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Lumia 1000

Nokia 41MP Windows Phone could be a Lumia 1000? It's a possibility

We're seeing a gradual growth in speculation for Nokia's next Windows Phone, which is set to be unveiled (or at least touched on) at this month's Mobile World Congress. We've previously looked at and even produced an in-depth report on the mysterious device. One of the uncertain elements of this Windows Phone is what family of products would it belong to.

Now have come across the above image, which reveals a Lumia 1000 in a China Mobile database. We're not quite over Lumia 9000 just yet, but were slowly getting there. So the question for the next Nokia Windows Phone is now: Lumia 1000 or kick off the EOS line of products? While it's entirely possible Nokia may look to continue its Lumia family of products, we doubt this finding is anything to go by for the rumoured EOS Windows Phone.

Rum: 5

The image, from China Mobile - the largest mobile operator in China, is certainly worth considering regardless. Nokia could always start an EOS line of Windows Phones (though with a name change as Canon owns that), leaving the Lumia family to cater for those who don't require the latest hardware. But then we'd be looking at fragmenting the already bloated selection of devices available. Can you recall each and every Lumia Windows Phone on the spot, within 10 seconds? We thought not.

The Finnish manufacturer is expected to reveal a mobile device with something along the lines of (from rumours back in April 2012):

  • 4.3" Curved Glass touchscreen with HD display
  • 41mp sensor, Carl Zeiss lens and PureView imaging technology
  • 1080p full HD video recording and Rich Recording technology
  • Dual Core processor with Adreno 320 GPU
  • Windows Phone Operating System

It would definitely be a Windows Phone flagship to boast about. Moving on from the Lumia 920, this could also take Nokia onto a different approach with the design and build. But we'll have to see. Will Lumia 1000 be the next Windows Phone from the Finnish manufacturer? There's a possibility, but it could also be EOS.


As mentioned previously, we'll have more information from MWC later this month. Take everything with a pinch of salt for now, though it's exciting attempting to speculate on what we're going to witness next from Nokia.

Source:; via: Windows Smartphones; thanks, Daniel, for the tip!



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Guakala says:

Bring it to T-Mobile!

xconomicron says:

Sorry to disappoint...FLAME ON!

Zulfigar says:

Sorry to disappoint, but it is also rumored that T-Mobile is getting a flagship device as well (so making a total of 3 devices, the 810 being the middle)

xconomicron says:

Yea my bad for sounding like an ahole. Just going off the leaked roadmap of TMobile. But I think that only goes to March-May. I hope you guys get something though...the more the merrier to spread WP. But anywho from my POV, TMobile seems to be more like Sprint these days...towards WP I mean...

Whodaboss says:

Did I read what you wrote correctly?  You're comparing TMobile with Sprint?!  Get real!  TMobile has carried Windows Phones from day one and has continued.  HTC HD7/Dell Venue Pro/Nokia 710/HTC Radar 4G/HTC 8X/Nokia 810.  Sprint on the otherhand only carried the HTC Arrive and then advertised please trade this phone in for something else.  And has yet to carry any other WP devices.  Please don't even put TMobile in the same category with that so called mobile carrier company - Sprint.

xconomicron says:

Well yes, T-Mobile does have way more Wphones than Sprint...which all makes it more sad to see they failed on personally updating those phones to 7.8.  However, one could say that doesn't matter if they didn't receive the update as there are other means of updating...but justifiably it seems like T-Mobile just doesn't care..."like" Sprint users who have only one WP?  Do you really think that T-Mobile WP users would feel a little "left-out" ... like Sprint users? -and I guess you could apply this to any US carrier for that matter, but then again, since we only know that T-Mobile definitely is not going to push out these updates, we don't know exactly know what Sprint, Verizon, or the rest of us on AT&T is getting. 

Aaron M says:

Hahahahahaha.  Thanks for the laugh.

pbankey says:

What is the purpose of a 41 mp camera on a phone? Are people needing billboard sized photos from their phone cameras?

Don't know if I agree this is the best feature set to invest in.

WinFan1 says:

That's not the way pureview works. I'm not sure if I'm correct someone correct me if I'm wrong. But essentially the pureview camera takes a smaller picture and uses whatever megapixels are leftover to create one really really detailed photo if I'm not mistaken.

Nataku4ca says:

in short: take massive picture, then shrink and recalculate to create super pixels that make up a image that is 5mp size ;)

WinFan1 says:

thanks nataku! :D i had it i was right there i just..overcomplicated it a bit :D

With all do respect, you're not understanding what this technology's not really 41MP, it's only a 5MP photos (give or take) but the extra MPs are used for over-sampling the image, which gives much more details and quality than a standard image.

WinFan1 says:

WOOHOO I was right fantastic I'm getting a better idea of stuff lol

uopjo6 says:

I'm excited about this feature (although I just got a 920 a month ago) but that would be one helluva misleading advertisement stating 41MP but you know technically it's not. 

EXkurogane says:

Err, actually u can take up to 38MP photos, full res, but the pureview tech wouldnt be in work, u get a giant billboard size photo; in pureview mode default is 5MP, but i can choose 3MP or 8MP as well. Only in pureview mode the oversampling feature does its magic. 

Guakala says:

You have to understand that the 41MP isnt really to print billboard sized pictures. Its really just for a digital zoom that will still leave you with high quality images. The 41MP PureView camera gives you the closest thing to optical zoom on a smartphone. Watch some reveiws of the Nokia 808, its quite amazing.

xconomicron says:

What? im hooked on this idea! Wouldn't you want to have the best smartphone camera out there? It will be a niche device, yes, just like how the Note 2 is (not everyone wants a 5.5" screen), however I think that Nokia's optics are going to prove their usefulness in the market. I am a amateur photographer and there have been so many times where I wished I had my camera to shoot...however, I feel with a phone like this, I could make up for those losses. You should go look up some 808 pureview videos/photos shot by professionals. You will be amazed.

Jonathank says:

what are you talking about???? Today social media has taken over and so have the cameras... I own the Nokia 808 41mp power house.. This phone takes amazing quality pictures and it's all in the details... 41mp is a GREAT feature to invest in 

sarim_xyz says:

If it is nearly as similar to the shown picture, it's the ugliest phone ever!!!

I think it looks awesome.

WinFan1 says:

Bold and into the unknown!

antsin3d says:

Looks to be crook-of-shoulder friendly, which I like. It also reminds me of underwater cameras

WinFan1 says:

I said unknown!!! Lol jk I'm hyper wtf

bradleyj says:

I think it looks interesting as well, the curved screen and the bottom and top edges look as though the phone is designed with a focus on holding it in landcape mode to take pictures (the orientation of the Logo and camera also show an emphasis in that direction). This could be a true "camera-phone".

texrat says:

Absolutely.  But how dare Nokia get off the boxy phone train?  ;)
My take:

karelj says:

But you are eagerly awaiting the latest Fast and Furious movie.....your tastes are now highly suspect. :-P

Aaron M says:

I think it looks interesting, but way too radical for a signature flagship device. If Nokia launched something like that as their successor to the 920, the whole world would laugh. I'm not saying they shouldn't try out crazy designs, just make sure you still launch safer, more conventional flagship designs as well.

poddie says:

You're not the only one sarim... I think it actually looks quite silly and impractical. I still want my phones to be (mostly) rectangular.

fwaits says:

I think if they tone down the curvature on the front, it could be a cool design.  It's not quite pocket friendly enough, though it would likely be less pocket friendly just due to the 41MP bulge, but those jutting front ends really kill that.

DavidinCT says:

I agree, ugly. I want a phone to look like a phone (as we see phones today) not look like a camera with a phone attached.

WinFan1 says:

Drooped looooooool

joaoluisc1 says:

Yeh just saw that LOL TYPO - rectified, thanks.

Ah sorry I missed that!

WinFan1 says:

Lol honestly I don't know why I laughed so hard LOL I feel like I'm on crack today

expectafight says:

still a good thing to see this much energy coming from positive responses though!

WinFan1 says:

^_~ no doubt @_@ I need some sleep

flyer6 says:

Lumia 1000 sounds odd.

joaoluisc1 says:

Daniel, hope to meet you at MWC my friend.

Definitely, let's plan on it.

joaoluisc1 says:

DM me your mobile number and will call you when I'm there. I arrtive 24th afternoon and leave 27th late evening

If this becomes real and they make the device like the one in the picture is going to be ugly as hell

invertme says:

It looks better than  any slab phone - ever.

xconomicron says:

Is a slab phone the iPhone?

The ZennyBoy says:

Is anyone else who has the 920 already getting slightly jealous? I am, lol.

aitt says:

Nope not at all.  I feel the main focus obviously would be the camera that most would like to have, but I feel the rest of the Lumia aspects will remain the same spec wise. Phones phones phones. You'll never be happy if you always worry about the "next big thing". The 920 is one of the best in elegance of current phones out that I have seen.  There's few phones that I really like the design of and this is definitely one.

The ZennyBoy says:

You just made my day bro, lol. I just needed someone to tell me it would be okay, hahaha.

WinFan1 says:

Zenny everything is gonna be ok.

uopjo6 says:

+1. Best phone i've owned so far and mainly based on the aesthetics.I've owned a lot of smartphones but the 920 is by far the sexiest.

Racxie says:

I thought that the 808 did take pictures in 41MP but then converted them down while still retaining the quality?

Either way if this is a cross between the 808 & 920 then I am definitely getting it day one.

xconomicron says:

Naw. Nokia explains the tech on their 808 YouTube channel.

vlad0 says:

The 808 always uses the full resolution of the sensor (video and stills) its up to the user how they like those pixels served. You can either get a 1:1 pixel ratio (no oversampling) @ 38Mpix, you can get 8Mpix with an oversample ratio of about 5:1, that is 5 pixels make 1 bigger one, you can get 5Mpix with an oversample rate of about 7:1
What oversamplig algorithm does is when it combines the pixels, it cleans up the noise, and it leaves you with very clean/pure looking images, such as this:
It was taken in pureview mode @ 8Mpix in superfine jpeg setting.. which is 95% compression.
Or, you can do this:
Full res (38Mpix) no oversampling.. 1.4 micron pixels
Oversampling helps a bunch in low light/flash photography as well, just to put in perspecitve
This is from my 808
This is from my iPhone 5
I hope that helps you understand what Phase 1 is all about.. its a significant leap forward in terms of imaging, and Nokia has already waisted over a year in waiting for WP to be able to support the tech, or working on the port..

xconomicron says:

holy mary mother of god! Nice HDR man! the 2nd pic HDR?  I'm still overwhelmed that these came from a cell phone camera.

Ali Assaedi says:

i'll call it the Lumia 1K 

fwaits says:

If they go down that path, we'll be likening Lumia models to Madden football games. Lumia 2K5!

Hiiiiiiiii says:

They can't even make 31,000 freaking phones, yet a new phone is due?

Hi guys, it would be great if your could link back to the real source of this
I am just so sick and tired of watermarking screenshots. Thank you

Rishicash says:

I think Nokia will have two flagship phones. One will be the aluminum body Lumia 920 successor and the other will be the EOP phone. A lot of people like me have limited use for the camera feature and don't want the added bulk of the EOP, but others who are more "camera centric" will love it. Put EOP into Lumia form factor and that's a different story.

ioannisgk says:

i agree with you man

gilesjuk says:

41mp allows for decent zooming. It also results a better image when downscaled. Don't take my world for it. reviewed it and concluded it is the best camera phone you can get.

texantony says:

Love the phones, but I really dislike the naming of their phones. I thought the "Pureview" name was great and should of been used for the 920, but that didn't happen :( Anyway, would love to see some brainstorming of names by Nokia. Samsung has Galaxy, Apple has iPhone, HTC Droid... Need something that sounds cool and rolls out smooth when u say it, hehe.

WinFan1 says:

Nokia has Lumia...

texantony says:

Yes, and most people don't even know what that means, lol. Like I said, love the phone but wish it had a better name behind it. When people ask what phone I have, I just say Nokia 920 :)

WinFan1 says:

I say I have the Lumia 920 you would be surprised how it spreads. Everyone who knows me now knows what Lumia means.

babse says:

I am a little skeptical about this. Last I checked, Nokia made a big deal about how they name their devices (3 number sequence etc). I doubt if they'd suddenly change that.
Then again, they can do whatever they freaking want. hehe. I just long for a QWERTY device (still using my DVP. 2yrs and its pushing)

malikoshaq says:

Which carrier has the Lumia 910??

Talbot690 says:

Such an ugly looking phone...

WinFan1 says:

Your ugly :P jk

Talbot690 says:

I should have expected that lol

mdram says:

The screen doesn't look very useful...

MBaughan says:

I wonder if it will still have optical image stabilization and the high quality mics...

ioannisgk says:

Only one objection. Anything smaller than 4.5" is NOT highend. The whole market will move for 6" screens within 2 years.

xconomicron says:

Its just a phase...(so devices can be different). Honestly I would think anything over 4.7" is too big for the average user. If everyone wanted a 5.5" device they would go out and buy the Note 2. BB already stated that 4.2" is a big enough screen size and shall not make any phones bigger. I see Apple doing the same.

Xaphoon148 says:

My 4.5 Lumia 920 is just perfect in size, wouldn't bought a larger phone

dukrem says:

I can't see them ditching the lumia brand for this. I suspect enthusiast devices will be given names like eos but would be called 'lumia eos' for example.

Xaphoon148 says:

The EOS means the new Lumia can use Canon Eos zoom lenses... ;)

kcovert says:

I have learned to tell how large people are when they’re holding a 920. What about this posted image? Photoshop?

Kooosh says:

Where did that image of the yellow phone come from? 

kcovert says:

I cannot say cause I'm Windows Phone Central loyal :-)

helloandrewc says:

when it comes to naming, Lumia 1020 would make more sense. Lumia 1000 (pronouncing it "Lumia One-Thousand") doesn't fit with rest of the lineup. eight-twenty, nine-twenty, ten-twenty

DavidinCT says:

Maybe the 1000 is coming to Verizon.....They have been saying they are going to get a high end Nokia... A better camera, 64gb internal and a MicroSDXC slot...would be epic..
Dont get me 100% wrong but, that yellow phone is a little sexy and a very ulgy at the same time. I can't see it being too confortable to hold or keep in a pocket, in that case, I dont want it. If that is what Veizon is geting, then I will stick with my 8X (that I want to get rid of as soon as possable, 16gb is just WAY too small for my needs)

tissotti says:

WPCentral, EOS is the codename as is Catwalk. They will be named Lumia xxx(x)
Nokia has used this this internal naming system for 10 years. N9=Lankku, N900=Rover, Lumia 800=Sea Ray, N950=Dali.
Those are project names, then there are specific hardware version names that are RM-xxx

simmomelb says:

That is one ugly device, I love my L920 but there is no way I would buy a device that looks like that, I don't care how good the camera is.

gcdc_lumia says:

ugly indeed. i hope they make it look close to 920 or 820

Connor Bunch says:

Don't mean to be harsh or anything but THAT PHONE IS UGLY. But I think that Nokia isbsmarter than that, and will release a very attractive device, like the Lumia 920:)