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Nokia launches Lumia 820, Lumia 620 in the Philippines

Lumia 820 Lumia 920

Nokia has launched the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620 Windows Phone 8 handsets in the Philippines. The mid-range and low entry devices are both proving to be popular among consumers in multiple markets. Available in select Nokia stores, the manufacturer is also giving consumers the chance to win both Windows Phones - one for yourself and the other for a loved one. 

It's noted that pricing and availability may vary in different stores, but the RRP is provided for both in the market. The Lumia 820 will set consumers back Php 18,990 ($470), while the Lumia 620 is only priced at Php 11,600 ($290). The competition we speak of to win one of each is open until the end of February and is available to all Philippine residents. Be sure to check out the official Facebook for more information.

Here's hoping we see a similar reception to the HTC Windows Phone 8 launch.

Source: Facebook (Nokia Philippines); thanks, @NokiaRevolution, for the tip!


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Nokia launches Lumia 820, Lumia 620 in the Philippines

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I hope our friends in the Philippines enjoy it I know its not a 920 but the 820 is pretty awesome too

Been waiting for 920 since I saw a demo unit back in December. But it will feel old already when it comes out (if it does arrive). I think I'll hold off my pesos for the aluminum Catwalk phone.

I have an 8X and I'm thinking about getting an 820 or a 620  too. I really want the 920 but its still in the Philippines.

920 is available at grey markets. It'sgood news 820 and 620 came out. I've been testing them since last yaer at some event when Windows 8 came out. As for them 920 i believe it start selling at smart or globe.

No its not too pricey,i got my 920 here in thailand for 21500 baht,my bet 920 would not be that expensive in the phil considering the exchange rate 1:1.40...

Wow.. what an amazing experience earlier.. I've already touched the Lumia 920... and the first thing I've done is to open Smart Shoot and erase faces... LOL.. take my money Nokia.... 

nah, i'll hold on a little more. i used to be so excited having a 920 or a 620... but with all these news coming in with new set of models frm nokia... it may be worth the wait. im fine with my 710 anyway.

I think the 920 and 820 should be available in all countries by now. 3 months after launch. New phones may come out next week.