Lumia 920 Portico Update

EE rolling out Portico update to Lumias, visual voicemail on the horizon?

We've just got word that UK mobile operator EE has begun rolling out the Portico update for Lumia 920 Windows Phones that are tied to the network. The Windows Phone 8 update introduces a number of improvements, including SMS call reject, persistent Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot and addresses stability issues (such as those annoying soft-resets).

EE Portico

Should you be with EE, be sure to keep checking for updates by heading over to Settings –> Phone Update –> Check for updates. A notification should alert a Lumia 920 owner that an update has been found, so fear not if you can't locate Portico just yet.

As well as the update, EE has also launched visual voicemail for the iPhone 5. Will not Windows Phone related, could this mean Windows Phone hardware running on the EE network will sport such functionality in the future? It's certainly worth the consideration. We've reached out to EE for more details.

Thanks, John, for the tip and screenshots!



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paulheu says:

Windows Phone supports Visual Voicemail just fine so it should..

luk3ja says:

It doesn't work like that. They have to add support for windows phone specific visual voicemail as they are different

dlusted says:

Anyone know what the version is?
Only ask as I flashed EE Portico when it was available on Navifirm and wondered if the update was a newer version

JammyGitz says:

Nah same version

JammyGitz says:

Im on EE, had portico for neatly week. Its ok

Hiiiiiiiii says:

How's battery life?

JammyGitz says:

Same. Ok though. Its always been ok with me

dlusted says:

To add....
Portico is now available for 820s too. Mrs' 820 is on Orange, so looks like a push across the range

Smg-Uk says:

So if i have a sim free 920 using a Orange contract sim which gets the EE signal will i get the update ? Lol

Sharpmango says:

I guess you'll get it with the sim free lumias :(

Smg-Uk says:

I got it :D

ChazTyldsley says:

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, downloading now :)

mafu6 says:

My phone has recently come back from repair (well nearly 2 weeks now) from EE what is the update OS version? I was told my phone had been updated already but i didnt know if they were talking about apps firmware or OS....?

Does this also include the camera updates?

Rich Edmonds says:

Should do, yes.

AndrewJClark says:

Just updated my Lumia 920 on EE and as with the photos above, the firmware is still on 1232. I don't notice any improvement in the camera...

dk_banaah says:

Sweet, been looking forward to that text reply feature

BPuk says:

I normally check for updates every few days (don't know why especially considering my source of info is wpcentral!) but haven't for well over a week so thanks :)
Downloaded and installing now :)

restlessdan says:

Just checked mine. Got it downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

DreadVenom says:

Downloading now. Looking forward to improvements.

hwangeruk says:

T Mobile Lumia 820 also upgrading to Portico whilst we speak.

steppyhen says:

I sent a tweet to EE regarding visual voicemail...they sent me a direct message back saying that they are releasing Visual Voicemail to iPhone users first, with it coming to Windows Phone & Android users sometime in 2013/14. Typical that they favour iPhone users first!

BPuk says:

The way it is with apps at present. iOS and or Android first then WP :(

At least EE got back to you, still waiting for them to get back to me on a tweet from last week about new 20GB plan lol

mr.andy says:

I bought my 920 2 weeks ago and it came with 8.0.10211.204 (portico?)
camera is very blurry

Does it have the rumored VPN support?

BPuk says:

No VPN support in Portico.

BPuk says:

Great, updated to Portico and now the Brightness is mucked up! Low brightness doesn't mean low anymore :( Grrrrrrrrrrrr

fancyabrew says:

Got the same problem, also my soft button's (back, home and search) now don't illuminate double grrrrrrr. 920 on EE

odd now working all i did was lock the screen, werid

BPuk says:

Good to hear yours decided to behave itself. Mine's still playing up! Still on the plus side the OS appears slightly faster when moving between screens and apps. 
Ah well, when's Portico+ hitting our shores?

Nazaroth says:

Well after a whopping 40 minutes the update is installed! I think Microsoft/Nokia have a lot to learn when it comes to OTA updates.

Sharpmango says:

Lol - you blatantly don't know what just happened to your phone do you haha

sudakoma says:

What are you talking about? The update went smooth, no problems at all. Some people just spout nonsense just for the sake of saying something.

DS McGuire says:

Have you tried to update an iPhone using iTunes. My girlfeinds iPhone 4s took 9 hours to update.

Nazaroth says:

Then clearly none of you have used an iphone properly, OTA updates take minutes as none of your content is touched. I'm not complaining but not being able to use my phone for 40 minutes is a pain

Gunzta says:

You sir are an idiot of the highest order. RTFS. It clearly says the update will take between 5-10 mins. Some users (with lots of content on their phone) the update will take longer. I updated 2x920's last night, one had almost no apps or media on it, and the other had lots of media, apps, texts, emails.  The empty 920 took 5 mins flat, my 920 with much more on it, took about 20 mins. If 40mins is "such" a massive pain for you to wait, then you could have removed some of the phones content, but you already knew that because you read the screen didn't you. Pebfas. Problem exists between finger and screen. :rolleyes:

Gunzta says:

yeah both my Red 920 and my girlfriends White 920 just got Portico. sweet.

yosagojimbo says:

Mine updated fine, took total of 54 mins and everything went smooth (as others have noted, updating an ios device seems like torture compared to this)

Rod Hull says:

Got it last night with SIM free 920 on EE.

darkblak says:

I downloaded the update  last night and I am on T-mobile (UK) - mind you had had to check updates to see it and it took ages to check for updates :-)

scottygb2k says:

I have just downloaded the update and im on Orange (UK). Though i wasnt prompted, i manually checked for updates after reading this article. Taking its time though, been going 20 mins so far and just have 2 wheels spinning on the screen.

hovesteve says:

Don't what updates you're talking about for iOS. Minutes! You are having a laugh!!

NicUK says:

Nothing on my Orange (UK) Nokia Lumia 820.

sonosp says:

Ditto buddy, still waiting. 

hallam555 says:

Update complete EE 920. Over the air updates are cool!!

DreadVenom says:

Has anyone on EE noticed that there is a 3G+ signal. Did i miss it as i didn't see it before the Portico update.

klcow says:

hey! just wondering, there seems to be another EE firmware on the servers now, 1232.5951.1249.1018, wonder whats that for???

Anyone else still waiting for the Portico update? I have a EE branded Lumi 920 on Orange and my phone can't see an update.

klcow says:

it varies, some people get it easily while others don't i guess they limit it by IMEI numbers?? Anyhow if OTA updates do not come to your phone, there's always the manual method, but you need to backup and restore your phone as the manual update will erase all data.
Link Here: