Surface Pro sells out quickly, supply issues leaving customers frustrated

Microsoft Surface Pro

The new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet hasn't been on the shelves long and we are already getting tips that the tablet is sold out everywhere. Even for customers who pre-ordered the Surface Pro from local retailers.

One reader pre-ordered his at the local Best Buy only to learn that the store only received three units. Similar experiences were reported at other retail locations such as Staples with very limited supplies of the new Windows 8 tablet being delivered for launch day. Some stores are getting plenty of the 64GB models but no 128GB models which appears to have the greater demand.

To add to the short supply, the Surface Pro is also a hard find at Microsoft retail stores and online, the 128GB model is already out of stock. The 64GB model is currently in stock but who knows how long that will last.

We have a Microsoft Surface Pro area set up here in the Windows Phone Central forums for all the chatter on the Surface Pro. Feel free to head over their to share your successes, frustrations and questions on the new Windows 8 device.

Thanks, Scott and Kyle, for the tip!



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jlynnm350z says:

Mmmm, sounds familiar said the owner of a 920

Zulfigar says:

Guess that means that anything Microsoft, from phones to tablets are doing very well :D

karelj says:

It means that stocks were very small

gibbage says:

Both can be true.  It can be both high demand, and low stock. The 920 had very low stock on its launch, creating a high demand. 

Residing says:

Or the Lumia 920 had a very high demand, thus creating low stock :)

gibbage says:

No.  They had low stock.  On launch I hit 5 AT&T stores.  3 of the 5 stores didnt get a single one in, and the 2 that did didnt get enough to cover the pre-orders.  The same story was echo'ed all over the net of stores getting VERY VERY few 920's.  It seems Nokia was being cautious and didnt want to be left with a larg stock if WP8 tanked. 

jbrandonf says:

That sounds off, pre ordered phones don't usually hit the stores.

Residing says:

Ok, so they had low stock;  The demand was already there - stock, low stock, or no stock!
Your comment that I initially responded to suggested that demand was created for the 920 only due to low stock; I say demand was already there, regardless of the amount of stock initailly on hand.

WinFan1 says:

i agree with residing.

aubreyq says:

I suppose we have to define what we all mean by "demand" and "high demand" first. In general I agree with Residing because before the 920, I don't remember going to an AT&T store and see other people asking for a Windows Phone and being turned away due to the store not having the phone.

badMojo69 says:

My vote is low stock.  But still sold out.  Just doesn't mean success in numbers.

MastrMeatWad says:

Exactly.  Every store best buy, staples, had 1 or 2 64gb and zero 128.  Silly.  Just silly

Combined best buy and staples have approxiamately 3000 retails outlets(n
t sure how up to date these figures are).  Plus the MS stores.  Each business has their own on-line order system.  Each of these businesss make more money when you order on-line.  They also have incentive to sell other Win8 products to the increased foot traffic from the surface release.  At any point since release I could have ordered a Surface Pro through one of the 3 outlets.  There is no shortage. 

MastrMeatWad says:

At any point since release?  128gb is not online, sold out at MS store as well as the other two retailers.  When I went online at 5 am saturday they were available but by the afternoon only the 64gb was left. 

greg2k says:

There is no relation whatsoever between demand and shortages; sometimes there is zero stock and things get sold out quickly just because of that. I've had my 920 for less than 24h and I can assure you it's not because they are selling gangbusters; every store I visited said Nokia was not shipping any units until people ordered them. I was lucky to find a store that ordered one unit just in case.

Spainfag here

justmoe40 says:

That was proved wrong over a week ago. There were plenty sold and the stores were at fault for low stock.

NIST says:

Still people are more than willing to line up to buy a $1000 Microsoft tablet. Awesome!

tallgeese says:

It means low stock. Not getting a warm fuzzy feeling.

Sobr0801 says:

Never had a problem getting a black 920 at laugh. A color one, that was a problem.

rcx84 says:

Palo alto store line maxed out.

bsd107 says:

Was nice to see the long line there for several hours. Luckily I had a reservation for a 128gb and got one. Was also nice to see even a small line for the reservation folks. A lady a little behind me in the reservation line said, " I didn't know this would be like an iPod launch"

My grandfather was looking forward to a 128GB model. Hope they restock it fast, not like how they took a few weeks to restock the rt when it first came out.

Just in one day... Supply issues or popular? Or both? Oh, and a Microsoft employee said stores that are out should get them back by Monday or Tuesday.

Ruufus says:

Of course some of work during the week so Monday or Tuesday is just taunting some of us.

I was online at midnight and submitted my order for a 128GB model at 12:05.

I decided it was best to do that after calling every Best Buy and Staples in the Ft. Myers, FL area that I'm at this week. All reported 1-3 units, all 64GB.

Oh, and I wonder how many were available by MS store online.

LawnPaul says:

Staples in northeast Cape had 3 units in this morning.

mase123987 says:

Companies really need to stop this "small supply" crap.  Everyone with half a brain knows these aren't selling out because of high demand.  All it does is turn people away to buy something else.  It is getting old fast.

sentimentGX4 says:

Well, if Microsoft isn't even fulfilling pre-orders so I doubt they are trying to manipulate sales to appear high demand. I wouldn't be surprised if there were supply side issues or they just reduced Surface Pro numbers by a lot after the Surface RT fiasco... not to appear to sell many units; but, just because there probably wouldn't be many buyers anyway.

JedH says:

Anyone that's one and a half parts ass hole uses condescending terms like 'half a brain" when commenting on something they have no clue about. Don't interrupt the bigs kids.while they have big kid conversations.

slkrck says:

So does that mean you just called yourself a condescending name...??

inteller says:

if you have been waiting for a device, then you go buy something else because it is delayed a day or two, you are a fool.

I pre oderd a 128GB at Best Buy. They only recieved one 64Gb and the one 128GB. They told me they had a line at the door of people waiting to buy it. Dude told me not to open it and maybe put it up on on ebay.

DigTheNoise says:

I got back about 30 minutes ago from my local BB where I saw the last 128GB being bought.  The rep said they had 5 each of the 128 GB and 64 GB Pros, and they were now down to one 64GB Pro.
They were already out of Yoga 13's, which was also on my list.

MastrMeatWad says:

Interesting I would be happy with either. My local stores do not have the surface or yoga

jmarnell says:

Picked up my Pro 128g at the Microsoft store in Pittsburgh. Had reservation and glad I did. Sold out of all 128g and very few 64g's left.

Seth Thomas says:

Bellevue Microsoft store is loaded with 128 models.

greg2k says:

For all the Microsoft employees and/or relatives to buy

jsnod25 says:

No, they have MS stores on campus so you get employee discount. Have to have an employee badge to buy... No need for an employee to go out of their way and pay full price, when they can buy it at work...

lildrgn says:

Nope. No discounts on Pro and not available on campus store.

greg2k says:

I'm sorry but Bellevue is not that big of a place for Microsoft to load a store with Surface Pros. Microsoft has a gazillion buildings in the Puget Sound area, this is the only Microsoft Store in it.

someoneinwa says:

Nope. There is also one in Seattle, near the UW. It also had lines. I was in the line at the Bellevue store. Near me, there was only one Microsoft employee and he was from one of their European offices, just here for a few days of meetings. He said the European employees haven't gotten their Surface RT's yet, so he wanted to take a Pro home.

gibbage says:

All full time employees got a free Surface RT in early December. I know its not the same thing, but I don't see a lot of FTE's running out to get a Surface Pro right now. Im sure there will be some, but most are happy with the RT.

Aventura, Miami store was crazy

JLP says:

Frustrated and disappointed customer here...no Surface Pro in sight around me anywhere. Am seriously considering the IdeaPad Yoga 13 now as my Win8 device. I can have that delivered to me within a week...who knows how long it will take to get the Pro now...

I ordered mine online at around 10:00 AM this morning. Just got an email that it shipped. Pleasantly surprised.

No digitizer with the yoga though.  Helix is really a better option but that's a wait and some more money.

Someone just mentioned the hp envy 2 and on the website that does have a digitizer

You're right, but it doesn't have 1080p display and I believe it's limitted to 2gb's of RAM.

The more I hear about the surface specs the more I am amazed by it, yes the hp envy 2 has 2 gigs of ram, and the surface pro has 4 gb

I had a Yoga few 3 weeks absolutely loved it but one issue caused me to return it and that is the Wifi has trouble with wireless N. It would contantly drop out and not want to reconnect. I didn't do this on a G network though. 
There are somewhere around 100+ people complaining about it on Lenovo's forums but Lenovo has given no info about it. http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/IdeaPad-IdeaTab-Slate-Tablets/Yoga-13-wifi-is-extremely-poor/td-p/960163
Hope yours works out for you though.

nizzon says:

Oh man thats disappointing :(

HYDR0SH0K says:

Got an email from Microsoft at midnight that the Surface Pro was available to buy. 5 minutes later, I had my 128 GB ordered at Microsoft's online store. Heh, the early bird gets the worm...er Pro.

Boomwaller says:

Went to 3 different Bestbuys at opening and missed all the surfaces :-( Finally gave up and ordered it online.

Jomon says:

I have been waiting to get one so I called my local MS store in Danbury Mall CT and they said they were open. I drove there to pick one up only to find out that mall management changed their mind and closed the mall for the day. The MS store store opened because they were told the Mall will open at 1 PM. I guess I'm gonna have to wait another day. Grrrrrrr!

TofuDelight says:

My mom and I reserved it about 10 days ago. Picked up two 128GB Pros this morning at 8, at the Toronto Eaton Centre MS kiosk. Even they didn't get very many. Def less than 50.

justmoe40 says:

Already received a second email confirming I am getting one in next shipment from futureshop(owned by bestbuy).

TwistedVIP says:

I preordered mine at best buy and here at the DFW area of Texas the entire area did not receive their shipments because of the storm.. Soo instead I went to staples, I was able to find one 30 minutes away (the only one left in the DFW area) at a staples. Proud owner of a Surface Pro now :D

texantony says:

64 or 128? Staples told me all they had was 64

interopbyt says:

3 units?? That's a lot </sarcasm>

Ticomfreak says:

Hopefully the 128GB stocks back up by Feb. 28th...

rchillin says:

I seriously hope that's not the case

TheDarKnight says:

When a store have 3 units and they sell out, it doesn't mean it's selling well, also this is bad, specially when people pre-order and don't find their orders ready.

Metaru says:

I'm curious to know when the transformer book will launch and at what price. That would be perfect if only the USB port was on the tablet side and not the keyboard dock . . . .

jbrown9070 says:

I think they don't stock enough on purpose sometimes to artificially create more demand.

Hanhua Yin says:

I thought so, until I read that some people who preordered didn't get theirs as well.

NIST says:

Sacramento is completely sold out at all Staples and Best Buy stores. I actually went into Staples yesterday and asked the guy if there was any chance on him selling me one early. He goes legally he couldn't. I told him I wouldn't narc on him. I left with nothing. Ughhhh.

mase123987 says:

I hear Sacramento is sold out on basketball teams also...

XB_Mod says:

REPRESENTING the Lakers...LOL...that's hilarious

ihavewp8 says:

Lakers suck as there record sucks

NIST says:

Ya, well that's because the Sacramento mayor is an idiot.

rdubmu says:

go Sonics!

dajunga says:

Picked up 128gb Surface pro at St Louis galleria around 9am. Was the last of 3 left. Not sure how many 64gb models were left.

cdbstl76 says:

I considered going there this AM. I would have been to late, glad I didn't go.

phil.rick says:

I pre-ordered one earlier this week with my local Best Buy (Columbia, MD), so I was fortunate to get one today.  However, while I was at the store picking mine up, I overheard the sales folks telling many, many would-be buyers that they were already sold out.  One employee told me they only got one they could sell to a walk-up customer.

DreadVenom says:

So.... I guess no chance of getting one from the US to test out in our UK office as a possible replacement for our current hardware. :/:'(:-(

JenkTJ27 says:

Not a single one in stock for starters at local best buys. Just an empty spot on the display shelf next to an RT. To make matters worse, I saw a BB employee not do anything to help a frustrated customer at o e of the other vendor laptops. He was agitated that he could not get to the desktop and couldn't understand why they designed it this way. The employee just shrugged his shoulders.

pro tip: best buy employees are generally speaking morons.

Paul May says:

I preordered mine from best buy on Thursday and was there at 10am when they opened. There was a line of about 20 people waiting for the surface pro but I was the only preorder. I was out of the store by 10:10am a happy man but I'm sure there were a lot of disappointed people in the North Canton, Ohio area.

justmoe40 says:

London drugs Canada has lots. They never announced it or had preorders. Stores only have few but online stock is plenty.

RN50 says:

What idiotic store only has 5 units? Just bs advertisement to look like the pro is selling out fast when in fact there are hardly any units to sell.

Residing says:

So you think it would be better to order hundreds of devices, TRY to find somewhere in the stock to stock them, and then deal with trying to sell the overstock should demand not be there?
It  really is best to order an amount based on what the store feels demand will be, and then gauge the next order based on the initial demand.  This is how it will always be, regardless of the product.

When the iPad 3 launched, the target I worked at had 2 of each wifi model.

poddie says:

I don't understand why people don't just preorder these things online. Why wait at a store and hope they get them? Bizarre.

cdbstl76 says:

Timing of available funds...

VagrantWade says:

We DID preorder. Best Buys got 0-2 devices, TOTAL.

justmoe40 says:

Preorder only worked for a few people.

VagrantWade says:

I called like 5 Best Buys in my state. 3 didn't receive a single Pro, and the other two received one 64gb. Oh and I preordered a 128 the morning preorders were available.
All of the Staples around here also got just 1 or 2 64gb.
Apparently only Microsoft stores got relatively decent stock. If only I had one in my state.

pr0phecy says:

64GB model is also out of stock in the MS Store... Surface rulz :)

VagrantWade says:

Not hard when they have virtually no stock.

eharris560 says:

Why are people not getting preordered Pro? SHM @ MS that makes no sense.

justmoe40 says:

Not all preorders were processed

allos autos says:

The Canadian Microsoft Store's online site does not show "Out of Stock".

Whodaboss says:

Microsoft got scared of all the negative noise coming from some tech writers and played it safe with the amount they released?  Or they didn't realize a lot of people wanted a full fledge computer/laptop/tablet variant and that's why the Surface RT may not have sold as many they had envisioned?  Or they want to ensure they don't overstock items and have to put it on sale or reduce the price?  Whatever, the reason I'm glad to see people are wanting the Surface Pro.

justmoe40 says:

Has nothing to do with Microsoft. Stores chickened out.

Whodaboss says:

Now that's sounds like a more realistic reason.  :)  Just purchased a Windows 8 (touch) laptop a couple of weeks ago and loving it! 

WP95 says:

maybe in the northeast the blozzard might of affected supply stocks

VagrantWade says:

Except they arrived in stores off the trucks like 2 days ago before the Blizzard hit...

allos autos says:

That doesn't mean that they weren't affected.  In my area, the blizzard was supposed to hit on Wednesday, then it was pushed to Thursday, then to Friday.  I'm not privy to the inner workings of logistics companies, but given how bad it was supposed to be when it did hit, those companies may have delayed shipments.  I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying WP95 may not be wrong either.

VagrantWade says:

There is no chance in hell shipments out of Pennsylvania (assuming these are coming from the same place as the RTs), were delayed on Wednesday because of a potential storm.

allos autos says:

There's more to a shipment than the place of origin, such as the transit and the place of delivery. No need to get upset.

VagrantWade says:

There was no storm west of there. At all.

Razdek says:

Microsoft doesn't seem like they can do any right these days. You'd think that they would be able to launch their own products properly but it's always a clusterfuck. When was the last time they launched something that was received with great success?

lippidp says:

Virtually every business launch has been successful. They suck at the consumer market.

Was Xbox 360 the same way? If they had adequate supply for that why not this?

ghoti00000 says:

No way. When the 360 first came out, they were selling for twice retail on ebay because they were so hard to find. I literally bought one release day (after reserving and camping out, because they didn't have enough to cover preorders), played it for a week, and sold it used on ebay for $350 more than I payed for it.

Holy smokes, and that came out years ago, I can't believe they launched it with such little stock that you made a profit on a used one wow, kudos, if they screw up Xbox 720 with low stock, means they really haven't learned anything

Razdek says:

That's the thing, their business rollouts are fine because it's mostly software but when it comes to hardware they always fail at launching it properly. They delayed the release and yet they're unable to get enough supply for it? This is just another example of how incompetent they've become lately.

luka2522 says:

Good to reserve a 128 GB Surface Pro on time. I just buy it via Online Microsoft store in Canada in the afternoon.

gary gatter says:

None in the UK. Nor any Microsoft stores. Bought my 920 as soon as it was out. I am now waiting for the Pro to come over here. Please Microsoft don't make us wait :(

It must be hard for a big company to figure out how many Surfaces to ship out. 3 per store, really?? At least have 30 devices per store just in case.

justmoe40 says:

Stores made that decision

peachy001 says:

I hope there are not these shenanigans come the time of the next Xbox. I won't cope.

KTGiang says:

MS Store - South Coast Plaza, CA: It took 2 hours for the store to sellout 50+ units.. with a line of 20+ disappointed customers. People in the back who didn't get one were given a $25 gift card and their names were written down on a piece of paper to receive notice of when the next shipments were coming in. They were not taking pre-orders. No one in the back was impressed at how they took their time to train the people who bought the Surface Pro while others were waiting in the short line only to find out it's sold out a few hours later. The guy in front of me pointed at the Ativ Pro that the MS employee was holding onto and asked if that was on sale because he didn't want to wait anymore.
I don't mind waiting and finding out it was sold out, but the fact that I had to stand in front of a b*tch who was compaining the entire time about how they're going to run out of stock and kept talking about the "asus" iconia w700 with the bluetooth dock was pissing me off. Just go buy the fricken Acer if you didn't want to wait.
Also note that I had gone to the store a few times in person prior only to be told that they did not take pre-orders or reserves. They mentioned it was only for people who were buying this for business purposes got to reserve.

wvanellis says:

I called that store every week for the last 4 weeks and they said the same thing, but this morning they tell me "you should have reserved one" WTF!!! you weren't taking reservations. Her response, "yes we were", (f'ing liar!!!), so I asked, can you make a reservation now over the phone? "we are no longer taking reservations" WTF!!! Are you purposely trying to make it impossible to buy this damn thing?!

procen says:

That's funny she just messed with you.

VagrantWade says:

The most worthless part of it all, is how supposedly the launch of the Pro was pushed back for Best Buy and Staples.
Two stores that decide they barely want to stock the product.

Agreed, however, I believe that consistently the online store and actual stores were getting decent stock.

Also, you can't ignore the strong demand from customers.

Twice Born says:

I went to the Best Buy in Franklin, Tn and they were sold out.  They only received one.  I went to the staples down the street, and they had only received two and sold out this morning as well.  Both sites were only getting the 64gb in.  It is frustrating. On top of that, the knuckle heads at best buy in Franklin didn't even have the stylus to go with the display model.  What is up with that?  Arggghhh. 

wvanellis says:

Their stock issues could have easily been resolved by having pre-orders. How could they possibly know how many items to stock with no idea of interest? The only indication they had were the luke-warm reviews, which makes me think they shipped maybe 500 models nationwide! With the RT, you were able to pre-order or at least be put on a list to be informed when the product is available. With the Pro, you couldn't do either. You just have to wait until it just pops up in a store? How stupid is that? Microsoft Stores customer service told me that they're sold out of 128gb models nationwide, yet i haven't heard of 1 Best Buy, Staples, or Microsoft Store having a line (in LA or Chicago) of more than 1 to buy this insanely popular product. Furthermore, how are they planning to gauge need for future stock? You can't place an order for the out-of-stock product on BB, MS, or Staples respective websites?!?!?!? I kinda feel that they'd rather take the heat for the impending low sales because they (intentionally) f'd up the ordering and delivery process, rather than the tepid reviews and overall low interest. They should have sucked it up and produced enough initial products for their die-hard followers, so at the very least, the blogs would be filled with people saying (rightly or wrongly) how much they love his product. But from what I'm reading, they've pissed off quite a bit of loyal fans. Seems to me that this is a Lose-Lose situation for MS.

VagrantWade says:

Best Buy DID have preorders. I preordered. My Best Buy got 0 128gb and 1 64gb.

wvanellis says:

Every Best Buy I called did not. From calling the same stores today, they tell me that they were taking pre-orders as of this week. That's of no help to those who asked in the previous 3-4 weeks... If I called 3 weeks ago and they said they weren't taking preorders or reservations, why would I call 4-5 days days prior to release to ask again? Where I come from, no means no...

VagrantWade says:

Preorders began last sunday. I had to put $50 down.

SMMinke says:

Just imagine the frustration for us Microsoft Partners, who arguably would have been the ideal salespeople for these tablets. Asked about the possibility at every conference I attended this year of Microsoft offering the 128 Pro to us to Beta and otherwise get "Wow, what is that?" marketing going pre-release. We serve large clients and are somewhat visible in our space and people respect our opinions on tech purchases as it's part of the value we offer them. Apparently no one at Microsoft is forward-thinking enough when it comes to non-Enterprise. This is hard for me to say, because we drink the Microsoft Kool-Aid when it's sweetened enough-- but this is a debacle when you consider you had tons of people demanding this product ala "iPad" and the press will now have a field day about how Microsoft dropped the ball. Was this a logistics snafu, a supply-chain issue, a lack of interest with Best Buy or Staples, or a combination of both?

The lack of a Super Bowl ad showing how the Surface Pro can replace your iPad and you laptop was really concerning, but perhaps Microsoft got lucky because there would have been even more disappointed folks this morning.

So, as a Microsoft Partner who has plenty of insider info, I followed the pre-order process at my local DFW area Best Buy and noted excitement among the staff about a Microsoft product for once. They literally moved it and the RT onto "The Front Counter" of the normally "iPad section", had it ready to rock yesterday. Then, they get 3 units on the truck this morning, except that they didn't. So all of us pre-order folks left disappointed. I even had my "Ferrari-Red" touch cover pre-purchased as I was leaving on a business trip today and was really anticipating getting to show off my new Surface on the flight.

Yet another missed opportunity for Microsoft. Hope it improves, but I've rarely been this disappointed. :'(

Not cool if someone on the inside feels this way, and not good at all, why do Microsoft and Nokia have all these supply issues...hope you get yours soon bud

justmoe40 says:

Again, it was the stores fault.

Jazmac says:

Better than low demand and high stock. Its a good product.

wvanellis says:

I disagree... They need to do a better job of anticipating need. There are so many elementary ways of projecting demand. They've done a horrible job of it in this case.

Agreed...order units were not enough for pre-orders, let alone people waiting on line, someone screwed up big time

The Surface Pro is a Hybrid, demand is not certain, not easy to predict. So MS like Nokia play it safe.

It is not like hybrids are brand new, windows 8 hybrids have been out for a few months, they played it too safe unfortunately

Razdek says:

If they didn't think they would sell a lot of units then why bother releasing this thing in the first place? Companies create these products so they can try to sell a lot of it not just for fun.

WinFan1 says:

i see it this way, the fact that there is customer frustration from it not being in stock is evidence that there is demand for the product.

phasar says:

Lack of confidence in product leads to shortage of supply.

LaNiQuE says:

Lol sounds like good news to me sorry you guys are frustrated

mmcpher says:

Before I went to bed last night, I logged on to order the 128, but I was wavering about having it delivered on Monday or picking it up today or tomorrow in person.  Duh!  By the time I logged back in, it was out of stocl on MS Store, BB and Staples and every Microsoft Store in our area, and within about 2 hours drive, is also sold out.  My mistake, and I'm surprised.  But why can't I order one from MS and get it as soon as its available?  I hope this clears up soon. 

wvanellis says:

Not necessarily.... If the initial supply was extremely low, that is no indication of a product's demand. MS is a multi-billion dollar company. They know what they're doing. There is absolutely no reason for this product to be out of stock nationwide. This is a sad attempt to give the impression that this product is in high demand. When the final numbers come in, it'll only look worse for MS. They should have marketed as an elite product, made enough for all the die-hards and let us do the free marketing for the next release. To go through this fiasco and ultimately find out that they'll sell far less than the RT is embarrassing at best.

justmoe40 says:

Enough made. Stores screwed this one up.

wvanellis says:

What stores? Why would a particular store be at fault? BB and Staples don't even know what they would initially receive or what to expect in the next few days... The supplier is ALWAYS at fault for things like this. IT'S THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO ANTICIPATE DEMAND. It's like blaming your local grocery store for being out of lettuce or oranges.

humboldt1 says:

Staples,only place selling a surface in Humboldt County California only received a store demo unit today.
Store manager says no way of telling when or which models will be arriving in their system.

Complete failure on part of Microsoft and I'm a long time supporter,smh

WinFan1 says:

yeah but I think them not knowing what they are getting is crap also how are you gonna run a business and not know what your gonna be getting to stock.

hysonmb says:

I called the MS store near me just out of curiosity. The manager there said the only places that have any left are the ones that were closed due to weather in the northeast.
Hopefully they get this worked out before it works against them and people start buying other products out of frustration with Microsoft.
As one of the apparently lucky few who got one today, I have to say it is worth waiting for - if they at least give some indication of how long that wait will be.

dbgman says:

Preordered mine from the microsoft store at the glendale galleria. They were not supposed to open until 10 but when I got there at 930 they were selling them already. Got my 128 but no hdmi display adapters though.
It was pretty busy.
BTW, I am typing this on my surface pro!

MikadoWu says:

I bought 2 of the 128G today at the Orlando Store.  There was a line of well over 100 people when they opened.  When we left the mall 3 hours later, there was still a line.  THe first 100 people where gone within 30 minutes of the store opening.

dakim922 says:

Not a problem for me, opt for ThinkPad 2!

NIST says:

It seems I'd have better luck finding a monkey riding a unicorn than finding this mythical Surface Pro.

wvanellis says:

Lol! True dat!!!!

xFalk says:

I was able to purchase a monkey riding a unicorn at my local store but the horn was on back order.

rchillin says:

Lol...much needed!!

thegunner100 says:

I went to two best buys in NYC earlier today and they were all sold out. I also went to the Ms store and they were sold out as well, but told me they might have more next week.

The ms store I went to had no idea how to run a launch. It took them years to get one group in and out and they didn't tell anyone they might sell out until right before it happened. I mean literally no one counted and prepared anything. It was silly.

ej1024 says:

There's a lot of haters still

BKsInBarre says:

I got my 128gb ordered last at midnight and tracking this afternoon. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. ^_^

tboggs13 says:

I pre-ordered two 128gb Surface Pros at BB Ft Worth TX, received one. They only got two.

Was at Fry's in Plano TX, they had a lot of devices, Helix, Yoga 11/13, Envy and even the TaiChi?. That one was sweet. Best selection I have seen.

Frys is undoubtedly awesome, didn't realize they had such a large hybrid selection

VagrantWade says:

The Yoga 11 that is out now is RT. So meh.

Ah, that explains the price...

Hmm... According to Apple there should be no demand at all for the Surface Pro... ;-)

macastle says:

Dude! WTF! all the Best Buys and Staples don't even have it. I have a reservation and they (Best Buy) don't even have it. What upsets me even more is that they have a display model just to piss people off.

NIST says:

Ever notice that 99% of the display models have no internet connection. So none of the live tiles work. No maps, no travel, no Xbox music, IE, etc....nothing.

vitaliano says:

I agree. Local BB had both surfaces side by side, both 64GB and both had internet connection. But other OEM units were mixed bag in that regard.

ihavewp8 says:

I just went to Microsoft store and yes sold out and many people who gotten it our happy. I told them why not get a iPad. The person iPad is boring and not good for business use. Yup I totally agree what he said.

lubbalots says:

Not good for business? Thought every business believes its good?

ihavewp8 says:

I ordered the Hp envy 2 laptop/tablet can't wait for it come on monday

SMMinke says:

Yeah, lot's of Microsoft supporters and insiders left today with a very hollow feeling. Here I sit on an flight without one when I had been anticipating fighting off the "What is that?" questions. This is where Microsoft fails on the marketing front. Apple announces a product and then swiftly gets it into the hands of retailers ASAP to satisfy both the craving for the device AND to have the hordes show off their product in the "Hey, is that the new iPad?" way. See, they GET IT. Let's says for the sake of argument that some poor soul at Microsoft made the poor decision to create the infamous "artificial demand". Well, I'd wager everything that they have lost more today through the disappointment of Microsoft folks like myself and my company and the missed opportunity of having us market your flagship tablet TODAY on the launch date. If indeed it was a planned move, whomever made that decision must subscribe to the dubious Jerry Jones statement that "all press is good press".

NIST says:

It's hard to gauge because I think there are 3 types of audiences here. The first is us who have paid attention and anticipated its launch. The second is those who don't know anything launched today because there was no press that it would. And last is those who know it was coming out this weekend but just found out it was sold out. I think your average consumer is in the last category. But I can almost guarantee you that it being sold out today will not hit the local or national news, unlike the ridiculous ipad coverage.

wvanellis says:

There will be no coverage of a launch, because there was no launch....

Wanted a 128GB and was ready to buy today. All sold out locally & online by the time I woke up @ 9 a.m. Oh well...will wait patiently. iPad shall have to suffice a while longer.

I got mine today, 128 and it is awesome. I'm sad about the supply though, there was a TON of people in line waiting at the M$ store here in Denver, CO. I love the thing though. I really enjoyed all the iPhone users in line waiting with me, everyone was psyched! I can't wait to start using this at work, projecting and all. This is a really cool device.

koolnaija says:

I am still contemplating buying one and whether i need the 128GB since i already have a 64GB flash i bought months ago

jbeal82 says:

I got the last 128GB one at the Microsoft Store this morning in Santa Clara... I feel bad for the 100+ people in line behind me and for all the people who didn't get one today. Also, seeing the Apple people looking into the Microsoft store from across the way was pretty funny. Device envy. Mwahahaha
Maybe if someone offered me the right amount of money I would part ways with my new favorite toy...

A friend and coworker of mine went to the MS Store in Minneapolis today to try and buy us some Pros for work.  He said they were sold out of all Pros within 10 minutes of opening  He was told by an employee that they had 500 Pros to begin with and that many people were buying 2 - 3 at a time.  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to get us any and said there were about 400 pissed off customers at the store.
Our local Best Buy in Madison, WI got one Pro this morning which was gone instantly.  They didn't even get a display unit.  The sales associate said he's been getting calls all day asking about their availability and literally told me "Good luck finding one!" because they showed none in stock anywhere.

scdkad says:

2-3 at a time? Bad economy? I don't see it lol.

That is actually great news, good supply and sold out...maybe they directed much of the supply to Ms retail stores

wvanellis says:

Total farce. Who in the hell would be buying 2-3 surface pros??? Economic idiots! Some morons will pay a premium on eBay for one, in a month, the Pro will be next to the RT on the shelves at Costco....

xconomicron says:

Several stores here in San Antonio still had plenty of 128Gb models.

camptime says:

Really disappointed Microsoft is not releasing the Pro outside the USA and Canada. They sold the RT in UK and Australia then decide not to offer the Pro there, this is frustrating.

ninnghizzida says:

This is indeed sad.  Microsoft really needs lessons FAST from Apple's marketing team.  It is the same story with every product they have relased lately.  Seems like they don't have faith in their own products.  They also need better commercials.  I have yet to see a commercial highlighting what Surface is able to do.  Read this guy's story, I would be mad too.: http://www.allthatnerdystuff.com/2013/02/09/editorial-microsoft-complete...

vitaliano says:

It almost feels like at MS a bunch of clueless amateurs is running their consumer marketing campaign. I'm just surprised that Xbox has achieved its present level of success. MS, we know you can build great hardware, so just stop shooting yourself in the foot and hire better (read Apple) marketing people and double their salaries if necessary. It's becoming a question of life and death. You're an underdog, so you have to move faster and be more creative.

There is more product otw... Best Buy and Staples are just figuring out demand.

mane3215 says:

Man, it really gets old all the retailers selling out of all the popular electronic devices the day off release. I mean isn't there someone in these huge multimillion/billion dollar companies that can properly analyze the demand and accurately stock stores for it? I mean Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, Nintendo, etc etc. It gets really old. I'm sure the are trying to build up hype, but dammit do it by giving submitting a press release with the ridiculous numbers of units they sell. Its almost like they only put a few out there in fear that if they flood stores and don't sell out, they will look like a failed product, at least for Microsoft. /vent

emiliogomez says:

Bought a 128GB in Microsoft Store in Puerto Rico, no lines no hassle,Had a preorder card though

TonyDedrick says:

Some of the reactions here are quite amusing, lol

Sean Davison says:

So, even with something like this some of you still have to find issue with it? I mean, really... not enough???

MS can't fuq'n win...

humboldt1 says:

Find issue with stores only receiving display models? Yes jackass

someoneinwa says:

First, no need for the invective. No one called you names. Second, his point is well taken that some posters are imagining conspiracies, incompetance, and who knows what all concerning the availablility of the Surface Pro. I was lucky enough to get one on launch day, but if I hadn't that would be OK too because it will be for sale for lots of days after February 9, 2013 as well. Third, there are lots of reasons for the shortages. Examples:  no one, and I mean no one, in business manufacturers more product than they believe they can push in a specifc period of time. The costs are too great and while the margins on the Surface are believed to be higher than those of your typical Windows notebook (for all we know), Microsoft is still not going to make more of this product than they believe they can sell over a given period. Also, the Surface devices are coming from a new manufacturing facility and mark a new product line for Microsoft. I am sure there are lots of bugs to work out of that process. And, retailers order products, manufacturers don't just ship stuff. So, for all the complaining here about 1 and 2 and 4 units at a specific Best Buy, what we really don't know is what number of units did each regional manager of those stores make? They were probably told supply would be tight and made their orders based on that information and their own estimation of likely sales. And keep in mind that there may be plenty of fault on Microsoft's part here (we really don't know that) but Best Buy isn't exactly known of late for its retail prowess either. Personally, my choice for a retailer for Surface would be college book stores, Target and Costco.

WAlistairW says:

looks like there back in stock online

That is great! Hope all of you that want one get one!

bilzkh says:

Yeah I went all the way to the Microsoft store at Yorkdale, they sold out in an hour...so I went to Futureshop, and was lucky to get the last one. I was told the retailers got 10 each

markalackiie says:

I skipped yorkdale and went to Eaton Centre instead. Besides if you reserved with them they would set aside your order and guarintee that you would get it. Kind of ironic that the kiosk was more organized and streamlined than the actual MS store

weetigo says:

Can't get one til the end of the month. Looking forward to leaving my MBA at work.

VagrantWade says:

I can say with 100% certainty that the stores (at least best buy) are not responsible. I have a buddy who works in upper management in the Twin Cities who informed me that the stores were instructed to just keep taking preorders but without making any guarantee about availability due to them not know how many the stores would be receiving. Apparently there is a rep from Microsoft that is spearheading the retail distrobution. So the guy who is blaiming the stores, can stop.

John20212 says:

Wanted to check the new touch covers at my local staples, but they had none of the new ones, guy even went to the back to check, but none in sight.
Then went to The Weschester MS Store, at 11am the store was nearly deserted, saw a few people buying a Surface, they had everything in stock, very helpful staff.
Did not notice any stock shortage, but by the time I was leaving the Mall at 3pm the MS Store was packed, so who knows. Seems like most people slept in for the roads to be cleared.

bigbangboum says:

Best buy Is only selling 64GB but the Surface pro 128 was available on the microsoft online store. I placed an order this morning. I received the shipping confirmation around 6pm. No problems here.

suresh419 says:

My surface pro wont work with the keyboard sometimes... I have to shutdown, restart it, and then it might work. If it works, and then i remove the keyboard, it stops working when reconnected... Does anyone else experience this?