Flyby! is available for free on Windows Phone for a further 24 hours


Flyby! is a new app from Liquid Daffodil that enables consumers to publish and answer questions with other Windows Phone owners. Said questions can relate to anything, but it's all random and anonymous. Think of it as an "Ask Me Anything," but without the knowledge of who is actually asking / answering the question. 

We covered the app as it was published to the store, but now we can report that it's readily available and will remain free for a further 24 hours. The developer wishes to offer the app to consumers without a price tag to ensure that early adopters have the opportunity to take advantage of this period.

You can download Flyby! from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Flyby!



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Flagz says:

*Ask Me Anything*

BU2B says:

The app could be hugely successful so I hope it gets the userbase it needs for it to really work.

schlubadub says:

Some things need to be popular before they can be (even more) popular... i.e. the app will be useless if no one uses it, and no one will use it unless people are using it :P

Codesmith says:

Yes, same thing they said about "...i'm a WP7!" that became Outsider but it hit 1000 users the first day, and went well over 1/2 a million in the first year. We build it and they will come. :)

What kind of app is this

jlynnm350z says:

So basically same as this app

nonameform says:

Is it WP8 only? Not available for Lumia 710 in Russia.

FFugue says:

It says not available also for my Samsung Focus first gen running 7.8...

EXkurogane says:

Question: How to take advantage of Lumia 920's OIS while i record my sex vid with a girl since i wont be using a tripod? :D

iNtEnSePL says:

use your unipod...

That's only available if he strikes out.

safesax2002 says:

If you want the userbase, it will HAVE to be free. The people that will benefit the most from an app like this are people new/newer to WP. They aren't going to pay for an app, cheap or not, to learn how to use their phone.

If they can't figure something out, they'll search on the internet (and most likely come across wpcentral.com)

Just my 2 cents.

Jazmac says:

Dont forget your change.

Codesmith says:

This app has NOTHING to do with knowing how to use your phone. People may ask a question or create a flyby! like that, but flyby! is about ANY question and getting RANDOM answers.
The app really is a blast, especially when you get that Tile update that says "You've got a flyby!" Enjoy!

TonyDedrick says:

Another beautiful app from Liquid Daffodil. Should be a really fun app to use

I can't seem to find it in the store on my 920.

Apoc says:

Can't download on my 900?!?!

turisz says:

As i see it doesnt really work in hungary on a lumia 820 or i donr really know what is the problem, but when i tap on the add account button, the only thing i see is a white blank page. Anybody with the same problem?

I got the white screen just now. I hit the HW back button and tried again. Worked no problem the second time.

turisz says:

Unfortunately it doesnt work for me :(

zishbu says:

Getting an error code when trying to download via the link from WPC app. Store error code: 805a0194 east coast US here.

Pappa Ed says:

Same here. Promise of a free app and we get nothing but error codes. This has never happened before (sarcasm font).

mrshamoozoo says:

Same here. Telling me its regional and I live in the usa

Nasif Bidmus says:

Go to settings under language and region, change the region. And country to UK and then restart,then u should b able to download it

this was a paid app? 

Codesmith says:

It just went live yesterday as App #2 in Liquid Daffodil's FREE 4 FANS Project. Its free for 24 hours and then will be 0.99 starting tomorrow and 1.49 on Windows 8.

eolorvida says:

it seems this app will only work for WP8 devices as this is not available on Lumia 900...

Codesmith says:

Correct. Its a Windows Phone 8 app. :)

Glacial says:

All of your other popular apps are for both WP 7 and WP8...will there be a WP7.5/7.8 version of this one, or is this the beginning of LD fragmenting their apps?

Codesmith says:

Its just laziness on our end...the WP8 tools are better and user base larger...but if enough fans care we ALWAYS create versions they want. :)

Lol at least you're honest :)

Nasif Bidmus says:

If u live in d us, change your language and region to UK in the settings and u should b able to download it. It worked 4 me

Nasif Bidmus says:

If u live in d us, change your language and region to UK in the settings and u should b able to download it. It worked 4 me

FUS3360 says:

It actually worked with your method... Thanks.

Montpbm says:

It keeps giving me an error code too!

zikifer says:

I grabbed it last night without doing anything funny. The store could just be having issues.

The app is a lot of fun, I'd recommend everyone trying it out.

duncan0622 says:

My region set to us, it can download without problem. Some side questions,

how to respond people? The pass it on button is grey:(
the biggest tile doesn't show any latest/random flyby either, are you guy same?(just the flyby logo flipping)

Montpbm says:

Same... It wont even let me answer any questions..

duncan0622 says:

I just received an notification, then I responded the flyby. I think I have figured out how it works - you cannot respond every flybys, just let the system selects for random subscribers around the world... If it picks you, then you would have right to respond...Correct me if I am wrong

Codesmith says:

Your exactly right. One of the cool things about flyby! is the randomness. You wait until a flyby! comes to you then reply and it passes it on to the next. Its like Hot Potato but we call it "Thought" Potato. :)

killllerman says:

How respond to a "flyby" ????

Montpbm says:

I'm wondering that same thing..

FUS3360 says:

I haven't figured it out either.. Hmm..

Visual360 says:

I don't think you can uless it is actually sent to you or something. Random flybys are not interactive I believe. I hope it was.

FUS3360 says:

Link seems to be broken.. I also did a search on my phone but the app doesn't show up in the store. However, the app is available when searching on my computer but even after clicking restart, the app never does install...

ZuNuKoo says:

I like this LD always has good apps. I'd even paid for .99 for it. First I need a WP8. I'll check this out when I upgrade to a new phone.

I just tried the link again and was able to download. Try again now of you were getting an error code earlier.

killllerman says:

How respond to a flyby ?

Codesmith says:

You wait until a flyby! comes to you and then you respond. You can't reply to just anything, that would just be a Forum. :)

Montpbm says:

Cool, that help me too.. Thanks!

Codesmith says:

We thought we covered this new concept well in the Get Ideas Tile but realize now we need to give users more info on this topic. TONS of people want to reply and can't figure out why they can't (yet)...we'll update the How To :)

duncan0622 says:

I love this great idea randomness instead of forum-like -everyone-can-answer. Would it be possible to extend the feature in live tile likes showing latest flyby and let us follow the interested flyby? Some flybys are very interested that worth to follow response from others. :)

Codesmith says:

Tons more Lvie Tile and Notifications coming in the next update, and maybe even Lockscreen notifications. We just added for new flybys! only just to get it live, but if you know Liquid Daffodil, you know its only the beginning! :)

Montpbm says:

My notifications aren't working...

Codesmith says:

If you send Liquid Daffodil an email via Support they can check them for you. They have the best Support on the platform. :)

DaytonaGTS says:

Looks like you have to belong to that twitter fad to use this thing.

Codesmith says:

Yes, true. Twitter has one of the easiest but most effective "vetting" processes and one key goal for the app is for users to know there are "real" people behind their questions and responses. :)

DaytonaGTS says:

Thanks but no thanks, uninstalled don't need to sign up for one app just to use another.

Codesmith says:

We totally understand. It's not for everyone to get a Twitter account. We are considering adding Windows Live ID validation as well. Maybe you can join the party then!

DaytonaGTS says:

That would be really cool, since we all have a live ID already, sounds like a fun app.

joeynox says:

How do I replay to someones question?

Codesmith says:

Check out the Get Ideas Tile in the app, lots of great information on when you get a flyby! and what to do.

joeynox says:

I get the concept now but seeing questions and not being able to respond is such a friggin tease. What's the point of get random if all you can do is read the flyby?. Also every flyby I send out says it was sent out 3hours ago even the one I sent 2 min ago

duncan0622 says:

I think watching others asking and answering still have some fun even though you are not entitled to involve in that flyby:)
Randomness gives user surprise and encouragment. Users are more initiative to respond because we treasure every little chance of response. Besides, users will ask more questions (Creating flyby is unlimited) if they cannot answer every flyby. 

webnoi says:

I'ts not available to Lumia 800

FUS3360 says:

Just figured it out. You have to set location to on... That will allow you to add comments and flyby's

Had a few problems but the team was fantastic in getting me up and running. Awesome service guys

Really hope this takes off =)

Mohit Jethva says:

Not for WP 7.8 :(

Mohit Jethva says:

Microsoft do something I purchased lumia 800 before 3 months

Erickson187 says:

Its telling me it is .99 and not free.

carlosrdd says:

Same for me too...

NickB1234 says:

Same here.  Guess they figured they had enough of a userbase to get started.

Oxameter says:

Showing up as 0.99 cents for me too. Twitter login requirement is a deal breaker for me anyway.  Which, by the way, isn't mentioned anywhere in the app store, I only read about it in the comments to this article.  Need to know that kind of stuff in advance of spending actual money. (Like DRM on games.)  For free apps, you say "oops, oh well.  Uninstall."  For paid apps, it's like "Thanks for microtransaction-pickpocketing me. You just made the list, sir or madam!"  Maybe throw in a glove slap or something, demand satisfaction, etc., etc. :-p

Murgatroyd7 says:

Sounds like this could've been fun if I weren't excluded.