Windows Phone Game Review: Skeet Shoot

Skeet Shoot for Windows Phone

If you're looking for a simple game for your Windows Phone to help you pass a couple of minutes, take a look at Skeet Shoot. The game isn't extremely challenging but it will test your reflexes and reaction time.

Skeet Shoot, as you would guess, is a game where you are at the skeet range. On the command of "pull" two clay pigeons will sail across the screen and you have two shots (or taps) to take them out.

Skeet Shoot is a ten level game with a total of ten flights of skeet for each level. You have to hit sixteen clay pigeons to advance to the next level. Each level has a nice looking, picturesque back drop and while game play isn't all that difficult, as you move up the levels that second skeet gets harder and harder to hit.

Skeet Shoot

My only nit with Skeet Shoot is that you can't play it in landscape or horizontal orientation. Instead you play the game with your Windows Phone in vertical orientation which limits your field of view. Animations were alright but the skeet often looked like they were filled with water as they exploded.

Regardless, Skeet Shoot isn't too shabby of a game for your Windows Phone. It may not keep you on the edge of your seat but if you need something to help you pass five minutes with, Skeet Shoot isn't a bad choice.

Skeet Shoot is a free, ad supported game for your Windows Phone that you can grab here at the Marketplace.

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thenet says:

It will be nice to have skeet shoot icons of iPhone or android to shoot at hahaha

What I like is just the view and the theme of the game, the grassy field and the skyline, nothing else seems especial. - Scott Sohr

Jiggy24 says:

Pretty boring game, went to lvl 3 but grew tired quick.

Kohven says:

Lol...."skeet shoot" yes im immature. I don't care.

SocalBrian says:

A round of skeet is usually 25 shots, not 16 (wtf?). Also, goven the passing nature of skeet shooting it would seem like not having a widescreen mode would be a serious flaw.