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DEAL ALERT: Can you spare a penny for AT&T Nokia Lumia 920?

Can you spare a penny for Nokia Lumia 920?

Is that penny you found between the couch cushions burning a hole in your pocket? If so, perhaps you'd like to spend it on a new Nokia Lumia 920. is running an online-only deal on Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset for just one cent and free two-day shipping. The offer is good for both new AT&T subscribers, as well as those current customers who are eligible for upgrades. (And yes it's carrier locked).

It looks like the only available color is Black, so hopefully you're not too picky. Check out the source link to order.

Source: CarToys, Thanks for the tip, Greg!



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I technically got my phone for free on ATT on Black Friday, when I got the phone and a free charging plate.

dkp23 says:

wait what?  you paid out of pocket im assuming. 

leo9212 says:

I paid $99 for pre order. But I gyo charging plate. $50 discount for black Friday sale and $50 for the in convince that att caused me during the pre order

Crazy, this phone for a penny is a huge steal

I believe this is the first penny deal for this generation of windows phones, right?

For the us, yes. Canada, no.

bokchoy1 says:

Oh no, the penny was discontinued! Do you think we'll be forced to spend a nickel instead? Those carriers are going to scam us for 4 additional cents.

ahardin says:

AmazonWireless has had HTC 8x 8GB for a penny for at least a few days.

S Rodrigo says:

This deal has been around for a couple months from Cartoys now.

blackhawk556 says:

Damn i don't trust this company. Are they legit???

walter1832 says:

Of course they're legit.  But to save you some worry, just send me your info and money, and I'll order it for you. Feel better?

S Rodrigo says:

They are legitimate, they have retail locations as well as being online.

neolp123 says:

i soo wanna get back to WP..
if only they had all the apps.. :(

LaNiQuE says:

Omg are u freaking serious my upgrade is in November well hopefully something better will be out by then

lizaoreo says:

Black Friday deals, maybe even a newer phone? :)

ICwater says:

Neolp123 - what apps?? surely WP has just as many flashlight app's as apple ;)

neolp123 says:

these are the ones i want:
Google Voice - Google Now actually
Google Maps
More browser options
I had used android for few years then i jumped to WP bandwagon.. HTC Titan.. i realy really loved it.. but then i am too much into google eco system and all those apps were just not available in WP... also .. many apps.. as i listed abve.. and casal games which android and apple have.. like Subway Surfers..after that i sold it off after getting to know that 7.8 is nothing but cosmetic changes and more updates are not expected..
I really loved WP.. having used all the 3 major OS'es i still feel WP is the most beautoful of them all...all the transition effects and black background is just killer....but the App scenario is just killing their market.. i hipe that improves in futire iteration and we get features like Auto Rotate lock and other small fearues soom

jaspercook says:

My suggestions (as a WP user who has similar issues off-and-on):
GMail - Built-in Outlook. It's good, and works with labels and actual deleting
Google Voice - Google Now actually(?) MetroTalk is decent, push works pretty well
Youtube - never had significant troubles with this in 2+ years, but try MetroTube
Instagram - ...I'll never understand instagram, personally, but I can see that it's a problem for some
Pandora - MetroRadio works quite well
Spotify - Available on WP7(?), in beta on WP8
Google Maps - Nokia or Bing maps work fine for me
GTalk - ? Google voice? Can't do VOIP still, which sucks.
More browser options - Agreed, but IE10 is solid
I feel you on a lot of these issues, but I like the OS enough that they aren't deal-breaking. What did you switch to for now?
Also, my OG Focus is running a custom 7.8 rom with lockable screen rotation and full MP3 ringtones from your zune library... hehe

Pl4ub says:

And after that penny you pay what? 100$? a month, lol.

I don't like the fact that a phone I purchased for $650, supposedly a flagship, being relegated to this price level -.-

borasar says:

did you have to sign a new contract or extend your current one?

I don't live in USA. It's a factory unlocked model. We don't have carrier phones where I live (Pakistan)

Aaron M says:

If your not bound by a contract, then sign up for StraightTalk for $45 a month.  Or possibly even see if you can live with TMobile $30 with unlimited data/text but only 100 minutes.  I roll my eyes at all these "deals" that tie people into 2 year contracts at almost $100 a month per line.  Do the math people.

John Souza says:

Will the average consumer ever know about this promotion? NO!. Will the average consumer ever know all that a Lumia 920 is capable of?NO!. WP8 and Nokia need to do more advertising. They need to be more agressive in order to get more customers. There are people out there that don't even know this phone exists.

Zulfigar says:

True, but at the same time, at least with the features, the average customer, when told what they just bought is q lot more powerful than the already beefyness of the purchase, they get that "Wow! My phone really IS awesome!" The people become the promoters, and that isn't had either.

ej1024 says:

O yeah... Amazing... But we all know that something is up in the air when prices go down like this...

rsud says:

Usually, online resellers have such offerings because they are willing to let go of a larger chunk of their commissions, as opposed to traditional stores. Walmart had an (now) infamous promotion selling the phone for $50, with a $100 Gift Card, of course, with a 2 month wait. 
Kind of makes you think why AT&T isn't discounting these directly. Most posts are correct - the end game is to lock you down in paying $$$ every month for 2 years.