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UK bank Natwest releases Windows Phone app, boasting a solid feature set

Natwest has released an app for Windows Phone. Owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland, the UK bank was confirmed to be working on an app for Microsoft's mobile platform along with its parent. The mobile banking app is a gateway for account holders to travel through to manage accounts while on the go. Has the wait been worth it?

First impressions are positive. The official app looks like a well-developed offering that integrates well into the Windows Phone experience with a clear focus on typography. Utilising the Natwest colour palette, the official app offers functionality that one would expect to see in such a solution.

Natwest App

So what about features? What can Natwest customers do with this Windows Phone app? From the app description:

  • View your transaction history for most of your accounts, search for historical transactions on your current accounts and savings accounts
  • Get Cash from NatWest, RBS or Tesco cash machines without a debit card
  • Send money to NatWest Mobile Banking customers that use this app – all you need is their mobile number
  • Pay bills or people – just set up and make your first payment in Online Banking beforehand
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Find your nearest cash machine or local branch
  • Top up your pay as you go mobile phone and up to four others (service not available on the 3 network).

That's quite an offering, and one that Windows Phone desperately needs. To begin and set up your account in the app, you'll need your online banking customer number, some personal details and your debit card. Once submitted, Natwest will confirm your identity and fire you an SMS when the account is set up and ready to go.

You have to be above the age of 11, own a debit card and a mainland UK mobile number starting with 07 to use the app. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions found over on the Natwest website. Customers who own Windows Phones will feel right at home with this official app to ensure that their accounts are only a tap away while on the move. We just need other banks to follow suit.

You can download the Natwest app from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Benjamin, for the tip!

QR: Natwest



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jsnod25 says:

US bank (the all of them) need to hop on board with thus trend of making WP apps, UK banks are doing this well, and so are other European banks, but not the US so much.

Great to hear for my UK friends, more apps like these only serve to eliminate oh there are not enough apps argument, I can't wait for the integration of wp8, rt, and w8 apps stores, I can keep dreaming can't I?

Big Supes says:

Awesome news. This is a much needed app for us Brits. HSBC next, please!!

fbloise says:

and Barclays, specially PingIt!

Eddie_Lomax says:

Hmm, I'm seriously tempted to swap to Natwest here unless Barclays get an app out.
I used to really like the old WAP phones for share dealing and bank account checking, its been a long time since they've been useable in a portable sense...

RyanAMG says:

Hopefully Wells Fargo will be next. Also intuit Go Payment would be nice.

Mon-El says:

Good start, looks like a top app.  Wrong bank for me though and does this use NFC on Windows Phone 8?  Would be great to actually be able to use NFC for buying my lunch :)

Gorki247 says:

NFC payments require a secure-sim; so it's up to the operators to deliver this first.

fbloise says:

Not really, I was able to use NFC payments in a Galaxy S3 using Goole Wallet and my SIM is not an Secure-sim at all.

Gorki247 says:

That's Android; Windows Phone needs a secure-sim. This was a conscious choice made by MS. It's my understanding that operators and banks prefer this method.

conair346 says:

I can confirm there's no NFC in it. Though it could come in future. I believe last year RBS/Natwest trialled iPhones with NFC cases.

steppyhen says:

I just got a tweet from Natwest saying they're looking into NFC payments for the app. Be great for this to happen!

roguck says:

This app has been a long time coming with requests on Natwest's forum going back beyond 12 months. Now it is here roll on windows phone and its successful growth.

conair346 says:

I'm hoping they've got the sister apps in the wings once the 'test population' of Natwest customers plough through any bugs. My main account is with Ulster even though I have a graduate account and PayWave debit card with Natwest.
Its a convenient set up - branch networks in the two main regions I tend to be - England and Northern Ireland... And as its the same backend any movements are instant.

Great that they've not left out the Windows Phone 7 users here. Top work, Natwest!

Metrosity says:

Ho-bloody-ray, I hope this is the start of real consumer acceptance of Windows Phone.

Tezler says:

Come on HSBC. Follow and don't get left behind :) !!!!!

Gorki247 says:

Don't hold your breath for HSBC; they have stated many times they have no plans for a WP app. I'll be letting my bank know soon that I'll be changing banks exactly for this reason. If a bank cannot cater for me as a customer (regardless of my choice of phone) and cannot keep up with the times, they are no bank for me.

Tezler says:

Balls. News I didn't want to hear.
Same as damn Sky. I pay a fortune and yet they still advertise sky with generic, mobile and tablet access. They should be forced to say sky with specific apple products. Its shite, how can you advertise mobile and tablets if you cut out parts of the market. It's bull***t. Governing bodies should come down on them.

nsp24 says:

This is the only app i have missed since moving from the iphone well done NatWest.

Jakeway says:

Hope Nationwide make one too. 

Log into Internet banking and send them a message. If enough people do it they will hopefully take notice. I was told that there was no official word on a WP8 app but they would forward my request onto the developers. Hopefully they receive enough requests to come up with the goods.

Ihawks says:

Lloyds tsb please!!

Corkers100 says:

Great news. Now i can see how broke I am

mshaw2k says:

I have been waiting for this app ever since i threw my iphone away over 2 years ago, so happy and this is definitely a positive thing for the os. Developers are finally taking note. Happy days.

Great my main bank first on WP! Barclays now then will be complete!

FeedTheShark says:

Does this work with RBS accounts, or just NatWest. Guess I will find out when I install it...

Mikeyglw says:

Just asked them on Twitter

  1. now that the Natwest Windows phone app has been released when will the RBS one be released?



  2. 4 mins
    Hi Michael, this will be coming shortly. Thanks DS



Bigsro says:

Barclays app please ;-) this is good news and is good to see!

TechsUK says:

Come on EE (orange/t-mobile)with NFC

Glad it's finally come. Hope more mainstream apps start coming to WP8 and Win8.

sejgiul says:

Excellent news! Been dying to have this app.

Ben Toan says:

Looks like an excellent app and well integrated with look and feel of wp. Also full range of features. Long awaited

nablor says:

Superb app very welcomed on wp7 excellent Natwest

pLUSpISTOL says:

Doesn't support customers from Scotland (the irony). App tells you when you try to log in with your customer number.

Jealy666 says:

One of the only banks I don't have an account with! Typical! Good on them though.

prashant45 says:

Release for sbi too

Freuder says:

Requires you to enter your debit card details to register. I have no cards for my NatWest account (never have had, used to do everything by phone and now online) so I cannot use the app. Good to see they thought out the registration process carefully ...

nsp24 says:

Just order a card!

rockstarzzz says:

Any banks (USA ones) doing credit cards as well? Is it "a thing" to not do credit card accounts by any chance?

DReevell says:

love it...downloaded and registered my details, just waiting for confirmation SMS so I can start using App...if it's as good as the article suggests then this is a truly fantastic app that will get some serious use from me as I have three accounts with NatWest (business, personal, savings).

sudakoma says:

Been waiting ages for this but not available for customers in Scotland.....the wait goes on.

sparksy says:

cant log in when i enter phone number it says "this service unavalible please try later"

Mikeyglw says:

Looks like the RBS App is in the marketplace
Just registered my details :)

DReevell says:

so I've been using the NatWest app for a couple of days now and I must admit, it's probably the most useful app I currently have installed. I've used it to transfer funds between my accounts, review my statements, and will probably test the 'Get Cash' function over the weekend.
All-in-all, a damn good app that does exactly what I need easily and quickly. #Impressed

cybermoose89 says:

Need a app for HSBC as well tbh