Nokia waiting for Mobile World Congress to release Play To for Windows Phone 8?

Nokia's DLNA app Play To has been demanded by Lumia Windows Phone 8 consumers since Microsoft launched its new mobile platform, but it has remained in beta testing. We last reported on the app back in December when Nokia revealed that it would see a Q1 2013 release.

Now a member of the product team has stated on the Nokia Beta Labs feedback forum that we'll be seeing Play To launched for Windows Phone 8 within 2 weeks, adding fuel to the fire on a Mobile World Congress announcement.

"We are working to make the release available. We are very close to release now - stay tuned (this will happen in 1-2 weeks)."

Luckily we're rocket scientists here at Windows Phone Central, and we managed to work out that this would bring the announcement up to Mobile World Congress. That's just sheer coincidence, right? We don't believe so either. Nokia will have big plans for MWC and we'll be there to soak up the excitement and ensure you're all not out the loop.

Should you be eagerly awaiting Play To for Windows Phone 8, it's not long to go now.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs; thanks, Arjun, for the tip!



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fardream says:

I still believe this should be a feature of the OS itself, like airplay.

Dusteater says:

I agree, it absolutely should be. Not sure how they missed that.

ymcpa says:

Especially since it is a part of media player on windows.

Aaron M says:

+1,000,000.  WP8/W8/Xbox360 were supposed to achieve the "3 screens and a cloud" vision this last fall.  For me, that means a simple, easy to use, coherent method of playing all of my media/data/programs across all my devices.  Whether that is DLNA, Widi, mirroring, or whatever.  I like to think that they have laid the fundamental groundwork OS/device wise.  Hopefully they will finish the job sooner rather than later.

venetasoft says:

+10K It was simply a shame... Avallabile on my Lumia800 and not in my new 920 !!!
Now I use a choppy 50€ Android phone to show my photo on Tv (both dlna and wifi Direct...).

goopile says:

Tried photobeam? Works surprisingly well as long as you can open up a browser on the TV.

That and Data Sense. (speaking of peanut butter)

venetasoft says:

And photosynth...

WinFan1 says:

I never understood how to use this app.

venetasoft says:

Maybe its because u dont own a Smart tv ;)

xconomicron says:

bascially like smartglass but with less finger movements on the screen. 

Even though buggy on WP7, I still like to use it on my tv and/or xbox. 

poddie says:

Does anyone know if this will support mkv files? I can't find anything for WP that will stream.them from my media server without transcoding... Thanks

theefman says:

Vlc should do that when its released.

VLC is the only thing we can look forward to.  If only there was a good music player app...  Xbox Music isn't doing me any favors. 

poddie says:

I just don't understand why all players can't support mkv... Subtitle and chapter support on the other containers stinks. Why are they so averse to mkv?

Nakazul says:

I wonder if that app can stream to "HTC Titan Media Link"?.

WixosTrix says:

It will as long as it's DLNA-enabled.

PSRBF6 says:

Still waiting for a media center app for Windows Phone.

theefman says:

Ceton has one, my media center.

PSRBF6 says:

HTC has one too, it's called "Connected Media".

PSRBF6 says:

Also check out "YXPlayer WP7"

Rishicash says:

Ceton rocks!

mister2d says:

I use Plex all the time. Have been since WP7.

JenkTJ27 says:

Plex here as well. With my R Pi, air play from iPad and native play to from many Plex Clients.

xconomicron says:

I like rocket scientists xD

Soundtweaker says:

So would this app make streaming to a Windows 8 ultrabook possible?

WixosTrix says:

Yes. You have to go into Windows Media Player and enable remote control. Put them on the same network, and the app should see it.

This app worked excellently with my Xbox & WP7. Looking forward to having it with my L920.

PeterFnet says:

Took waaaay too long for this.

Alex_A says:

"waaaay to long" is a pattern here really I'm afraid...

PeterFnet says:

It's beyond annoying at this point. I used to be cautiously optimistic, but it's to the point where I assume I'll be screwed. Along with this app, I'm still waiting for PhotoSynth......... I used that app all the time on my Lumia 900.

xconomicron says:

on other news...Skype was released for iOS and Android today with more features than the WP app.

So, cheer up bud...I'm sure MS will get PhotoSynth out after it is released on the other platforms.

PeterFnet says:

You're cruel!  PhotoSynth has been on other platforms for a long time..... 

xconomicron says:

lol, yea I just realized that after I I honestly had no idea

anyway, this "new" open MS seems to be a little irritating to its own consumers as of late.  I hope somebody learns over there that doing business like this will get you squashed by the other capitalist competitors on the market -as the other competitors seem to not be returning the favor with some app glory. 

tallgeese says:

I applaud your cold hard yet truthful comment with deep and heavy sarcastic clapping.

I can't believe new Skype features are being made available on other platforms before WP8!

xconomicron says:

lolol...yea, I am just as shocked as you.

Well, here is an update on Skype of Windows 8 (not WP) by Mary Jo Foley (well -known Microsoft technical writer). 
Update: A Microsoft spokesperson said Windows users will get the "send" Video Messages feature in late April. No word on when WP users will get this or why the feature is running behind on Windows. (I asked again.)

I hope they're adding more features if it's taking this long...

jlynnm350z says:

What the hell is play? Never heard of it. I must be out of the loop

trust me you're missing out ;)

ihavewp8 says:

What very important missing on windows phone 8 is having a notification center. Android and iphony have it. Wp8 should have this soon!

Xaphoon148 says:

Could someone who's planning to go to MWC, please remind MS that WP8 actually are their own mobile phone operative-system. It's not Apple or anything Android, hope they get to understand this soon....

saputraj says:

This is what's been missing from my Lumia 920. Can't wait for the upgrade of PlayTo.

Tomasz S. says:

Still waiting on features that HTC WP7 phones had in 2011. This is so sad.

Solidstate89 says:

I'm hoping they're waiting for MWC to release the Portico update for my Lumia 920 as well. :(

gilesjuk says:

There's so much missing from WP that if you don't have a Nokia phone it must be hell. Seriously considering going back to an iPhone as even Android seems to be second best in terms of app support. I bought a fitbit gadget and iPhone support was available straight away. Just shows we are living in a post-Windows PC world.