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Nokia's flagship Lumia 920 launches on Three UK

Lumia 920

The Lumia 920, Nokia's pride and joy from 2012, is now available on Three UK. The Windows Phone has been exclusively held by EE since the mobile operator entered into the market late last year, launching the first 4G LTE network in the UK. While Three (and all other UK mobile operators) cannot upgrade to LTE until Spring this year, it's good to see smartphones with such capabilities hitting shelves in preparation.

That said, Three does have the next best thing for the time being. DC-HSDPA, for improved Internet connectivity.

So when will the Lumia 920 be ready to ship to customers on Three UK? February 5th. How much will you be required to pay? The handset is available on The One Plan for £36 a month with a £69 upfront fee. This plan includes unlimited data, 2,000 call minutes (with a further 5,000 to other Three numbers), and 5,000 SMS on a 24-month contract. If that's not your style there's always the PAYG option of £449 (locked to Three).

To quickly recap on the Lumia 920 specifications, you're looking at a 1.5GHz chip, 1GB RAM, 8.7MP rear shooter (with FFC), 32GB storage, wireless charging, NFC, 4.5" display, 2000 mAh battery and more. It's a feature rich smartphone with advanced functionality that competing devices simply do not possess. 

As noted above, the Lumia 920 will be restricted in speeds until UK mobile operators are able to join EE and launch respective LTE network upgrades. Three currently has a number of Windows Phone 8 solutions available for consumers, including the HTC 8X and 8S. But if you're not after the latest gadgets and are comfortable with Windows Phone 7.8, the company sports the Lumia 610, Lumia 620, Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 at reasonable prices.

Source: Three, via: @ThreeUK



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Big Supes says:

The One Plan tariff is certainly not to be sniffed at. Colour me extremely tempted.

I left Three with my unlocked Titan to go to EE with a 920. 4G speeds are amazing and I have also noticed the coverage expanding. That said i appreciate EE 4g pricing is not for everyone so really pleased Three have got the 920 as they are a great network. I was sorry to leave them but was desperate to try 4G.

scottjosh says:

Shame as you are missing out on all you can eat data with dc-hsdpa. Currently on one plan and average out at 18meg down :). Plus I am able to upgrade to 4g when Three get it, as they have said people that wish to use that part of the network even in a contract will have a way.

dougwallace says:

When will my CV GB 4G ready rom allow 4g?

adrian1338 says:

sounds nice.. do they support NFC Payments? Data sense? and all the other stuff EE is just being restricted on?

andrewkeith5 says:

Nope, basically only available in America, incredibly annoying!

adrian1338 says:

Yes. What do i want the Wallet and NFC if i cant use it 

blackhawk556 says:

I hope they have enough to meet demand. I wonder how many sales Nokia lost because stores didn't have any in stock.

JammyGitz says:

Three is the worst network ever!! I couldn't wait to leave Three

Aussie12 says:

It's the best network for me, I get 12 meg download from them while people next to me struggle to get 1 meg.

afgzee says:

Three is by far the best network for me, and for most people. They have over 50% DC-HSDPA connectivity and 100% of London covered for these up to 42Mbps speeds. I myself have clocked 27Mb recently as my area was enabled for DC-HSDPA at the beginning of last month.
As for their internet being completely unlimited, in October i used almost 200GB of data and in November 187GB of data with no warnings.
This is a great deal on a great network. No other network offers you complelty unlimited data in the UK.

scottjosh says:

Actually EE does (T-mobile full monty) as I work for them, but yes Three is by far the best network I have come across. Just can't wait to see what their 4g plans and prices are, and how fast it is. Did you know that Three has already started on making the core of their 4g network last year since they know they have the 1800 band in purchase! 

afgzee says:

True, but T-Mobile (Full Monty) doesn't allow tethering, where as Three (The One Plan) allows unlimited tethering.

Jammo says:

The best part of the EE plans was a 12 month contract.

Nollaig87 says:

I contacted O2 through the online chat service and after answering a security question I was told it should be in store now!! Contacted the local store in liverpool and they are getting theirs delivered tomorrow.

j_the_geek says:

That's odd. We were told that O2 wouldn't be getting the 920 as they opted to provide the 820 instead

cheshirster says:

So 620 is in the 7.8 list on WPcentral. Ok

Murphy1981 says:

I spoke to Vodafone this week online and the guy confirmed they will be stocking the 920, 820 and 620 come the middle of next week. I will wait and see what they bring, but ya Threes coverage out of any city is bad, really bad.

Hazzard4Life says:

All depends on where you live. I'm On Vodafone while my wife is on Three. My coverage isn't great while my wife, has speedy great coverage on the One Plan. I'm switching...but Three only have the 920 in black which is a bummer

ArcticUK says:

At last! Ordered. Wanted Yellow but hey-ho!

Saw this news yesterday... Went in and upgraded my sim only plan to a full contract.. Now writing this with my shinny new lumia 920. Thanks the info guys my windows ecosystem is complete once again. Xbox-Win8PC-Win8laptop-Surface64gbRT and now lumia920... I missed my zune music on my galaxy nexus. Now in happy again just waiting for the sim to activate