White Nokia Lumia Windows Phone spotted in Olympus Has Fallen movie trailer [Updated]

Lumia 920

The Lumia920 Lumia 900 has been spotted in the trailer for an upcoming movie - Olympus Has Fallen. Featured at the 2:09 marker, the white Windows Phone looks massive in the hands of a female actress in a clean environment. Nokia has kicked off an intensive Lumia marketing campaign to promote its fairly expansive family of Windows Phones in supported markets.

Not only is the Lumia 900 (and Windows Phone as a whole) a high quality experience, but Olympus Has Fallen doesn't look like a bad film at all. Check out the full trailer below (we've conveniently locked in the code to show you the Lumia device):

Updated: As our observant readers have rightfully pointed out, this could well be the Lumia 900 due to the lack of screws at the bottom of the device. We stand corrected.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Christopher, for the tip!



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PhilR8 says:

Tapered corners, no screws on bottom = Lumia 900

EDDS says:

The 920 wouldn't have been out yet when the movie was filmed.

rodneyej says:

That doesn't mean it didn't exist. Do you think these production companies go down to at&t to get these phones.. Nokia would've gave them a device, possibly preproduction without working parts, and paid the production company to use the device in the film.. It would've been out yet?? Lol! That's funny...

theefman says:

You are correct, sir! (Or madam) :)

Its a Windows Phone.... That's what matters. ;-)

Residing says:

It's a Lumia, THAT'S what matters :)

Even better.  I stand corrected.

Adretheon says:

Yea, you  guys look at your phones to much to know that haha.
On a side note, just about every main cast member uses a Lumi  in House of Lies.

manison88 says:

also in Homeland i had seen the lumia a bunch of ties

Rich Edmonds says:

You guys are awesome, well spotted. I even lined up my Lumia 920 to the screen and had trouble noticing such obvious factors.

Talbot690 says:

Also no charge port on the bottom.. 900 confitmed

pazces84 says:

you guys are so good it makes me sick

sholokov says:

And....she is not in a call, since the call screen would not have any bright light showing on her face. She is probably on the main Tiles screen. Just saying....movie directions to blame.

sholokov says:

The screen would have also gone dark when she brought it near her face with the proximity sensor kicking in.

BoBallistic says:

Its far enough to kick on

rodneyej says:

Its probably not even a working device.. Movies!!

sholokov says:

It's easier to find multiple working phones than dummy phones. Plus, they have huge money invested in the movies. A few extra hundreds make no difference.

Apple logo at the bottom right corner?

Talbot690 says:

I watched like 4 times now i cant see any apple logo

Yes it comes from trailers.itunes.com it is just posted to youtube.

Tomasz S. says:

On a similar note, the Surface was featured in the latest episode of House of Lies. But for some reason Douche Douchenheim had the Windows logos covered with stickers on his tablet. However Modern IE and some painting app were clearly visible, and the Surface RT form factor was easily recognizable.

TonyDedrick says:

I'm almost certain the Surface was featured in a episode of Grey's Anatomy about two weeks ago

Andygoes says:

Yea, about 100 times and every time Grey used it she complained about how hard it was to use and that she kept deleting patient files. Wonder if that's what Redmond was going for??

manison88 says:

the whol epoint was to show that chick that is trying to get the "better" so she can sell the hospital that their way is better and how shitty it is to use tablets in the hospital instead of a chart

Dare2Blink says:

Surface was also in an episode of Arrow, and through the season plenty of windows devices pc's/Tablets are featured

saulgould13 says:

Quick name that actress

steve_w_7 says:

Radha Mitchell

yosagojimbo says:

There was some decent product placement in a recent episode of Arrow (Lauren flipped open the kickstand on the Surface, then the tile screen was shown)

Curtieson says:

How the heck does anyone notice that! It was so fast, just a blip, haha

agm353 says:

I noticed it when the trailer first came out lol

mav4life says:

I've also seen the 920 also used on episodes of Community and It's always sunny in Philly.

Appmek says:

Please WPC, stop this sort of reporting, it's simply pathetic.

dalydose says:

Stop reading if you don't like it.

dalydose says:

This movie had bad ass potential and a nice little product placement. It would be cool to see it survive some abuse or maybe even be used as a weapon. :)

Given its sturdy build quality, I am sure the phone will survive. The Lumia 9XX can handle any sort of abuse :D

chataddicted says:

there is another phone. at 1:30. probably ugly blackberry..

Well I donno whether such B-movie is the right place for Nokia.
A cool tv-show like breaking bad, two and half men or californication would attract more buyers...from the righ target group

Ludwig Long says:


I always check out this website for iPhone alternatives - www.microsoftapple.com - My personal favourite is the Nokia Lumia because of the camera and speed of the operating system.


sholokov says:

Incorrectly updated...or the app version shows it incorrectly. It says Lumia920 Lumia 900. Or was this the intent?