TITAN Repaint

From the Forums: HTC Titan lives on, thanks to a refreshing paint job

The HTC Titan is a sleek, attractive Windows Phone that still remains to be a favourite among many consumers. Now that both the 8S and 8X are readily available in multiple markets, how does one spice up the Titan to prolong (or refresh) its beauty? A fresh paint job, of course. This is also perfect if you've somehow managed to accumulate a few scratches on the back plate.

The above shot is of a Titan that has received such treatment, and we must say the end result is pretty neat - especially the glossy finish. Community member mj12bot kicked off a thread on our forum where a handful of photos were published for viewing. It makes us want to quickly head on out and get our nails done too.

Be sure to head on over to the "Titan aint dead! New Paintjob gives Freshness!" thread on our forum to check out more shots and to leave some feedback.

Thanks, M.Ulmer, for the tip!



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mrshamoozoo says:

beautiful. i want to do this to my old titan, even though its collecting dust on my dresser

joanzen says:

I have an idea of how to freshen up the Titan with AT&T. How about some OS updates?

lubbalots says:

How about Titan 3 with ultrapixels. I'm sure this won't happen until they truly open their eyes that Android is actually killing them.

Mike Asfaw says:

I totally agree. AT&T show us that you care about your customers!!!!!

TheNygardian says:

Can AT&T PLEASE just give us 7.8? Please?

karelj says:

Yeah!!! And some love for the Titan II as well.

xconomicron says:

AT&T are laughing at your words atm...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Eye D 10 T says:

I did the update with that seven-eighter tool, worked great.

apocacrux says:

What is that weird "R" shape next to the windows phone? It makes it look unfinished.

mj12bot says:

Hi apocacrux,
it is the stylised "R" of my Webdesign Company Logo. Since i use my Phone mainly for Business (which again has to do with designing), i thought it's a nice idea ;)
But who doesn't know this surely may be wondering about it, so i undestand your opinion.

Apoc says:

I was hoping Colorware, had finally started doing other phones besides iPhones. Guess not. Good looking Titan by the way!

JMBasquiat says:

"Remains to be"?

cam45fblax says:

Makes me wish my old titan didnt crack the screen so I can do something sweet to it like this, but im happy with the Titan II :-)

oldpueblo says:

There are three titans in my family, two of them have terrible muffled mics. There is no fix. There is nothing we can do. So welp.

lemonsteveo says:

Sadly, my Titan has been confined to toilet duties after the arrival of my 920. Any ideas for a better use for it?

Ah, but it's tougher to bestow that love on a T-II (no removable back cover).
No 7.8 for any Titans (I or II) blame HTC and use the work-around at your own risk.
Hopefully, they'll make that M1 (ultra-pixels and all) an 8x+ very soon.

Mike Ho says:

Actually there is a way to do the 7.8 upgrade without any risk. See this link http://www.quora.com/Windows-Phone-7/When-will-the-WP-7-8-update-be-avai...

saputraj says:

Mine is fully unlocked and flashed with Cooked ROM. Sadly, it's been in the drawer since the arrival of my Lumia 920.

rezzet#CB says:

The main problem with the original Titan (which I owned) is that it only supports lousy AT&T 4G HSPA+ connection and not the overwhelmingly faster 4G LTE. The connection speed original Titan produced were laughable and inconsistent. The top speed I have even gotten on it was 3.2mb/s. And majority of the time it sat on barely faster than 3G speed of around 0.6kb/s - 1mb/s. Slow enough not to be able to stream majority of the videos live. If we are going to glamorize a "legacy" phone, it at least should be Titan 2.