Relieve stress and sleep sounder with Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Fitness Month continues around these parts with sleep and relaxation apps for our Windows Phones being the focus this week. To kick things off we turn our sights on a fairly basic sleep/relaxation app, Sound Sleep.

Sound Sleep is a sleep aid and stress reliever with a decent selection of relaxing sounds. Sounds that should ease the tension of the day and allow your body to relax and get more peaceful rest.

The layout of Sound Sleep has tiles populating the center of the screen for each sound. There are eighteen sounds ranging from Rainforest to a vacuum cleaner. At the very top of the screen are your sound controls which include tagging a sound as a favorite, playing the sound, adding accent sounds, volume controls and a sleep timer.

Sound Sleep

The timer has preset countdown timers ranging from 5 minutes to 120 minutes. There are twelve accent sounds that include chimes, dolphins, frogs and eagle sound effects. You also have tabbed sections for all of the sounds, recently played sounds and your favorites.

Sounds can't be stacked but you can add multiple accent sounds into the mix (i.e. dolphin and splash accent sound with the sea shore main sound). The app will run under your Windows Phone lockscreen so you can set the time and fall asleep without worrying that the sounds will end prematurely. You may want to make sure your Windows Phone is connected to a power source though.

There's really not much to Sound Sleep. Its an easy to use sound generator with some nice, quality sounds. It would be nice if sounds could be pinned to your Start Screen for easier access but that's really not a deal breaker.

Sleep Sound is a free app for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, its ok but I got another method to relieve stress right before bedtime. . .

Morq says:

Vacuum cleaner haha, it used to put me to sleep in a flash when i was lil boy.

Nitaino says:

I use Soothr app, I cannot sleep without a good sound

Sam Not Spam says:

I personally just play "Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation" by Joe Baker all night. There is an app called SleepMaster from Appa Mundi Ltd that's pretty good. I've had it and used it for a while to figure out the best time for me to sleep and wake up. You set the time you want to be up by at the latest, and the app would use your phone to figure out your sleep cycle, gently waking you up before your set time. It did this by starting to chime when you were the lightest possible sleep rather than being deeply in sleep. Works well!
My only compaint with it, however, is the phone screen would stay on with some sort of dark pattern - it wasn't truly black (or off), so when you'd wake up the phone itself would be rather warm. Maybe they fixed it by now?

jlynnm350z says:

You know what spam is made of? Ass, feet, intestinal bits, toes. Taste good though.

david90531 says:

Many similar apps but I'll give this one a try anyway