ESPN Goals updated, now available for Windows Phone 8

ESPN Goals

ESPN Goals has been bumped to version 2.2 and is now available on Windows Phone 8 hardware. The app was originally released back in 2011 and has been updated since for Windows Phone 7. Those who have made the leap to the latest hardware have not been able to use the app, but fortunately an update wasn't far off.

ESPN Goals App

As well as being updated for compatibility with Windows Phone 8, ESPN Goals now also sports (pun intended) William Hill betting integration for the odds display enabled for matches. The ability to place bets offers added functionality for those who enjoy gambling, while staying up-to-date with the app for Windows Phone.

It's a popular and well rated app, and we're glad it's been refreshed for everyone to use.

You can download ESPN Goals from the Windows Phone Store (region restricted). Thanks, Michael, for the tip!

QR: ESPN Goals



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hallam555 says:

Finally!!!!!!! Missed having this great app!!

topleya says:

Hmmm. About page in app says 1.4 Store says 2.2

App appears to be 1.4 (doesn't fit Win8 screen size)

Its not available for me ... 

hallam555 says:

But it doesn't work!!!!!!!! Typical WP8

Big Supes says:

Sweet. This is a must for football fans. Yes, my US friends - "football".... not 'hand-egg'. :P hehehehe

madmoondog says:

Not available for nokia 920

Big Supes says:

Working just fine for me.

colin24_7 says:

Yeah none of the videos are working

DreadVenom says:

Crashes after using for a few seconds. Nice interface though.

mmoses1978 says:

Says"not available for Lumia 920" I need this app.

Oliver Mills says:

No videos working for me. A little laggy as well. Disappointment :(

Ermiasthe says:

Not available for me HD7 7.8

romaink says:

Why is this not available to US users? There are real football fans over in the US too!!!

R42 says:

We have Goal.com
but ugh...wtf

FrankEpr says:

Can't find it...

Owen Ye says:

Change my location to UK, finally I could download it on my lumia 920.

an american company and their app is not available to americans. pretty awesome.

StaticPlaya says:

Finally been missing this app big time!

puredrive07 says:

Doesn't work on my AT&T L920

bw96 says:

I assume the UK only aspect is to do with the William Hill betting integration

paras chugh says:

hey rich, which team do u support? i bleed blue,chelsea blue. KTBFFH
and does anyone know about any other app on football ??

Keep getting "sorry unable to play the video" Grrrrrrrrrr

how1ard says:

This app has ALWYS been a dissappointment on every operating system I've used. If you have a 920 try THE Football App, it's great and works!!!!

mikewarner says:

I've got this on my Lumia 920 and it knocks spots off of ESPN.  It's up-to-date, almost real-time in reporting scoring and giving text commentary. Plus the stats it produces are fantastic and it covers pretty much all leagues and competitions as well as allows you to follow your own team.  All in all the complete product for the football supporter.

how1ard says:

Totally agree Mike you covered everything there, it's superb! 

derDaniel says:

not working, not downloadable
german - lumia 920