Lumia 900 on Windows Phone 7.8

Nokia begins Windows Phone 7.8 update today and through February for all Lumias

We’ve all been holding our breaths the past few months waiting for older devices running Windows Phone 7.5 to get the modest update to 7.8. Great news for those of you with a Nokia Lumia handset like the 710 or 900 – starting today, the Windows Phone 7.8 update is rolling out to all of you.

It’s been a long time coming, but your Nokia Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800, and 900 have been a little bummed out about missing the double wide Live Tile action newer phones have been getting. Not anymore, you can now look forward to multiple tile sizes, lockscreens, and more theme colors.

When you get the notification on your device to upgrade is of course determined by a few factors, the biggest obstacle of course being the carriers:

“The Windows Phone 7.8 update is now rolling out for Nokia Lumia smartphones through February. Delivery of the update is operator dependent, meaning you will receive a notification in the coming weeks if you have an unlocked phone or if your operator has approved the update. If you don’t receive the update notification within the next three weeks, please contact your operator for more information.”

No word yet for other handsets from OEM’s like HTC or Samsung could it still be a couple hours or something different(although don’t get your hopes up HD7 users)? In the meantime, check our hands on with Windows Phone 7.8 on a Lumia 900 to see what you can expect and look forward to.

Source: Nokia Conversations



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The Phone store app now works in Windows 8

srslykev says:

for me it doesn't.

WaywardBus says:

Got it! Lumia 900 with Rogers

Nuno Silva says:

Finally after using the cable trick 10 times I got the update.
I waited 6-8 seconds to turn the connection off and it worked
Portugal | TMN :)

infamous51 says:

Shout out lumia owners in Canada specifically users under the wing of Rogers although your phone may say no update available proceed to your Zune on your desktop and your update will be available. Proud owner of 7.8 lumia 900 :-D

Nuno Silva says:

Finally after using the cable trick 10 times I got the update.
I waited 6-8 seconds to turn the connection off and it worked
Portugal | TMN :)
Nokia Lumia 800

Saed Shawwa says:

no Words on Lumia's T-Mobile USA?

ChrisSsk says:

Confirming I got the update on my unlocked HD7. I had to do 3 updates using the cable trick, but it worked.

Spiddelito says:

Same thing with my HD7. Time to buy a new ethernet cable... Must have yanked it 100 times to get it to work three times!
But now updated to 7.10.8858.136.

Pulkit Nabar says:

HTC Radar C110e updated to 8779.8 . using the cable trick on T-Mobile USA. Doing it again to hopefully receive the rest of the updates. Lets see! Fingers crossed guys :D

lewish327 says:

will this work for mine im unlocked and on tesco mobile

magdiel64 says:

Updating as I type. Using and unlocked Lumia 800 in Miami Florida on At&T network.

stanlyk says:

Any news from Italy lumia 800?

i have italia lumia 800, there is no update.

Well, just done the cable trick on my Lumia 800 in Italy (vodafone brand phone, carrier Three (tre)). Had to do it three times. Now I'm on 7.8 :)

Pulkit Nabar says:

2nd Upate to 7.10.8783.12 . 
Happening right now

wpuser320 says:

Man the cable trick isn't working for me, tried it a million times. Lumia 900 AT&T Maryland.

afgzee says:

"Forget" the device in Zune, uninstall Zune and then reinstall Zune, follow the Zune instructions. It should now automaticly find the update before the setup has complete. 

wpuser320 says:

I did...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it was aaaaaaaaaaaaa..............NO GO!!!! Still no update :( DANG IT!!! LOL

i have italia lumia 800, there is no update.

nicolee1806 says:

Just updated!  
Lumia 900 in Canada on Rogers

afgzee says:

Got the update (unlocked, UK) just completing the install. 

afgzee says:

For people not getting the update, keep connecting and disconnecting the phone to your computer, took me about 15 goes before i managed to get the update. 

Pulkit Nabar says:

7.10.8858.136 Just kicked in on HTC radar C110e! 7.8 for the WIN!! :D

AneticsUK says:

The trick has just worked on a mozart on Orange UK, just doing what i hope will be the first (8779.8) of 3 updates, will post further progess here :-)

xekrax says:

After to updates with trick, I haven't got WP 7.8 anyone? got third update?

Spiddelito says:

Had to do the cable trick for all three updates individually on the HD7. Time before pulling cable succesfully varied between 3 and 5seconds aprox.

on l900 on tmo anyone else have the l900 and get the update yet becasue i have not. :(

rikycaldeira says:

Lumia 800, Vodafone PT, cable trick works :)

Le Hai Dang says:

could you please let me know what trick?

afgzee says:

Is anyones update stuck on Step 6 for a long time?

fpostrow says:

be patient ...

afgzee says:

will do. but there is a picture on my phone basicly saying "connect your phone to your pc" no wires have disconnected 

george2511 says:

Got all three updates using cable trick.  Orange UK L800

Does the cable trick works with Mac??

jfa1 says:

I haven been on the update process a while it seems to be stuck on update in progress determining the space required for update

Left for supper and choir practice process had stopped when I cam back to the office pulled the plug and restarted the process went through easily and did the update in about 12 minutes reatarted and the new screen cam up with different sized tiles pretty cool.

LivinginaBox says:

So far automatically updated a Lumia 710, cable-tricked an Omnia 7 and busy with 2nd update on an HTC Titan, btw also cable-tricked. Looking good so far. Wondering how big the tiles will be after the upgrade.

afgzee says:

the tiles will be the same size as WP7.5 (medium size) but it'll take up more room on screen like WP8, i believe

Tmoble unlocked l900 now is updating i took outsimcard put phone into airplane mode and did zune trick and it finaly took part one of three from what people are saying.

tried your method, still no success...

yeah i just did the final update as we speak and phone resetting. 

i made the 1st it's not working any more

Got the update. HTC Radar, Malaysia. Not carrier locked.
Still no USSD code support. Disappointing. It's a bit disgusting Microsoft just left us WP7 folks with such shitty incomplete mess of an OS still. First it was the news of no update to Apollo..and now this.
My next phone will be an android.

nancorocks says:

I can not get the trick to work. Tried forgetting the phone+uninstall zune, still no luck. Any tips?
Lumia 900, AT&T

wpuser320 says:

Same here, been trying for a long time. I'm just going to play some Halo 4 for a while, forget about it and then try to see if it's available later.

i made it only to 1st update. cable trick after five seconds....and 30 attempts...god

xekrax says:

Got the update with trick. LITHUANIA!

xCort says:

Koks operatorius? :)

AneticsUK says:

All 3 updates installed on mozart 7 using the zune trick, Orange UK

Mr Nicedude says:

The update worked for me using the disconnect trick with AT&T Nokia Lumia 900. Took forever to get the trick to work though... Keep trying guys!

jchapman01 says:

Anybody on ATT in Texas get the update with the cable trick ( or without)?

rianext says:

Anyone from india get an update on the Lumia 800??

Chamuga says:

I tried the disconnect trick and after several times it worked finally on my Lumia 800. From Bosnia

Deemswick says:

Miami, FL - No Notification yet. Lumia 900 AT&T (17:21)

xCort says:

Is sound lower after official update like with navifirm 7.8?

Unlocked Nokia L900 7.8 now what i did was airplane mode with no simcard in the phone and then also did the zune trick after about 4 hours+ of trying it it fianly took and is also still unlocked if anyone had questions about that becasue i had posted it on their facebook and i got the lame reply of idk for the most part.

Twistech says:

Updating my Samsung Omnia W (unlocked) right now.I'm from Romania.

akashpats says:

what's that "unlocked" ?

Deficiency says:

Also got it. 7pro Germany unlocked!

gcdc_lumia says:

you can update it directly through zune. i was literally dancing on my chair while it was installing. hahaha! and i now got the upgrade! :D finally

Saed Shawwa says:

tmobile usa locked any luck?

hacer619 says:

i did the zune trick and updated my htc mozart, btw all 3 updates are about 13 megabytes. first is 1.5mb second is 1.5mb and third is 10mb
gd luck with your updates

Iskassasya says:

I have no idea what this cable trick is, but I plugged my sisters Lumia 610 into Zune at 17:50GMT and kept refreshing "check for updates" every 3-4 minutes I got the update at 18:01:43 and updated sucsessfully - update 1 did not loads 7.8 but the second update did. It's great for my sister she loved her Lumia 610 until I got the 820 when she felt out of date, now she loves her Lumia 610 once again.

Superhoop27 says:

Got the first update just after 6pm (UK time)...  but not the 7.8.  I've tried all the recommended tips and trips for hours now, but to no avail.  Giving up now and just going to relax with a glass of wine before I go to bed.  Will try again tomorrow.  (I am on a Vodafone network,  Lumia 800).

Superhoop27 says:

tricks, not

jchapman01 says:

No update yet Fort Worth, TX ATT HTC TITAN... AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! I'm gonna start drinking again.....

xconomicron says:

yo read the comments...

Only unbranded and unlocked and ATT L900 users are getting this update...

The other users that are locked to a US carrier are not getting this update ATM...

bingMe says:

FINALLY!!!! The new colors just gave my Lumia 900 LIFE!!!! Yellow FTW!!!

Darkness690 says:

I'm trying to update my Lumia 900 through Zune, but am getting an error 80072F0D "Can't check for updates right now. Please try again later"
Anyone else having problems?

jchapman01 says:

I got this a couple of times while trying the cable trick. I just closed zune and unplugged my phone. It might have been cause I forgot to plug my cable back in tho o.O

GSzah says:

Working great! Lumia 710/Finland/DNA

Bernardo Gza says:

No update for Lumia 800 Nexico :( not even with cable trick

Hsar says:

Im getting a 4th update. My phone didn't prompt me this time, the other 3 times it did. I hope this one is the 7.8 one! I actually plugged it in to try the cable trick and didn't even need to do it. hooray hooray hooray ! Belgium here lumia 800 

Seaman71 says:

HTC Radar updating. Unlocked unit. Spain... Goooood 

ScarletStar says:

I got the update on my Lumia 800 in Germany

ItsLogan says:

Got the update with the disconnect trick. Only had to do two updates, the first one fixed a camera issue and took about 15 minutes, the second one gave me full 7.8 and took about 10 minutes. Love the new tiles, but it does run slower!! :( Hope they can fix this and make it as quick as it was on 7.5.

scdkad says:

Can you elaborate? What is slow about it?

AneticsUK says:

Can confirm that both the mozart 7 and nokia 710 on orange uk CAN be tricked, just persist with it :-)

iAmHollow says:

I got a lumia 710 in Memphis , TN .. Anybody have any luck with the 7.8 update

ejb222 says:

Nokia L900 updating right now. There was a previous update too...forgot to write it down. Sorry I forgot, I'm on ATT in New England

Dangeresque says:

Anyone confirm unlocked HTC Trophy?

souravsunny says:

YooHooooo...Finally on Windows Phone 7.8 on the HTC Titan. It was the Crappy AT&T one with no support but had installed stock Euro ROM on it and had updated to Tango before via Zune. And now the 7.8.SWEET..!!
Had to use the disconnect Zune trick for quite a few times though for each of the 3 updates till 7.8. 

david126 says:

Big screen, 7.8, what else do u need? :)

ramiy63 says:

Got my update! Big tiles... little tiles... medium sized tiles... all the new steel gray and using the entire screen. NICE!

dabs1710 says:

WTF. I just updated my Lumia 900 and it went back to WP 7.1. FML!!!

ramrac says:

Just installed all 3 updates to 7.8 on my LG E900 Optimus 7. With the cable trick. I'll explain it for all of you, since I also had mixed results by pulling the plug at random, until I read a good tip:
1. Start Zune, connect phone to computer, turn off wifi and data.
2. Open Task Manager, go to the Network tab and make sure that a) "Always on top" is activated under options, and b) Refresh under "View" is set on fast/quick (I am translating this from another language, so it might be called different on your pc, but you get what I mean).
3. The percentage should be on 0% in the numbers below (not in the graph, it's much quicker to read the number than to make sure that the graph hasn't changed it's size (which it will do, in idle my graph is only 1% high, when it gets used it expands to several %)
4. Now with the Task Manager and network tab open in the foreground, go to your already open zune and click on settings in the upper right corner, point your mouse to "Update" in the "Phone" part of the options, but don't click yet. Remember to have the task manager on top over the zune window and "always on top" on, so it won't get hidden when you click.
5.Then grab around to your cable or make sure to know how to quickly kill your wifi, once you are ready just click on update, and when the percentage jumps to 2% or above (1.5% wasn't enough for me, but over 2% did ALWAYS give me the update on the first try) pull the plug. That should work.

Coler7 says:

Plugged in mine and got the notification. Love it.

vikrant6 says:

I was able to update to 7.10.8779.8 by following the trick. But it did not detect further updates :( Am i missing something?  

RobinPaul says:

Hey same here, can't get the other updates :(

RobinPaul says:

Well i got the first Update (NOKIA Update), but kept trying for the 2nd Update, but no luck :(. Will I still get the update when prompt?

RobinPaul says:

Lumia 800 & 710

souravsunny says:

Keep Using the Trick till u get the 2nd update..and again use trick for 3rd update...took almost 50 tries or more for 3 updates on my Titan. Hope you get the update soon.. 

RobinPaul says:

yeah, tried my Lumia 710, that's installing 2nd Update, next I'll try for my Lumia 800 to get 2nde update

david126 says:

I can honestly say that the 900 w 7.8 gives a very satisfying wp8 experience, took back my 920 2 weeks ago and now I'm definitely not regretting, will wait for lumia 940 pure view baby!!

david126 says:

Put phone in AIRPLANE MODE w NO WIFI, it really helps!

jake69 says:

Just got mine updated...oh yeah!
L900 in OC, CA

life3000 says:

No damn screenshots, wallet, or kids corner. Wdf these are not hardware dependent enhancements (except wallet's NFC) Microsoft just fumbled on the goal line, the greedy bastards!

hwangeruk says:

what has this got to do with greed you child. honestly, you shouldnt be allowed near a keyboard.

grajk says:

Yipee !!! Got my Nokia Lumia 710 updated with Windows 7.8 yesterday :-)
I'm not sure about people in other countries. But people in India, you can go to Nokia Care and get the OS loaded :-) 
And these are the new features available in the update :
1. Awesome Live Tile(s) Sizes
2. Ringtone Maker - Yes, now you can set up your favourite song as a ringtone on the go.
3. Bluetooth Sharing - Now we can share files to any other mobiles throug bluetooth.

ChaSioPui says:

Im in indonesia and havent got any updates.. Will the update erase all of my apps? How about apps that i bought from marketplace? Should i buy it again? Thankss...

WhiteyFisk says:

I have an iMac and at first it found an update and i was excited. At the end it wasn't it! WTF so I waited 5 minutes and plugged it in again to the iMac app and it is updating now to 7.8.
Gotta do 2 updates for Macs

WhiteyFisk says:

In Seattle AT&T

lucasb1 says:

Just got my update on my lumia 800 that i got from rich dunbar in the first app development program. I am in the US, not using a SIM.

Aieden says:

I've got a 7.5 Lumia 900 on AT&T in Seattle, stock (not unlocked). Anyone know why I haven't received a notification yet? It's not even coming up if I plug it into zune.

kurotsuki says:

Lumia 710 user on Indonesia here. Currently updating. Confirmed updates without issue. No need to force update.

Eric Kabucha says:

If your zune does not automatically detect the update, here is what you do. Go to your phone settings, (first back up your important dat, like phone contacts and emails) then reset the phone, you will lose all apps you haven't bought. Automatically when rest for Lumias, the zune software once reconnected to your phone starts installing all updates, that way you trick the software by installing WP 7.8. TELL ME IF IT ALSO WORKS FOR YOU!

Jakeway says:

"Changes default sync times for email"
Whats this? I didnt see any extra times listed. I wouldnt mind a three of six hours sync. 

I'm in India and my Lumia 800 is getting updated as I type this.

Trepator says:

Updating right now from Portugal.
Lumia 800 on Vodafone.

RobinPaul says:

Still only got the 1st update (using the cable trick), will i still get notified for the other to update? or do I have to do the cable trick?

Trepator says:

Yes, just keep doing the same process until you see the third update.

I have to say I am very happy for you wp7 folks, when I switched from Android I never would have expected to get the latest compatible release, so I am proud of having a wp. Knowing my 920 will continue to get 8.x, 8.xx, etc updates of the operating system is awesome. It definitely makes me feel I made the right decision to switch.

AtOmIc031 says:

Zune trick works, updated my unlocked T-mobile Lumia 900 yesterday. I used this artice to do it
also if it's not working for you, try counting how much seconds is needed for zune to tell you your phone is up to date, then substract 2 seconds and whait that amount of time before you unplug your internet. Aslo be patient, I tried this trick at least 20 times before I got it right. :)
p.s. I'm from Croatia

myjota says:

I got lithuania

Sanchit22 says:

Got the updaye on my unlocked HTC Radar (India).....had no need to trick zune or anything...just connected my phone to zune and the update was waiting fr me!

lewish327 says:

How can I get this update

I'm in britian

akashpats says:

hey, whats the meaning of "unlocked" ? plz tell me

lewish327 says:

It means any simcard can be put in the phone and it will work :)

lewish327 says:

Has any one got a HTC radar c110e that's in England on wp7.8

Grampz01 says:

Any update? L800 (South Africa)

Saed Shawwa says:

No news about locked lumia on t-mobile usa , looks like its going to take a while knowing that t-mobile customer support have no idea about what windows phone 7.8 is

quasONE says:

Are you serious!!!!!

Saed Shawwa says:

yes sorry to say that , i tried a couple of times with tmobile support and they have no idea when or whether is going to be pushed or not , the answer was you will get OTA notificaiton when it happens.

Raylz says:

there completely useless.

slobydamn says:

Just got it. Installing it now. Lumia 800 unlocked E-plus (Germany) variant.

tdavi82 says:

Plugged in my Lumia 900 ATT into PC and Zune said I had an update. Question, anyone with the update getting lag when they tap a tile. Everytime I go to open an app, there is small lag to opening the app. While this is minor, it makes the phone feel slow.

nablor says:

Got the 7.8 update with UK O2 unlocked unbranded HTC titan superb :)

RobinPaul says:

Mine is stuck on Update 3 on Step 2 of 10 downloading updates... 0% any suggestions (i tried doing the update for 3 times already :S)

Jakeway says:

It seems to get Ringtone maker and Bt to work you need: Fireware: 1750.0823.8858.12460
But it doesnt seem as if yo can force thus update as once Zune see you're on 7.10.8858.136 it doesnt look for more updates.
What can be done about this?  :(

pottermaniac says: 7.8 WO the cable trick.From India

My 710 got updated to 7.8 but for my 800, no update found. Surprisingly the 800 is running on mango( not even tango ) and still no updates found. Forget about the 7.8 update

danjam says:

No update for my Nokia 710 on UK Vodafone yet :(

I just used the seven-eighter, search on Bing.
It forces via cab updates, no more worrying for my Lumia 900 on ATT.

lientjieb says:

Anybody receive the update in South Africa yet?

ironmannz says:

Hi, Still no update for Lumia 900 in NZ....

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Hi! I'am from the philippines,why until now my lumia 610 cannot recieve the notification to update to windows 7.8??