Drink up! Untappd social app coming soon to Windows Phone 8

Untappd, the social network for those who like to spend their free time relaxing in their local with a well-poured pint, have recently announced that they are working on bringing an app to the Windows Phone 8 Store. What’s more they are anticipating having it released before the end of March, as revealed in a blog post picked up by our sister site CrackBerry.

Featuring the ability to discover popular establishments as you travel, as well as which beers come with the highest recommendation, Untappd brings together ideas from other popular networks (Foursquare, Twitter) such as badges and a stream showing what your friends are drinking.

In fact Untappd’s geo-location and social aspects are where I always thought I’d take my first Windows Phone 7 app, ‘RateYourBeer’ before I became involved in an app which has gained so much popularity it takes most of my free time!

Personally I look forward to adding Untappd to the list of apps which started on other platforms and are now seeing Windows Phone as a viable platform to add to their portfolio. Whilst it’s not yet clear if we will be seeing a fully native app, or one built on top of PhoneGap, you can be sure we’ll bring you a review as soon as it’s ready.

If your curiosity is piqued, why not check out the mobile site and get an account going at m.untappd.com

Source: Untappd blog, via CrackBerry



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alashcraft says:

"Mmm... Beer" is a decent 3rd party app for Untappd on Windows Phone. It has all the Facebook and Foursquare integration. You can check in, rate beers, add favorites, etc.

AriesDog says:

The untappd.com mobile site works well enough. No third party app necessary.

jcutting says:

I bought Mmm Beer and really tried to like it, but I stopped using it and went back to the (often frustrating) mobile site. I encountered a number of issues, but the biggest thing I hate is Mmm Beer's result sorting. You get back ALL beers that match, in alphabetical order, and often have to scroll through a long list and pick through the bad entries. Untappd's mobile site arranges the beers by popularity based on check-ins, so you see the proper entries and can quickly find what you're looking for in the first 10-20 listings.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to a proper Untappd app.

Shane says:

Thats my beer Jay! Especially in the mini keg format. BTW, there is an app right now that links to Untappd, it's called Mmm Beer. Cheers!

Jay Bennett says:

I should confess that Dan is the photographer (I definitely don't have those kind of skills!). A pint of Newkey isn't too bad but I'll admit it isn't my first choice. A good Adnams Broadside is a treat, or draft Hobgoblin...

ry6uy says:

Jay, you need to make a trip to the states and get some good beer.

Shane says:

Well, you are lucky enough to be on the other side of the pond to have some really nice choices.I'll have to look those up. Great craft brew from San Diego would be Stone IPA, unfiltered. Great with some spicy indian.

ry6uy says:

I've really tried to like mmmm beer. Its just really not a good substitute for a 1st party app. I'm glad the untappd guys have finally decided to support wp8. I'm just hoping for picture support right off the bat.

PeterFnet says:

This would be great while traveling! Can't wait

ej1024 says:

This app reminded me on how LATE msft with the app world.. Although upset im happy its coming soon.. As a beer drinker this will serve me well

AriesDog says:

Mary Jo Foley revealed this on a Windows Weekly podcast a couple of weeks ago. They had talked about Mmm Beer vs the mobile web site. The Untappd crew are listeners and e-mailed her that a Windows Phone client was coming. Should've tipped that info.

Shame it's not coming for WP7.5 since I use it too. The mobile site is good enough though.

Neo Nuke says:

I'm so stoked to have this app.

hwangeruk says:

Never quite understood the "social" integration of an App like this. (although could be me being thick/missing the point)
I like BeerIntheEvening, as the closest thing to finding good Pubs with decent quality ale.
Ale is so diverse, rating Ale seems a bit.... pointless.
Normally you know what is available locally, and where to drink. The real value of the App is getting information on other places - whcih you would want to do often ahead of the time you are going?
Looks like a good website though.

Super excited for this app!

slsterling says:

Excited about this. I emailed untappd with a windows phone app request more than a year ago.

joesteinkamp says:

I'm surprised no one has sad this yet: How is Blackberry getting an app before WP? That's definitely a buzz-kill.

zurjohnx says:

Yes...I use their web site but an app is way better. ...

Jean_Grey says:

I like this app a lot. The feature is so nice and it works great as well. - YOR Health