Nokia Transit update enters the station, but without a changelog

Nokia Transport

Nokia continues to push out updates for apps in its Windows Phone OEM collection, this time it's Nokia Transport / Transit's turn. The Windows Phone 7 app enables users to check out local public transport for timetables, status updates, route finding and more. It's a requirement to have in any traveller's arsenal of apps when hitting up places that have yet to be explored.

We're not entirely sure what's included in this latest update (which takes the app to version 3.3.4) as no changelog is available - we can't exactly class ourselves as dedicated users either. It's not a huge bump so we'd expect fixes and optimisations to be featured. Should you happen to notice anything we may have overlooked, be sure to add your thoughts in the comments.

You can download Nokia Transit from the Windows Phone Store, using a Lumia handset with access to the Nokia Collection. For those of us running Windows Phone 8, hold tight as we bet an update is on its way.

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CJ Thunder says:

Update is on 7? Maybe some 7.8 icons and optimizations?


Probably that and more, since there's already articles stating that WP 7.8 is due January 31st.

kunwar_91 says:

I can confirm thatNo wide tile on 7.8 yet

AlexNYC says:

They need to update the WP8 version. Herr in NYC, it thinks that it's okay to walk 7 miles in a few minutes...

JCCR90 says:

Yeah def, I used to think it was awesome they had this but its terrible. Sucks for subways and heinous for metro-north. Times are always off by 5-10 min. Considering this is the biggest city in terms of transit users you would think they would try to get NYC to work.

kinaton says:

no update in UK

JamesDax3 says:

For those of you who do not have a Nokia device and are looking for a good alternative check out Mango Transit.  Works quite well for SEPTA here in Philly.

x I'm tc says:

I will vouch for Mango Transit.  I think in many ways it is superior to Nokia's offering.

marobasm says:

It added a new location, it added the city of Laval in Quebec, Canada. I sent Nokia a request about that, didn't think they'll do it though.

mpelti says:

hopefully they add some customisability and preferred modes. I'd rather it always show me the subways options within a reasonable walk before showing me buses. I'm also ok with walking 4 blocks from a subway stop to my destination, rather than staying on the subway 4 extra stops then backtracking on a bus that drops me off on right there.

Brandon619 says:

Is this Nokia Transit app also scheduled for release on various WP8 devices like Drive was today?

It's useless for my area, Mendocino County in Northwestern California, the MCTA (Mendocino County Transit Authority) isn't even shown.  However, HopStop does show MCTA, so I use their app.

LuckOnTierra says:

I find no special thing about the update, however, I'm good at how this app works. Good enough for me. I will settle on this one. - James Stuckey