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Tethering delayed for Samsung Italy's Omnia W

Samsung Omnia W

Earlier this year, Samsung Italy announced that the Samsung Omnia W would receive Wi-Fi tethering capability with the Windows Phone 7.8 update. Well... that didn't happen.

Samsung Italy sites that the Windows Phone 7.8 update was issued directly from Microsoft and for whatever reason, the tethering feature didn't make the cut.  That's the bad news. The good news is that Samsung Italy is working on a separate maintenance update for the Omnia W that will bring tethering into the fold. Look for the update to hit the air in the coming weeks.

Source: Windows Phone Italy



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akashpats says:

so is the official windows phone 7.8 update available to Omnia W ?

Risvall says:

Whtas "wifi thering"?


WiFi tethering is when you use your smartphone as a hotspot, meaning that multiple users can use your device and data plan to surf the web. All but a few phones already have this feature.

beranger_v4 says:

What a shame. Even on the cheapest WP7 phone, Lumia 610, Wi-Fi tethering worked from day 1, under WP7.5. I rescued my home laptop on occasions via my 3G data plan when the ADSL router had issues.

samirbaku says:

Any news about bluetooth file trnsfr from Samsung?


As far as that is concerned, Bluetooth file transfers with WP7 devices are only available for Lumia devices via the 7.8 update.

jrmax says:

Still waiting for WiFi Tethering on unbranded Omnia 7. I already have WP 7.8, but still missing this feature :-(

fentonr says:

I don't get all the hype about Samsung, most of their phones are generic and when it comes to Windows Phone they clearly don't care.


Samsung knows the features that people want, but they're lacking when it comes to OEM support.

xiontechinfo says:

Internet sharing is already there :/
In Omnia w

Ankesh says:

yeah thats very true... and that is wifi tethering i guess...

samirbaku says:

Can't we(SAMSUNG wp users) send feedback? Nokia users write in forums and reports are submitted Nokia(they say).

rianext says:

They are least bothered when it comes to listening to WP users...the user base for them is way too less to put in any effort...

samirbaku says:

İ send message (Facebook) to Samsung support page about this, they said that they have no information about Bluetooth.

Weird, I have Samsung Omnia W and have had WIFi tethering right from the beginning, i.e. for about a year and a half.

psreloaded says:

Odd, considering my Omnia W has had tethering from day 1 even before lumias had it... Or is it that tethering wasn't avail only on the Italian model?!!

hariganesh26 says:

I am from india and I have the WiFi tethering option using phone as hotspot from the beginning

The existing tethering capabilities that the Omnia W has are restricted only to sharing the data connection to wireless devices.
I believe with the new Wifi tethering, we should be able to share the wifi connection to other devices that may not be in range. It would be like extending the rage of your wifi connection. Not completely sure though...

rohit manot says:

I am using SAMSUNG OMNIA W. I had made the biggest mistake by purchasing this product. On the other hand NOKIA, DELL, HTC and others are providing each facilities to its customer. They are getting many many option to customize their phone....but SAMSUNG, simply making its customer fool. SAMSUNG just need is money. I purchased OMNIA W at a price tag of wooping RS 16,000, on the other hand nokia is providing "n" number of features, facilities at half the price. There are many many apps exclusively for NOKIA customer but we SAMSUNG OMNIA W customer are not even getting an official update. No update, no feedback, no exclusive app, no customize option, no attention by SAMSUNG, many a time phone hangs, apps crashes, and LOT more. 
When i called samsung and said about all this, they said " SIR WE ARE WORKING ON IT". Now my QUESTION is its about nearly 2 years of the date the phone is being launched, what the hell are you guys saying. THE reply i got was "SIR IF YOU ARE FACING TOO MANY PROBLEM THEN WHY DONT YOU PURCHASE  WP8 RECENTLY LAUNCHED BY SAMSUNG. 
THEY ARE LEAST CONCERNED ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMER. They dont know how to give AFTER SALES SERVICES. Do hell with you guys.