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Filter your photos with SophieLens Pro for Windows Phone 8

SophieLens Pro

SophieLens Pro is a photo editing app for your Windows Phone 8 device that lets you apply a wide range of filters to your photos.

SophieLens Pro is a fairly straight forward photography app that launches straight to a camera app that previews the selected filter in the view finder. The filter style is noted in the bottom left corner of the view finder and two button controls sit on the right edge of the view finder that controls the flash and changes the filter.

SophieLens Pro

You can snap a photo by tapping the screen or by using the Windows Phone camera button. Filters are separated by category. With SophieLens Pro you have a Standard, Lomo, Vintage, and Life in Mono packs. The Lomo Pack is notes as being free for Nokia Lumia devices but loaded on the HTC 8X as well. Not sure if this was a promotion or the various filter packs were originally intended to be sold separately.

SophieLens Pro

When you go to change filters, just press the filters button to pull up the filter pack currently in use. To switch filter packs, you just tap the filters pack button that is off to the right side of the screen.

SophieLens Pro Samples
SophieLens Pro Samples (clockwise from upper left): Cinematic, Lime, School, LifeForce

The effects filter collection with SophieLens Pro is nice (maybe a little dark for some though) and gives you a wide range of options to give your images a unique feel. There's really only a handful of downsides to SophieLens Pro.

First, you can't apply the filters to existing photos. Second, images are resized from the original size of 3552 x 2000 down to 1280 x 720. It would have been nice to have seen a full-size option. Lastly, there's not a trial version available for SophieLens Pro. While we like the filters and the simplicity of the app, it may not appeal to everyone. Maybe just offer one filter pack with the trial? Just enough to give everyone a feel for things.

SophieLens Pro is currently running $1.29 and is for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can find SophieLens Pro here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: SophieLens Pro



There are 14 comments. Sign in to comment

rcasey says:

No trial? No thanks.

daveh101 says:

Looks good, but really needs a trial

yosagojimbo says:

Sophiecam on wp7 was one of the better camera apps (it produced markedly sharper and clearer images than the standard camera app), but it really needs a trial to see how it shapes up on wp8 as there is a plethora of cam apps that all do roughly the same job

If this is the same folks who made Sophiecam, I'm down, that was one of my fav WP7 apps.

AngryNil says:

Any app which is downsizing so dramatically isn't worth a review. Come on, iPhone photo editing apps don't do this crap. I'd rather apply filters on my PC afterwards than lose so much quality.

sarim_xyz says:

Totally! Even the 'Blink' Lens downscales the images. What's the advantage of having a Pureview camera then?

Filter apps = yawn. Too many do the same thing.

ballanda says:


Not for devices with 512ram

E Lizzle says:

I'm going to grab this because I already have a half-dozen postprocessing filter apps on the phone, it looks like this one will be good for being able to see the filtered image before taking the picture.  Hopefully, or I just wasted a whopping buck-and-change.

E Lizzle says:

Yeah, works just like I had hoped and is fast and doesn't impact the usual photo-taking process (like sovietcam does).

jsantana0793 says:

Too many of these same apps.. Where is instagram dammit

VegaNovus says:

This app is ace, just needs front camera support