Pick up the full version of Tile Path for free for a limited time only

Tile Path

Tile Path, a popular puzzle game for Windows Phone is now on special offer. Jourde Frédéric, the developer of the title has got in touch with us to reveal that the pricing for the full version has been slashed to a whopping zero until tomorrow. We've confirmed that the pricing alteration has taken effect so be sure to check out the listing on the Windows Phone Store.

The object of the game is to create coloured paths between two marks of the same colour. To achieve this, you must place coloured pieces on the game board, which may sound straight forward and basic, but just wait until you've attempted the gameplay. When a coloured path is completed, you gain points equal to the number of tiles in the path.

Regularly priced at $1.99 it's a solid deal and well worth downloading. We previously looked at Tile Path in an in-depth review, praising it for its challenging puzzle elements and overall enjoyment. The free version of the app is limited to the beginner level, but now consumers can enjoy full functionality in the premium version thanks to this special offer.

You can download Tile Path from the Windows Phone Store (here's the free version should you be too late for the offer and wish to trial the game).

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Tiwo says:

Gonna check it out! Thanks Rich!

bashbaliga says:

Thank jourde!

Seconded can't wait to try out the game

fwaits says:

Nice, looks like an enjoyable game.  Thanks dev!

dkp23 says:

Free? Sure why not.

denis81 says:

Thanks man! Love relaxing puzzle games =)

s0briquet says:

Thank you so much wpc and devs

jiayit says:

Plus three.

xFalk says:

Downloaded the game.  No time to play right now but it looks like it will be fun and addicting.

derek533 says:

Developers, developers, developers!!

MSFTisMIA says:

So far, so good. I like it. Great job by the dev. Keep the good work up.

lesnjoro says:

Relaxing game...thank you dev

illumia says:

Great game, thanks a lot!

pressstart says:

Thanks! Jumped in as well