Angry Birds Star Wars finally gets its Hoth update for Windows Phone 8

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity Star Wars fans (who also play Angry Birds) can finally rejoice as version of Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars edition has gone live, bringing with it the ‘Hoth’ level update.

The Hoth update famously went live to iOS way back on November 29th, giving Windows Phone users two months and some odd days to ponder what it would be like. In between, a version for Windows Phone 7 also came out that app lacked Xbox Live features. Only the version for Windows Phone 8 received the ‘Hoth’ update today.

Italian site Plaffo reports that 40 new levels have been which is 20 more than what iOS received—so either Plaffo is wrong or we’re getting something even more with this update.

Angry Birds Star Wars is Rovio’s attempt at being more aggressive on Windows Phone (and Windows 8) by releasing more games featuring Angry Birds and more frequent updates for them. Indeed, Angry Birds Star Wars is not yet complete with presumably the Return of the Jedi level coming sometime in the near future.

Likewise, as of this writing the Windows 8 RT app has also not been updated for ‘Hoth’ meaning Rovio still has some work to do, though we do expect a Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 update sooner than later.

Pick up Angry Birds Star Wars for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

QR: Angry Birds Star Wars WP8



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LawnPaul says:

No update for the nonxbox version on wp7.8

iPwnza says:

No update on 8x


Jeebus137 says:

It looks more like Bespin / Cloud City will be the next update, not RotJ.

evans_vn says:

Update for 7.8 ???????????????

Mr. Tofu says:

I don't believe it!

I know! I'm in shock more than anyone! I thought we'd never get it and be forgotten like with all other angry birds games on the platform. Glad to be wrong here.

mr toes says:

Me too, completely shell shocked

Shell shocked as in teenage mutant ninja turtles

juanitoriv says:

Getting it right now!! 8X, T-Mo, USA

ChazTyldsley says:

Great news! Was only a few days ago on Twitter they promised the update was coming to me, granted they couldn't give any kind of time frame. Bought!

funkeman says:

AT&T Lumia 920 in California. No update available yet ...

evilrobot says:

I had to search for it in the marketplace and then on the app page it said update, didn't get an actual update notification.

funkeman says:

Just checked again and the update is available now!

gkrew says:

about time.

I play these things on my iPhone so I can at least see the latest updates, then wait patiently for a WP update.

NIST says:

I used to care about this game. I think the 15 minutes of Angry Birds fame is just about over. Which means WP should be getting updates.

Kieta says:

Guess I'll go ahead and buy it now.

DreadVenom says:

Great that the update is finally out. Shame that there is no comestic update to take advantage of the HD devices.

Love paying 5x what iOS and Android pay and get & treated like a 2nd rate customer. I get there are more purchases from them, but I thought me paying out the nose was suppose to help keep us in par with the sheep.

Jean80 says:

$0.99 on WP8 and $0.99 on iOS. Hardly 5x more...

Billy Lott says:

It's $5 on the windows 8 platform.

Arsenic17 says:

Hmm No new achievements? What gives?

Limitation by MS. Only 200 points for Windows phone games. No "expansions/DLC" rule for achievements. Guess they could add some internal only achievements.

still the same shitty graphics. it's like blowing up a QVGA video to 1080p 

morpheus1982 says:

Exaggerate much?

djSupport says:

Unless I'm blind I really don't see what the issue is, hell I fire a small bird across a landscape that to me looks detailed and sharp enougth! (8x)

SocalBrian says:

"which is 20 more than what iOS received"
iOS got 20 levels with the initial Hoth release back in November, then 20 more Hoth levels in an update in January - for 40 total.

WP95 says:

Been waiting so long for the Hoth update. But then i realized i have the game on my Surface RT! Can't be too long until W8 gets it right?

DJCBS says:


By the way, for those who haven't seen the update, it may NOT BE SHOWING in the store icon. It didn't show me, however if you scan the QR or go to the game in the store, it's there and you can update it right away ;)

DenniSundaY says:

Why is the notification for updates in the marketplace so odd. Every time I read on wpcentral that there is an update for an app I have to use the app link to go to the app's page and there it jumps to install. Not a big deal but it is weird that the notification is very inaccurate...

Ticomfreak says:

Pretty sure it only checks once a day...

djSupport says:

Yep it only checks once a day, doesn't mean there's no update until then though!

brandoshido says:

Bananaramajama! Its a Christmas miracle.

MDak280 says:

Is this worth buying now? I have $1.80 saved from Bing rewards and I don't know what to do with it!

poddie says:

This was well worth buying before. Geez, what people will do to hang in to a buck...

MDak280 says:

Haha, I know what you mean... My parents think that buying apps is a waste, so I can only use my Bing rewards credits. I'll be getting a job soon, hopefully!

poddie says:

Ah, ok... special circumstances are certainly understandable!  :)

Jey Si says:

Finally! Love the new update!

razorhawk9 says:

I got an update notification, but when I went to update, the updated stopped and dissapeared from the phone and I cannot update.  Did they pull it?

vedichymn says:

Maybe, I just got ANOTHER update notification today (after the Hoth update yesterday), and now the game crashes at the title screen, so could be a bad update.