Green Day to perform at Irving Plaza in NYC to celebrate Nokia Music in the US

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The other day when Nokia announced that their music streaming service was headed to the US, they mentioned a special concert to celebrate featuring the band Green Day. At the time, no date or event was mentioned and instead we were told to tune in later.

Now, details have come forth about that big show—somewhat.

Evidently Green Day will be playing a concert at Irving Plaza here in New York City, on Saturday September 15th.

Unfortunately this isn’t an open concert ala Nicki Minaj and instead, fans have to enter into a contest via Facebook. Green Day only wants the “biggest fans” to go to this show, so in turn, you need to act like a PR agency for the quasi-pop punk band by advertising the heck out of ‘em.

We checked the Irving Plaza calendar but have not found any links for Green Day, meaning either there won’t be tickets for sale or there will be but they’re not yet available.

We’ll try to find out any more details if we can and maybe even have Nokia hook us up with some tickets.

Meanwhile, if you have a Lumia, go ahead and try Nokia Music out. It’s actually a darn good service and we’re using it quite often.

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Piro.Garay says:

Green Day... Reminds me of high school.

karelj says:

Green Day...ugh.

+1 Never cared for 'em.

eolorvida says:

Green Day + Nicki Minaj will sell better ^_^

karelj says:

I just barfed... :-P

lippidp says:

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is possibly the cheesiest song ever recorded by a "punk" band. They lost all credibility with that one.

Ho Hey says:

Why because they weren't manly enough?

scdkad says:

I prefer Foo Fighters

GreenDay is the shit this is gonna be awesome wish the would get Justin beiber to do one everyone love him lol

Ho Hey says:

They don't want that scrawny mal nacido performing

Piro.Garay says:

They should of had Vicente Fernandez... Lol.

12Danny123 says:

Taylor Swift, Kimbra(NZ artrtist in USA) or Maron 5 would've been better. But this is fine.

lippidp says:

LOL... Moron 5... That's about right!

bjax says:

Has anyone used Nokia Music? How does it compare to Spotify and Pandora? With Apple possibly announcing their own music service, I'm hoping Nokia starts to advertise their own service more if it's good.

We'll do a comaprison shortly. For one, Nokia Music is free. The ability to download 4 hours of "mix stations" for offlien usage is pretty freaking sweet, if you ask me.

It's a well done app with many features. If you're not using other services, it's killer. If you already have a Zune Pass, it's still great but redudant (having said that, I still use it).

bjax says:

Unfortunately, I don't have a Nokia phone, but it's good to know for when i get a 920.

threed61 says:

It sounds great, but how do they afford it with royalty fees and the like?  (I plan to switch back to Nokia when the 920 is released ).

bjax says:

And is Xbox music supposed to be another music streaming service rising from the ashes of Zune?

Yes. Maybe they will merge someday but Nokia Music was kind of meant to fill in the gaps where Zune Pass wasn't available. Having said that, it's a damn solid service on its own. But Xbox Music...that's gonna be huge in terms of the catalog (surpasses iTunes) and format (PC, Phone, Xbox).

bjax says:

I can't wait!! To be honest, my only disappointment from the Nokia event was not hearing more about WP8 features (oh and the lack of a cyan 920). I feel like Microsoft dropped the ball on that. They could've given us at least a few juicy morsels to hold us over. Samsung, Amazon, and soon Apple with their press conferences announced dates and prices, and at this point I just need to know these things as much as i need to know exactly what features WP8 will provide.

erichon99 says:

anythign could happen between now and November 2.  It's clear MSFT hasn't played all their cards yet, but hopefully Nokia hasn't either?

jabtano says:

Now you know where the 920 is going .

Dethzilla says:

Nokia Music gets a thumbs friggen up in my book

Dethzilla says:

Nokia Music gets a thumbs friggen up in my book

aubreyq says:

Is Nokia Music only available for Nokia-branded Windows Phones?

erwt says:

Yes. It falls in the same category as Nokia Drive/Maps and etc.

inteller says:

I thouht Billy was half dead in a hospital in Italy? 

lippidp says:

He's fine. Apparently they played some MTV thing yesterday.

IamDefiler says:

Why are they using a Lumia 900 for this ad?

sholokov says:

Trying to show support for their old devices and WP7.

sholokov says:

I feel bad for Samsung and HTC. They are all probably watching what Nokia is doing and they are saying to themselves, "it's time to find another job".

Tree Squid says:

Vista launch party pt. 2, *sighs*

willied says:

Mainstream music sucks so much these days. I want '90s music back.

Z3Vo says:

You do know green day is from the 90s right?

willied says:

Yeah, but they suck now more than ever.

Ho Hey says:

I agree, some of it is ok but most of it is irritating. I get around it by listening to Spanish music or music from the '90s and '00s until 2008.

Z3Vo says:

Green day won't be there. Lead singer has a nodule on his vocal chord. They had to cancel a bunch of shows. This was announced before this post btw.

JamesHervey says:

I have heard that it was successful. Nokia hasmany good and updated things coming up. I can't wait for that. - Carmack Moving and Storage