:

You've still got plenty of Nokia cool - I mean, it's a Lumia 920!  But you also got Photobeamer, Nokia City Lens, Nokia Transit, and some exclusive Xbox live titles.
You're still cool :)

sharpinator says:

I have to say I reckon that's the reason why Nokia has released the app now free of charge. If you think about it it's a good choice. People who may of been put off the 8x for navigation will now be more interested in one, this brings more users to windows phone, more users = more development more devlopment = even more users as the os gets more popular. Nokia know that the 8x isn't a threat to them even though that's my phone lol.

arterbizzle says:

This made my day!

cosmic_girl says:

Thanks Nokia!!! My 8X is now complete! :) UK navigation works a treat.

rubenbest says:

Is it still beta though?

ny_yankees says:

Verizon 8x here, keep getting an error every time I try to open the download
Nvmd it worked :)

Ridlah says:

Nokia loves HTC customers more than HTC itself 

SaucePolicy says:

This is great news! Thanks Nokia. Even better when I downloaded the map for my state, I got the low free space warning so I went to check storage and Other went from 3.65GB to 2.65GB! I guess other really can free itself up in certain situations. Woohoo free gig!

zilab says:

also says SIM card unsupported (MCC: 515), 

Dre325 says:

This is cool. Nice app. I don't have a WP8, but does this version have the My Commute feature? I personally like Bing Maps better since it is integrated with the OS, but look at the Drive Live tile every day for commute estimates.

ceraf says:

Now if only HTC would release their clock/weather hub app for Nokia in return =)

Downloading now! So pumped for this...

Can't wait til they release City Lens... I had a Nokia Lumia 822, besides the exclusive apps I hated it. Gotta Verizon 8X now!

kurtd says:

I already have it on my 920 yet it looks like I can install this one too... Confused...

n3rfh3rd3r says:

Now I have to wonder if people ever used an Android device...
On Google Android, Maps, Places, Navigation were essentially one app but you had shortcuts to each.  The interface looked basically the same because that was what Google was going for.  Nokia has a maps application - you know, to find things - and it links to Drive+ when you need to get turn by turn directions. 
The way this is implemented on Windows Phone is by no means cumbersome or unintuitive. 

kurtd says:

My 920 lets me install this app even though I already have drive. I installed it just to see what happens and it gives me two separate drive apps with different settings. Seems dumb so I removed the 2nd app.

pepsijosh says:

This is a beta therefore it is for testing purposes or for a preview of what the new version is going to look like; it will eventually replace the current version you have but shouldn't be used as a direct replacement as it can be buggy as the non beta version will be perfect =D
Hope that clears it up for you =)

slavrenz says:

The current version for the Lumias is also a "Beta", so your explanation is a little off.

coast says:

Question: On an 8x, does this use the same maps that are downloaded for the "Maps" app that comes with the phone...or do you need to download additional, different maps to use Nokia Drive+?

jkelek says:

i'm pretty sure it does because i did nothing in the app as far as downloading offline maps (didn't even go into the setting) since i was on 4g and didn't bother (knowing it would use out of my data plan) so when i got home and connected wifi i went into the option in nokia drive for managing maps and it already showed my state which is what i had already downloaded in the wp8 built-in Maps app some time ago.  my state is a little over 100mb just for reference.

gmfeld says:

Can someone explain to me what the difference is between this app and the built in Maps on my 8X? Doesn't that already give me turn by turn directions? Without a voice, but it seems to work fine.

afgzee says:

Maps is Bing Maps by Microsoft. This is Nokia Maps by Nokia which is far superior.

brandmessage says:

Hopefully it gets fully baked into the system in 8.5.

afgzee says:

Can someone please explain what is the difference between this one and the Nokia Drive+ Beta i already installed on my phone last year by "Nokia Corp" for lumia devices? Very annoying to have 2 versions now in the app store (nokia version)

Ayush_WP says:

General Comment To All Those Above.

I'm just gonna say, this is really good news for everybody :)

GeckoZ says:

Wonder how much ms paid nokia...that was one of the biggest advantages of nokia, and now its gone

Excited to try this.  Verizon had a driving app on my 8X that they wanted $10 a month for, and I was not impressed.  Also, the built-in directions app, at least on the Verizon 8X, seemed to have taken a step back from my Win7 HTC Trophy.  On the 8X, if I went a different way, the phone would say "You've gone a different way".  That does not happen on the 8X.

smartrthanu says:

Now give us Lumia customers the "my commute" feature back.

Dre325 says:

So this version doesn't have My Commute?

Shodan_HR says:

God damn 3rd world countries, like mine (croatia)...
Any ideas when will it be out of beta or at least available for the rest of the world?

pankaj981 says:

Change your country on wp to US in settings, restart and then download the app from the direct link from this post...

Montpbm says:

Nokia Pulse Beta is also available for WP8... Just downloaded it!

And what about us users in Belgium, will we get this app to?

Does this mean the WP7 version of this app will be released for all other WP7 phones, too? Not everyone had the option of buying a WP7 Nokia device for their carrier or are able to upgrade to a WP8 device any time soon. I can't upgrade my Trophy until April.

Grizlyadams says:

Hah ha ha! Navigon (garmin) for £72 or Nokia Drive + for free? Hmmm, let me think.

Sales will be soaring now eh, Navigon? Cuz at £72 they must have been flying off the (virtual) shelves.

Nice one MS/Nokia.

magnusi says:

Followed the Store link in the article, and being in Norway, the Install button is (unsurprisingly) missing. However, when scrolling to the bottom of the page, I found the "Download and install manually" link, which actually allows me to download the .xap file. Now, if my phone supported SD cards, this would enable me to install the app from an SD card, wouldn't it?
Seems like an opening to actually get the app outside of those few, lucky markets. Did anyone try this?

WP7_Genius says:

Is this an update? I had this app for like 2 weeks and its posted here like its just released?

shahidw says:

what about other regions? will there be an update in the future?

uopjo6 says:

I'm still scared having Locations turned on 24-7;

Stanglish says:

As far as Nokia making a mistake by giving this away...  Remember, this is still a beta, so we don't know what the final feature set of each app will be. I wouldn't be surprised to see them reserve certain "Premium" features (ie traffic) for the exclusive app with the free app having a subset of "basic" features.

ppavlov says:

Its a bit dissapointing that the release is scoped only to US, UK and Canada.
Please NOKIA do sometning about it, the rest of the world will be gratefull.

blasher4 says:

I love this app. Has everything you need to travel. Absolutely amazing. Great job.

baygacon says:

Even though the application works fine on Australian Lumia 920s, it's not available for other Windows Phone 8 devices in the store - why do Microsoft and Nokia hate us so much? Changing the phone region allows the application to be downloaded, however upon opening it you receive a SIM Card error message.
No wonder so many people buy iPhones

esbuzz says:

maybe I'm reading this wrong but I've had this app since last month. I don't have an update or anything........