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Portico Windows Phone update rolling out in European markets for unbranded hardware

According to a number of sources, the Windows Phone 8 update -- codename "Portico" OS build 8858 -- is rolling out across a number of European markets for those using unbranded hardware. reports that they have received the notification to upgrade their unlocked Windows Phone in Germany, while a handful of our readers from both Denmark and Sweden have got in touch.

We previously looked at Microsoft unleashing the update late last month to Italy, Germany and Russia. The reports coming in this evening show a controlled release with more consumers now receiving update notifications. Have you received Portico on your Windows Phone 8 device yet? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who tipped us!



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rfso says:

I already had Portico since December and i got notified for a new update today. (Portugal)

aemond says:

Same thing for me. :) (France)

ZombieZed says:

8x Changes:
FW updated from 20003.111 to 20005.111
Bootloader from  0.0.1532.20(159895) to 0.0.1532.20(162966)

Joakim F says:

This is what we're getting in Sweden:

Jan A says:

Nice, I´m still patiently waiting.

Arcalis says:

I could have sworn I already had Portico as well? (Unbranded HTC 8X, UK)
Any ideas what this update changed if you already had it?

dbam987 says:

Anyone have any idea on when the update will be pushed to Verizon HTC 8X owners?

Dadstar0410 says:

Blame Verizon. I have no idea, nor did they even hint at a release.

SaucePolicy says:

Good question. I emailed Verizon support and asked yesterday but have not received a response.

I called Verizon a couple weeks back and the rep knew nothing of it. Had never heard of Portico.

joe_easton says:

Verizon support is a joke and they takes days to reply to an email. I moved to VZW recently with the hopes of better support than what the trophy got.

By the way, a Windows Phone success story. My wife had a radar and went to iPhone when we switched. 3 months in and she is tired of the iPhone so I bought her a trophy off eBay. She couldn't stand the iPhone !!!!

sinister1 says:

Problably towards the end of the year, no kidding. When I had my HTC Trophy from Verizon I use to always use cab files to update them my self. Sure wish some one could make a cab for this.

smartfonefan says:

Nothing yet in UK for unlocked lumi 920

Wyspr says:

I haven't either, quite annoyed since I bought one of the first available unlocked handsets from clove at the start of November. Now all my friends who purchased theirs in Jan are getting updated while I get none - still suffering an average of 2 freezes per day.
Is there a way to force these updates like the network disconnect for Zune?

heyiisjustin says:

ive been checking everyday for ages and still nothing either. i thought that considering we bought the unbranded 920 that we would be the first and then the locked ones would get it next but still nothing :(

dKp1977 says:

Got it about an hour ago. Unbranded, unlocked Lumia 920, Germany.

Holycraplol says:

Want ut for my Telenor Phone Here in Norway

Ian Grindell says:

Still waiting on Nokia 822

Brandon619 says:

Wpcentral what's the deal with most of the people not getting that T-Mobile Skype patch update for US T-Mobile branded HTC 8x.. Some received it while it looks like a majority dont as well as me.

ErkaErka says:

Got Portico this minute for my Lumia 920! Unbranded, Sweden.

Unbranded, unlocked Lumia 920 from Germany (using it in Hungary) just downloading the update. I didn't get a push notification, but when I searched manually it started to download/update :)

peterw1000 says:

The update was rolled out just over a week ago on EEin the UK. Lumia 920 Red.....
Update does take a while and appears to stop several times, so be patient, don't restart when it appears to stop, just wait.

holzlondon says:

Unbranded, unlocked 920 in Germany, got the update tonight. All working well, took total 25 mins.

Infamy79 says:

I just did a manual search for updates on my Telstra branded 920 here in Australia and the Portico update has been located and is installing now. Also it would appear that for the past couple of weeks any 920 purchased from Telstra already has the Portico update.

travisel says:

ATIV S came with Portico December 14/2012

AlFaEU says:

Got Portico a hour ago. It took round about 30mins.
Germany, unbranded Lumia 920.

MarkCwee says:

Got mine minute ago. HTC 8x @ Telenor Serbia

hbjoroy says:

No update here. Norway, Lumia 920, European developer device. No lock, no specific brand.

pikablu0530 says:

Not just Europe. Australia too. Unbranded Australian Lumia 920 here, got the update today.

macky360 says:

Telstra's Australian Portico has been live for nearly a week now. 

Erik Larsson says:

Updated about an hour ago on my unbranded Lumia 920 in Sweden

Bombardan says:

Sweden, unbranded 920... No notification, did an update check after reading the article on German update and there it was looking at me.

nzrocketman says:

Got my update today. Not sure where my phone is from though as it was imported

WPfreak8 says:

Same here, I own a Lumia 920 (unbranded, Germany) and just found an update!

lansir says:

Got mine a couple of hours ago. Both unbranded Lumia 920's, Australia

Users in Turkey that are using unbranded Lumia 920 reported that they are downlading Portico update and installing the update without any problems.

Marco Enxuto says:

Hello all, HTC 8x TMN Carrier updated sucessfull. Portugal.

foxbat121 says:

My guess that my L920 Dev phone will be the last to get any sort of update.

Solidstate89 says:

Still impatiently waiting for my BUILD 920 update. This is what I get for wanting pentaband support.

Jotoll says:

Got it in Sweden tonight, unbranded Lumia 920. After I manually checked for it.

Erik Larsson says:

And of course i got two bugs right away. Brightness pulsates and Text replay to incoming calls not working. Tried a reboot and switching region, but nothing.

Tomasz S. says:

Text to reply works when the incoming number is listed as a cellular phone in your contacts.

New Zealand - Nokia Lumia 920 with Telecom NZ branding (but using 2degrees as mobile operator)
No Portico update yet =(

nathanme says:

this is expected, the update hasn't started rolling out to the Lumia 920s with the Telecom image yet, its not far away though

tommohammed says:

Do you know how far away?

MDboyz says:

Using on US T-mobile, and I got the update today.  Great job Nokia.

amirikano says:

Got update...France

AlexxZD says:

Is your 920 unbranded or Orange-branded?

frriv31 says:

Still nothing from bell in Canada. It is getting very frustrating since I called bell and they told me it was HTC and HTC told me it is bell. It is totally ridiculous

JLP says:

I'm says Portico build 8858, but I thought Portico was 10211 build??

lippidp says:

The author is confused. Build 8858 refers to WP 7.8, not WP8 portico.

Usmcbob says:

I knew I shulda switched from Verizon to att Verizon never has updates.

luk3ja says:

I've had my portico update for agesssss in the UK must be 2 months ago. I got a notification and installed the day it was announced on my 8X

IceDree says:

I have a new update in my Retail\Unbranded HTC 8X in Saudi Arabia , I was randomly checking for update a while ago .
My 8X came preloaded with both "Keep Wi-Fi When Screen Times Out" & "Reply With a Text" , So I assumed it came preloaded with Portico like most people said theirs did .
Now , I checked the OS version , Mine says 8.0.10211.204  & it doesn't match Portico's version up -_-
Should've known better , Rule #8 : Never Assume .

Im a bit confused now , The Wi-Fi thing came preloaded only on the 8S & the "Reply With a Text" was a Portico exclusive feature . What does that makes my 8X ?


OS Version : 8.0.10211.204 

Hardware Version : 0002

Bilal_Fakih says:

OS Version : 8.0.10211.204  
this is the portico update, what are you talking about ? i just got mine and im also KSA

IceDree says:

Oh my bad , I thought 8858 is Bortico (Like Rich Mentioned above) ! looks like I have Portico already. Okay, whats the new update ?

Sorry , I'm new to the Windows Phone platform & I'm a bit confused by updates & their numbers , I jumped to WP8 last Teusday after almost 3 years with Android (I only got 2 updates : Froyo 2.2.1 & Gingerbread 2.3.4)

Talbot690 says:

Ive yet to upgrade my phone to a wp8 device does portico enable the 920 or any other 8 device to use the radio?

Bilal_Fakih says:

 im in KSA and i got 2 hr ago Nokia lumia 920 

Confirmed, got Portico in my 920 (unbranded from Germany) today, I'm glad I got it even that I'm using a Telcel (Mexico) SIM card, the whole update took it about 50 min.

lfjj says:

Unlocked 920 in Sweden, got the update today and now it's installed.

PeterA4200 says:

Denmark 920 yep up and running right now........

azharisadig says:

Got it this evening. Unbranded, unlocked Lumia 920, Saudi Arabia

am coming to SA how can i get l920 and will came with portico preinstaled

sinister1 says:

F#$k You Verizon!!!

Nokia New Zealand just said that Portico will be delivered 100% in February.

dreamfly says:

Who is pushing the update since the phone is not branded. Does the phone get the update directly from Microsoft?

nathanme says:

branded or not it comes direct from Microsoft servers

mmsbludhound says:

I live in Singapore and I just got the update on my unbranded Lumia 920.

liamjanin says:

I live in Brunei but got my 920 from SG. Just got the update too.

mandartd says:

No update yet for my unlocked Lumia 920 (RM-821_eu_poland_360). I am using this in Mumbai, India (Carrier Vodafone)

Tomasz S. says:

I don't think any polish variants of RM-821 and RM-825 have been approved yet, as there is still no portico ROMs on navifirm for them (except for the Lumia 820 on Play, which is a brand new SKU).

mandartd says:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. But honestly its a bit depressing news, since I won't be getting the portico update soon then for my Lumia 920 (RM-821_eu_poland_360). I believe these are typical early adopter problems!

Tomasz S. says:

Well actually, after double checking..
There are ROMs for the Orange PL and Play variants of RM-821. Still no ROMs for T-Mobile, Polkomtel/Plus and unbranded version, which will probably come last, and and the update rollout will probably start only after that. But I think that should happen by the end of this month.
Anywho, it's funny that people around the world use Lumias imported from Poland, while over here the prices have already dropped a $100, cause very little people bought them in retail.

mandartd says:

Thanks once again for the feedback. Feeling better after reading that there is a possibility of getting the portico update after all. And well yes I believe, there are eager people around the world. I got mine from USA (GSM Nation), without really knowing what ROM it would contain. What mattered was that it was unlocked.

Tomasz S. says:

I don't think the model number changes after flashing a different variant ROM. It should be tied to your product code, which is fixed, and you can check it on a sticker on the back of your sim tray. The codes for RM-821 CV Poland are 059R065, 66, 68 and 70 depending on the colour. The updates delivered by MS are targeted at particular product codes and IMEIs, as far as I know.
Oh, I just realised that Americans purchasing middle-european Lumias may be caused by the AT&T exclusivity in the US.

KFCHAN says:

Just received the update here in Singapore (operator : M1) for my 920

nathanme says:

its arrived in New Zealand for unbranded Lumia 920 too FYI

Nice...btw: where did u get ur unbranded phone? i couldn't find any. at Dick Smith they sell telcom nz branded ones...

lfjj says:

The OS seems snappier for me now, smoother perhaps?

CobraJ82 says:

United Arab emirates got update a week ago btw, my phone and my wife.

pogi920 says:

Just a quick question,will I get an update even I manually portico'd my phone? Thanks

Abdul9 says:

I live in Germany and i sort of have no update available yet. Why?

The Dane says:

Read this story and manually checked and portico was waiting for me (Denmark)

jason_tee says:

From Malaysia, unlock 920, no update yet...

fsweb2011 says:

Imported an unlocked l920 from the UK (expansys) 2 months ago and using it in far no updates :(
How does it work, is it a "region thing"? Do I need to change the country to UK to get it??

andrewkeith5 says:

Its not yet been given green light for the uk unlocked models (at least not on mine) . The update has nothing to do with where you actually are, jts entirely down to the firmware already on the device

keizka says:

Nothing on my unbranded device here in Finland. Funny that.

My unbranded L920 yet to be porticoed here in Nigeria and phone model is RM-821_im_mea3_391

liammatho says:

Unbranded Lumia 920 Australia. Finally.

camptime says:

Still nothing here in Thailand. I will be surprised if we get it this month.Still no 7.8 for my 900 as well. :(

bonieboy says:

Got the update but have no idea what was updated :) , Telenor Serbia

geluadi says:

Got the update in Romania...but for me was a HTC more other Information...unbranded 8x

DenniSundaY says:

I already got portico in december (and a few small updates after that) but I installed a new update on my 8x today, the same as what the first posts are saying. It is a small htc update imo but what is it for? I think it solved the speaker distortion.

vzayko says:

Unbranded 920, Russia - nothing yet...

Seems that Finland is the last one to get this update. Still no sign of it. Thanks Nokia.

keizka says:

Mm-m... They also refuse to fix or exchange my creaking 920 :/ "It's normal", they say...

weis says:

It's correct, haven't got anything yet on DNA Finland. Greetings from Finland, the place Nokia hates the most.

DaSchnee says:

Got is yesterday evening :) Has anybody already found a solution for the always changing brightness? Going into a completely dark room, as earlier suggested, doesn't seem to solve the issue.

remcob says:

Jup received it yesterday evening overhere in The Netherlands. I have a unbranded German Lumia 920 but that doesn't make a difference I believe.

AaHaa says:

I think it does, because I haven't received anything yet... I have a Dutch 920. Getting a bit tired of waiting to be honest.

thunell says:

Got an update here. Sweden
HTC 8x unbranded

bramstone123 says:

Just got in in Germany at last!

SymoClod says:

Nothing here in the UK...unbranded Lumia 820.

Slai says:

Unbranded 920 from Clove, no update yet.

qhabib says:

Same here. Just checked. Bought an unlocked Lumia 920 from Clove and no update as yet. I am in Pakistan at the moment and havent changed the region or currency thus as far as Nokia and Micorsoft are concerned I still need GB firmware! 

Ian Bugeja says:

got it and installed....but what's new?

Burasuteru says:

Got the update in Sweden for Lumia 920, unbranded.
Can anyone tell where I can see update history on 920, what's new with the update? I accidently closed the page after the update.

Faragondk says:

You can see what is updated on Nokia Lumia 920 support page

Kaanemec says:

I cannot believe how fucked up the update process on WP8 is... Is this how these guys compete with iOS? Fuck! Still waiting for update since december...

GSzah says:

No update in Finland... :/

dubnukem says:

Netherlands here. I was always under the impression i was running Portico already (there's no real big changes, correct?). Anyways, just tried to manually check for updates, and have indeed an update running right now.

DenniSundaY says:

Ik ook! Weet jij waar het voor is? Ik heb nog niets gevonden.

Erwin77 says:

hm is it the dutch version or the German where the update is going to

dubnukem says:

Bought it in a Dutch shop so i assume it's the Dutch version. How do i check?

Erwin77 says:

i have lumia 820 what is yours
and i'm on kpn
you can check @extra en informatie
still no update

Tomasz S. says:

You can check your model name in settings: info+extras

bluesingas says:

What does unbranded mean?

camptime says:

I think it now means you can wait till last.

Tomasz S. says:

It seems since you can use your phone on any network, OEMs wait till the majority of carriers in your region approve the new firmware, before releasing the update for your unlocked country variant.

Aykazu says:

Pre-Installed in Finland. Saunalahti/Un-branded Lumia 920

Greece Htc8s portico since birth!!

Gaploid says:

Get update on HTC 8x. But I`ve got Portico already. I think it was firmware update from HTC

TerjeF says:

Did a quick "Search for update" six oclock in the morning, and it startet right away with downloading...   :) 
So - I'm finnally on Portico...
Norway, Nokia 920 - Network Norway...   :)

colmsmyth says:

Nothing for Ireland as yet

mmundy says:

I already had the portico update, but today morning I lost all of my sms from my phone, and now I istalled a new update.. How can I get back my text messages? Any idea? (HTC 8X Hungary)

bonieboy says:

if you had fix your phone to save everything on a cloud your messages should appiered once you turn your phone on ...

gmantione says:

Bite me, Verizon

Narr says:

So stupid how long this update has taken to get to people, coupled with the lack of rollout information from Microsoft. Quite poor really..... and I still don't have the update (unbranded Lumia 820 UK).

Tafsern says:

Hardly anyone gives detailed information about small updates to every customer, you either visit the sites where this information is relevant or you wait for your phone to tell you an update is ready. 

Updates are rolled out in waves, so you will get yours when it's rolled out. 

It's been like that for ages. :) 

Narr says:

That's not true as for WP7 there was a page provided by Microsoft giving details on whch operators were testing and pushing the update, for unlocked devices it would usually be available and on most updates that I can remember there was a way to force the update (without wiping your phone). So the "update in waves" was there if you just wanted to wait but we aren't taking about months between releasing the update to different regions as has been the case here.

Tomasz S. says:

Portico is the new NoDo.

geeqcza says:

I just wanna know when they'll do it for phones in Africa(Nigeria),unbranded.

Same here o! Cos I don wait tire

geeqcza says:

Nokia Lumia

BGBrereton says:

I bought an unlocked 920 from Clove in the UK this week and was pleased to find it came with Portico pre-installed.

how1ard says:

Well hooray for you!

Nixxor says:

I have gotten the update, unlocked 920 from Sweden.

vijax21 says:

After reading this article I checked manually, an update is available for unlocked/unbranded NL920 (Singapore)

lhoylhoy says:

Finished updating from saudi arabia

Sumit8 says:

Unlocked 920 in Germany: Got it today - YES!

Rolf92 says:

I've had Portico for like 2 months on my 8X bought in The Netherlands. I checked for updates yesterday and it came up with a HTC update not Portico.

Tomasz S. says:

People with older phones are probably now getting the firmware update bundled with Portico. It seems HTC is allowed to preload the OS updates but the firmware needs carrier and regional approval.

I was just coming in to write about not having the update here in Saudi Arabia but did a phone update check and an update is already downloading :D not sure if it is actually Portorico or not

ghaikal says:

Updated my Lumia 920 in Saudi arabia

how1ard says:

Unlocked 920 in the UK nothing yet. Nokia did send me this when I contacted them:
"Due to high demand we have to roll out the update in batched IMEI grous to prevent it from crashing the Nokia servers. You will receive your update but we cannot say when the batch that your hanset is in will be activated. It should be very soon."

Tomasz S. says:

I always thought they were delivered via Microsoft's Windows Updates servers.

Wyspr says:

I was told the same, I just wish they were rolled out in order of manufacture, first in best dressed. But no, this is not the case.

afgzee says:

Lumia 820 (branded O2 UK) not got the update yet...  anyone else got it?

timmymarsh says:

HTC8x unbranded UK.
HTC didnt know or couldnt tell me, ask MS!  I already had osv 12011.204, os remains, as one has already said, bootloader & firmware update - strange HTC dont know this!

bbmail79 says:

Nothing on my unbranded 8X (t-mobile uk) Still 10211.204

mzoslater says:

I just update my lumia 920 to portico today. Umbranded from Gremany.

BonomDenej says:

This is weird. I have Portico (8.0.10211.204) on my HTC 8X (unbranded) when in first came out around december. And today, my phone just popped the update notification. So I did the update, it lasted 5 minutes, and my phone restarted. But nothing changed. The OS version is the same and I obviously had the portico features before that.

Tomasz S. says:

That might have been a firmware Update. Was it called a HTC Update... ?

Danish Lumia 920 owner here and I can confirm this. Yay! :-)

MillionMonks says:

Singapore here. Singtel. Got my Portico on HTC 8X. (sadly still no 7.8 on my Lumia 610)

phonohead says:

Got it last night, Norway. Lumia 920. Carrier is Djuice.

Holycraplol says:

branded? My phone with all in 1 m web sub is not getting anything :(

phonohead says:

Unbranded with the "All in1 L" annual plan.

Antistatic says:

I got it last night to! Norway. Lumia 920. Unbranded and unlocked.

Hagenlund says:

This is a staggered update that started in mid-december. This "news" is basically two months old 

Koekjes says:

The Netherlands, got Portico in december and a firmware update (HTC 8X, unbranded and unlocked). The German article mentions it's for unbranded and unlocked nokia phones, that is probably more correct, since they rolled out the portico only for HTC phones in december.

Hillybill says:

Downloading right now, Norway, djuice

Holycraplol says:

I'm not getting anything. Did you search manually?

Iskassasya says:

It's so frustrating. I haven't got the update (UK L820 Unbraded) and well, It's been going on since December and just as I forget about it, MORE news comes up and it's NOT available to me. If it's taken 3 months for me to get this update (still pending update) then how long is a proper update going to take.

Deano019S says:

Got the updates last night for my Lumia 920 - unbranded, I'm in Australia! Bought it from Harvey Norman.

diavol says:

Still nothing for HTC 8S (Croatia)

heijenoort says:

Still nothing for my H3G Lumia 920, Italy >_>

Jez Corden says:

I got it yesterday on HTC 8x unbranded UK.
Before the update, Skype would only work when using speakerphone, but now it works with headphones and regular mic. I think this might be the skype specific fix that T-mobile HTC 8x got recently?

I also had Portico since December. Now my 2 8X also got an update. Could be firmware... Anyone know for sure?

Kallekleiven says:

Nothing......920, unlocked, Norway, One Call.

willrazor says:

Still waiting, same here, OneCall, unlocked, Norway

i get the 80072f76 error
does anyone knows why ? it's a htc 8x unbranded from romania

Ben Solomon says:

I got a bunch of updates last night on my unbranded APAC 920. I don't think its portico just a lot of nokia updates.  

sleby says:

i did. slovenia.

LC247 says:

switzerland phone (CH-000; RM-821_eu_euro2_249) unbranded...... no update yet

LC247 says:

finally updated a few days ago.... good luck to all.

GSzah says:

Still nothing in Finland, L920

Howard Smith says:

Still nothing, UK 920 Unbranded. 

VikArmo says:

Same here, would appreciate a heads up when you get the update.

how1ard says:

OK will do, checking every day and sooo bored of it. 

VikArmo says:

Thanks. The good people at Nokia said 'it's coming soon', 3 weeks ago.

fsweb2011 says:

Me neither, seems like Nokia forgot about UK...

weis says:

... and Finland.

how1ard says:

That's Nokia's mantra "Coming soon", roughly translated as "your guess is as good as ours". 

Loco5150 says:

Yup, nothing in Finland..

how1ard says:

Another week goes by with no Protico Update and now we see stories about what the next update (Blue) might bring. Answer? Nothing to those of us with unbranded handsets until 2014 most likely. BORED NOW!