Poll: Can you see HTC releasing a Windows Phone like the One?


You may be aware of the HTC One that was announced today. The Android smartphone is HTC's next high-end device that's tasked with halting the company sinking further down. As many of our readers know, HTC also manufactures Windows Phones. We've already taken a quick look at both the specifications of the HTC One and camera capabilities, comparing it to Windows Phone 8 hardware.

So we put it to you, fellow Windows Phone consumers - what do you make of HTC's latest smartphone? Can you see the company introducing a similar product for Windows Phone?

As always, sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts.



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topleya says:

Yes, when WP picks up more demand, then yes.

Same goes for Samsung, once demand improves and Microsoft begin supporting WP instead of Android and iOS all the time, then yes

Tomasz S. says:

Demand would go up if more hardware were available. So far there is like one high-end model, three mid-range models and two on entry-level for WP8. That's like a drop in a bucket. How do you expect a customer to walk out with a Windows Phone from a store filled with duckloads of android phones?

cannon#WP says:

The old chicken & egg problem. We need hardware to create demand but we need demand to create hardware.

WinFan1 says:

Or people can be unique and go with the big picture mentality..

swanny78 says:

All they would need to do is change the central button to a windows logo,and stick win8 on it....job done

interopbyt says:

Haha well it's not that simple but comment is worthy of a +1 :)

juanitoriv says:

The Radar Sonic Boom!!!

WinFan1 says:

The HTC windows phone boom shakalaka

Apoc says:

I don't believe HTC, has any other WP devices to release this early in the year. HTC, seems to be going all in on giving Android their best efforts to survive in this mobile war.

MediaCastleX says:

I find it funny that what they hope keeps them alive is actually what's killing them... =P

rodneyej says:

Correct! They would be better of focusing on WP, and how sweet that would be for us if they did..

Android is their best shot at climbing back up, I don't blame them for not releasing it as a WP8 phone right away.

MediaCastleX says:

Would you say the same thing for HP? They also believe, like these others (LG anyone?), that android is the saving grace of the mobile era...their fate is sealed. =/

rodneyej says:

Trying to compete in the Android market is like showing up to the gold rush in 1930... Lol!

Albert Einstein once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".
@HTCUSA keeps pumping out phones with #TheGreenTrashCan OS but still losing market share. They need a hot @windowsphone 8 device to shake things up!

inteller says:

oh yeah, that strategy has been really working out for them lately...

WinFan1 says:

It actually has and either way what has android managed to do for them since they are dominated by the galaxy? The HTC one x came out and the the gs3 and everyone who bought a one x sold it. Sorry but HTC doesn't stand a chance against the force that is Samsung. At least they were creative in WP.

jsantana0793 says:

If Microsoft can get their act together about the OS with 1080p resolution support, popular apps and the over all popularity windows phone 8, yea.. I can see it...

greg2k says:

1080p is a little overkill for a phone, isn't it? I can't discern individual pixels on my Lumia 920, and it's 1280x768. You must need larger phones (ridiculous) to notice the benefit of 1080p

Sean Davison says:

^^^Exactly THIS!!
Your eyes won't notice it, but your battery sure as hell will.

juanitoriv says:

1080p is ridiculous on a phone. Tablet maybe, TV yes. I can't imagine higher res on my 8X that I can use one handed

user4545 says:

Is it? Galaxy note 2 has PPI of around 270. Definitely room for 1080p there.
For lover res phones, yes it's overkill. But so is 8.7MP of the Lumia camera. Marketing and facts are two very different things.

starblade876 says:

The Galaxy Note is also overkill for a 'phone', so, yeah...
8.7MP for the Lumia camera isn't overkill if someone wants to use it to capture pictures to be seen/used in other media that require such resolution to look adequate. It has a use. 1080P on a 3.x - 5 inch screen is a gimmick.

cannon#WP says:

Exactly. No 1080p is not needed for phones, but it's needed for marketing.

treetownal says:

Customers want overkill so selling a premium phone demands you include 1080p now.  Fighting against the resolution arms race is just yelling at clouds.  It is inevitable and MS needs to support it today.  

jsantana0793 says:

1080p is over kill. I agree, but people who don't know any better and the bias tech world is concerned, its a must have.. I think quad core and 2 gigs of ram is over kill. I think not having an SD card slot is under kill. In my opinion, Windows Phone has a long way to go, but it can get there.. I would hope that HTC would get their act together with Windows phone and give the Windows phone community something to brag about, even if the specs are over the top.

cgold1 says:

Perhaps they just need new marketing to stop the resolution race, a.k.a an 'ultra pixel' 720P screen.

Sure, if they have parts left over.

Dadstar0410 says:

Lol I like that. But it's so freaking true for most of our devices.

busngabb says:

HTC haven't supported their existing Windows 8 devices at all, which isn't a great sign. The company had a suite of apps on WP7 that it hasn't bothered to update and its not released any for WP8 since it launched on the platform.

I really can't see them releasing any more WP devices in the near future. They seem to have taken the best bits of their WP design and put them to work on Android.

juanitoriv says:

Well, I can say that my 8X got updates before the Lumians. HTC is probably trying the tech on the G-bots as it does enjoy market share. Can't blame them. Remember Ronald Reagan, the Messiah of the Republican party, and his "trickle down economics"? Remember Bob Sugar, "Its not show friends, its show business"?
I've got my 8X. I'm happy until at least August..

limoooooooo says:

I don't think we'll see any new HTC gear till the Blue update. Then we'll probably get stuff like the new Snapdragon processors, more RAM, "ultrapixels" and maybe 1080p. Hopefully they follow the design language of the 8X and 8S, my favourite looking Windows Phone's currently :D

rodneyej says:

Yes, its most definitely coming!

joeynox says:

They can't. Wp8 is not capable of running tomorrows tech, just yesterdays

Hard to admit, but true, just like windows rt.

hary536 says:

lol. L920 runs next generation hardware already,which no one has matched yet in the market and I believe Nokia will up the ante at MWC.

user4545 says:

There is absolutely zero next generation hardware in 920.

mythos13 says:

Well...except for the screen, the camera and the microphones.

ymcpa says:

It's capable of running the tech. Microsoft just doesn't allow it to make it easier to install upgrades. They pick a processor and the oems aren't allowed to use any others. I'm sure they will pick the best processor available at the next update and the oems will use it. The problem is that in between updates, new processors become available and the oems can't use them. I'm sure they will enable 1080p displays, but that is not a feature I care about. Sub 5" screen don't benefit from the additional pixel and it probably hurt the functionality of the device more than it helps because of the extra processing required to push all those extra pixels. If they start make phablet devices, then the 1080p will be important.

rodneyej says:

Who says its not capable? You're completely wrong, and misinformed. What is WP8 not capable of running? The kernel its based on is being used so that with simple updates it can achieve then newest specs for years to come. MS, and its partners can make a 1080p quad core device any day, and they probably already have some of these devices floating around headquarters. The fact isn't that WP8-x can't support higher specifications it's why does MS, and its partners think it's OK to always get them last.

a5cent says:

@rodney Nope. You've completely misunderstood the reason for porting the kernel. That occurred in the interest of software compatibility between W8, W8RT and WP8. Supporting the most current hardware could just as well have been achieved using WCE7.0.
What hardware is WP8 not capable of running on? WP8 currently supports exactly the hardware configuration listed in the chassis spec. No more, no less. It is unlikely you will see huge updates to the chassis spec until WP9 is released. That means quad-core CPU's and 1080p is unlikely.

jcagga says:

All high end windows phone 7 second wave phones like Lumia 900, HTC Titan had better CPU than first wave, venue pro, quantum, Mozart etc so why shouldn't second wave wp8 devices get spec updated??

Sean Davison says:

Why not compare devices and the Os's they run? If you can say WP8's have problems running their OS then yes they need that stuff RIGHT NOW. If it runs fine then what's the point of having it... just to say they have it??
I've always seen WP's running way better with far less hiccups than ANY android device. So again, why do they need that stuff right now??

SocalBrian says:

'Who says its not capable?"
Didn't HTC say that WP OS wasn't capable of running the camera in this phone?

ldp247 says:

It's not that WP8 can't run tomorrows tech, it's MS won't allow the oems to do it. You have to think why MS is so "gun-shy".......remember Windows Mobile! I think that if MS starts to do some real marketing with their is, then people will start to gravitate to WP. Once that happens, then yes we will see a HTC One version and a Samsung Galaxy version for Windows Phone.

lippidp says:

I think they're being cautious because of battery concerns. Look at all the battery problems reported on WP8. Now imagine it with twice as much CPU and 1080p display.

I'll be more happy getting HTC Connected Media.

dogfish54 says:

WP8 is a tough sell right now for OEM's. The market (for WP) is just too damned small for anyone to make any money. Android is popular, but it's hard to make 'a better Galaxy'. HTC is just kinda screwed. This looks like a really nice device, but the 4MP Ultrapixel thing is going to need some serious marketing and education (think Windows RT) which will be next to impossible for HTC. If they are not going to have lower-end versions, that also seems like a mistake. HTC seem lost even though they may believe they have a clear strategy.

I am a Nokia fanboy, but this device really interests me. Nokia should release a phone just like that they make, but with a slim design, quad core processor, and higher PPI. Also, an upgraded camera with better outdoor photo quality.

vinscg says:

Im really enjoying my HTC 8 S!
Just sold a lumia 900 ...what a brick!

WhippedKream says:

I'm curious, off topic, how is the memory issue treating you? Is it better now with recent updates? I noticed with my HTC 8X, the Others section decreased rapidly and stuff, but ye im still curious to know how it is with other HTC members :D

hary536 says:

Soon vinscg will sell his 8S and then praise another phone. ;)

Cellus13 says:

They keep releasing great Androids but they couldn't do something like this for the 8x? Like this is why I'll never get another windows phone HTC device. We'll keep getting Androids sloppy seconds. I'm not having that.

joe_easton says:

I think that we will not see a WP version. Its just not what HTC does. Anyway, their WP design is phenomenal. WP Blue update just needs to give the OEMs the room to bring more powerful hardware.

PGWP says:

Not interested in anything HTC,  they make really poor phones.  I"ve had an HTC HD7, had the HTC Excaliber and they both fell apart rather quick - they use cheap plastic trim with chrome painted on it that chips away over time.
HTC needs to learn from Nokia how to make quality hardware and not stick on tacky chrome trim that isnt even real metal - this is something samsung does too - cheap crap that they think is attractive - it isnt!
So HTC thanks for making a few windows phones but your quality is just not there next to Nokia and so until you step up your game I simply wont buy any of your stuff.

mythos13 says:

I suspect  just about all of us HD7 and former HD7 owners would never go for a HTC device ever again.

Flagz says:

My HD7 stood up like a beast. That was my 2nd favorite phone. Now my 8X is by far my favorite, glad I traded by 810 for it.

afgzee says:

When Microsoft begin supporting Windows Phone and improving on their apps such as Skype & Facebook, remove the many limitations they have imposed on it, and really begin improving the operating system as a whole, then yes other companies will follow suite, until then, NO, HTC will not be doing much!

joeynox says:

The phone takes amazing video that rivals if not trumps the Lumia 920. The still images are better also imho. Mainly due to pin sharp detail

hary536 says:

Oh great, share your review then. ;)

Windows Phone is always treated like a stepbrother by Cell Phone Makers. You would think a WP Phablet like the Samsung Note 2 would arrive already. 
My only hope now is Nokia. 

I just want to see a Surface phone.  MS really needs to release this.  Nokia can't be the only diserable hardware for WP users.  

dogfish54 says:

Here's the problem with the surface phone. Unless the surface phone grows the overall market for Windows phone (unlikely), then it's just a new competitor for Nokia and will almost ensure it won't be worthwhile for HTC to make windows phones. If Nokia can't sell a LOT more Lumia's, they will have to go Android or go bust. We'll end up with some crappy surface phone as the only option.
Microsoft need to focus on making the software better so that the OS grows market share, then they can worry about trying to control their OS. They (Microsoft) were so obsessed with ensuring one OEM doesn't control the platform, they forgot that the platform has to be popular for it to matter.

No. HTC moves to slow. Nothing they Introduced today was new accept for the 600 processor. Every other bit of tech was introduced in the 808 over 16 months ago. Design wise, HTC has always produced beautiful devices, but they don't innovate. They copy and move on to the next one. No software updates or bug fixes. There will be a One+ in 4 months. Their camera tech has been impressive since the Titan, but they don't market to any particular segment or group on Android or Windows Phone. They throw crap on the wall and hope something sticks. For the 8X it was pretty colors. For the One its the Ultrapixel. Tell me when you see a commercial for this phone.
Here's an idea, just release a Beats by Dre Phone for the kids! Don't put HTC on it. Just call it the Beats Phone. Yeah im a genius, hire me.

DesRed says:

I am not a fan of HTC, but from what I have noticed in the past and present, their no.1 priority is still their Android lineup while their Windows Phone lineup are a distant second. Sometimes I even question Microsoft's logic in awarding the 'Hero' device to their 8X.

I hope not. All HTC does is leave customers behind when a device gets older. I like HTC phones but I don't like how they don't care about older devices. Now I have the Lumia 822.

jrivera211 says:

I definitely expect to see a phone similar to the HTC One coming soon. Windows is picking up in popularity. Especially after the launch of the Surface tablet. The only thing that's taking time is the development of applications for the app store. The HTC 8X was a great device and we can see some similarities between the One and the 8X such as the beats audio and front Widescreen camera. So I think we have a lot to look forward to coming from HTC for Windows devices.

Pak King says:

No removable battery, not interested at all. I'll stay with Samsung. 

HTC wp always thrill fans for their genius design, like the 8x, it's an absolute beauty.
problem is, could HTC pull wp like Nokia did, in terms of their software development.
If only HTC being serious with windows phone, I'm sure they will come up with a well rounded gadgets,
beautiful inside-out

Trueh8r says:

Yes, take a look at the HTC HD7.

mythos13 says:

If they don't, they might as well pack up leave becase Nokia as a vendor and its phones are well ahead of HTC and its WP phones and if that wasn't enough we just know that Nokia will be announcing some exciting stuff at MWC in a couple of weeks.

RolexDPracer says:

HTC is so behind Nokia in the WP market it's even a blip on my radar.

kushki says:

No and mostly because limitations of Microsoft.... HTC wants to make a 1080p phone but wp8 does not allow it.... Camera kernel is also limited and there is not much that can be done software wise there either.... Ms needs to step up their game and rather fast.... Today's launch should have included a similar flagship for wp if not for limitations

ihavewp8 says:

F**k Android the phone will be laggy and malware virus within the month.

Axit Patel says:

Last year Microsoft have good mwc 2012 they have show new updates for wp7 tango new hardware and windows 8 beta
I hope they do similar this year to wp8 updates support for 1080p and quad core+ 2gb ram and new hardware form Nokia,HTC,Samsung.
I hope my fingers are crossed, let see please MS don't disappoint me other wice I am thinking to switch after long time using WP phone seen 2010 with HTC HD 7 from HTC radar to htc 8x

deloa84 says:

I hope so because we all know HTC is capable of making great phones one of which is this ONE, 8X, Radar, etc. I currently have a Radar, I got my mom an 8X as a gift and they both look gorgeous. I just wish HTC paid a bit more attention to their customers and put more effort into WP which would really make them a contender against Nokia. As for me I am going to get another phone but i am not ready to go to android just yet. Going with a Nokia next time around and hand down my Radar to my little bro.

Axit Patel says:

I am just waiting for MWC if there is nothing big coming out form WP camp then I am switching for sure

Ridlah says:

After having to force update to 7.8 and not getting support for htc apps they can make a phone like the one running windows phone but i don't think they are worth a second try 

Prensescim says:

Sorry to say, but outside of Nokia, no faith in other OEMs including HTC in making jaw dropping hardware..

lhoylhoy says:

I would love to see it on WP8

No news at all. Another carbon copy. Let me know when real innovation comes from HTC.

LOL OK Mr. delusional.

stephen_az says:

How about a poll that asks simple questions and offers simple and direct choices instead of things that draw in miscellaneous opinions unrelated ot the supposed topic?  If you simply ask yes or no, the answer would be no, it is unlikley HTC will be bringing anything like this to Windows Phone.  This is the second post I have seen here this week that reads like it was written by Mitt Romney's political consultants.  BTW, that means asking anything but a simple question that would generate a simple and meaningful response....

LaNiQuE says:

I feel like im drowning in HTC one news I personally don't care I wouldn't buy anything HTC on the WP platform they don't care enough about there customers good hardware is only a start I hear too many complaints about HTC when it comes to updates and apps but Stephen may be right so I'll also answer with a simple no

Jazmac says:

It looks good to me but I want to see how it functions to know how much I like it.

RaRa85 says:

I sure hope so. I'll wait to see what Nokia has in store next week though.

Neo Nuke says:

No. Windows Phone does not support 1080p or all the custom software to run this new type of camera. Sucks but true. We're not going to beat android in a spec war or customization until windows blue makes updating WP faster and modular.

LWILLITS123 says:

My Nokia 920 records video at 1080p... so i would have to say the camera supports it ;)

Sean Davison says:

So what will you say when it's proven without much doubt that the L920 camera is better than this one? Will it matter what the WP camera can/can't do then?
or are you just too caught up in the silly shit HTC put out and that's all that matters now??

Shambels says:

That phone is ugly...

DigTheNoise says:

I agree.  I've looked at many pictures from various sites to try and see the beauty that a lot of commentators are talking about, but I still think it's an ugly phone.

DesRed says:

If you ask me, it reminds me of the Blackberry Z10, which also resembles an iPhone 5. The only exception is the back where the HTC One's camera lens is larger than the former two.

ceraf says:

What would they call it...the HTC Eight?

I don't think so. 
Honestly, I am afraid that is Microsoft doesn't start acting way faster, WP8 is going to fade away. There are a lot of good things about WP8 and I've enjoyed leaving iOS for it. However, the truth is there is also a lot of obvious flaws with the platform that NEED to be addresed, yesterday. 
Microsoft needs to also spend the money and put their developers into more key software companies. The facebook at should be at least a mirror in funcationality to iOS and Android - at least. Apps like Pandora were promised, but still not delivered on. Other apps like Audible don't work properly and kill the phone in hours. Although it's easy to point the fingers at these independant developers, the fact is the casual user will experince WP8 at a platform "that doesn't work". 
The truth is, it probably wouldn't have been that hard for HTC to release this phone in both Android and WP8 versions - if it was even possible (Microsoft won't license on this hardware currently). The key problem is far more likely to be Microsoft than HTC in making that happen. 
When I saw this phone, my first thought was "well, maybe it's just time to settle for Android". That's not what MS wants from someone who was crazy excited to get his 920. No matter how much I like the tile-based interface and the hubs, I sometimes wonder if I can't find the same thing through Android apps, and then I'll have access to all the major popular apps too...

aubreyq says:

+1000. Good post. The HTC One also made me think about Android for a split second. I'm on iOS now simply because I didn't feel that WP8 delivered the goods, even though the hardware (e.g. Lumia 920) is superb.

lippidp says:

No keyboard. No sale. Next...

I wouldn't be surprised if we did in fact get one, but probably not for some time. They'll probably wait to see how well this phone does in the market and base any future WP8 versions on that.
That being said, I love my HTC 8X on Verizon, and would LOVE to be able to step it up with an even better phone from HTC running WP8, since the 920 is only on AT&T :/

Micah Dawson says:

I seriously doubt we will ever see anything like this from htc....on windows phone and i also doubt that this will help them much.

Sean Davison says:

Someone needs to do camera comparisons with this phone, the L920, and the 8X. Then this already tired crap about what MS allows and doesn't allow will go the fuck away.

Because looking at this leaves me pretty unimpressed.

TechnoTim says:

I hope so we need diversity

xmarklive says:

windows phone needs to become like apple iphone with one or two version made by microsoft and thats it.

gilesjuk says:

It needs to be the opposite. Microsoft needs to reduce the amount of lockdown in windows phone as their "copy Apple" approach isn't working.

aubreyq says:

You're probably right about that.

sago_project says:

right now only nokia has an high end specs in the wp environment i think thats y nokia is very popular. also i think its more practical to compete against nokia to be top wp phone manufacturer than android high end phones.

I love polls. :)

Iain_S says:

this phone is dead in the water same as every other HTC android device. Nobody will go for this when the new Samsung android phone comes out very soon.

myjota says:

Htc iphone 5 clone.

aubreyq says:

You're kidding, right? I wish my iPhone 5 looked like the new HTC One.

cybermoose89 says:

The Nokia catwalk will kick its ass!

mblanco7 says:

I believe what many have said already that Samsung is the top dog and can't be dethroned, and HTC needed this device to gain their following back. If your have had an HTC device then you know how solid they can be, whether its Android or WP, both platforms are great on any manufacturers device. When its all said, it's a personal preference. I for one like HTC and have both WP and Android devices, yes multiple, and I have enjoyed how well built they are I know people who drink from the iOS cup and won't even give another platform a second look. I wanted the choice and the company that makes my devices makes both and I hope that a WP device as solid as the ONE will come along. Its only a matter of time until WP is just as popular and has the following that iOS and Android has.

mpjones says:

I didnt think WP can currently support quad core processors? and therefore cannot support a 1080p display?

gilesjuk says:

Who really needs 1080p on a phone? Its pointless and just puts more strain on the cpu and gpu, meaning poor battery life.

martinmc78 says:

Well according to wired - none of the camera tech is coming over to WP8 because apparently the Wp8 kernel is too restrictive.

jiayit says:

IMHO hardware > software. I'd gladly take up any phone that looks sexy, ignoring the OS.

AaronZ88 says:

There's already a one x, so no I don't see them doing it for windows considering they are already marketing windows phone.

cedarlog says:

HTC will release improved hardware, but still nothing like their Android devices
i guess Nokia is the only hope windowsphone has when it comes to high end phones

paulm187 says:

HTC is being trapped by a pincer movement by Samsung on the Android front and Nokia on the WP front. HTC needs to up their game and bring great hardware for both OS if they want to stay relevant.

snakechia says:

Do you really need an quad core with 2Gb ram to run WP8? Seriously, I'm doubt, but for Android? Is a must, else, it can't even start. :P

franknyarkoh says:

I can't wait to see HTC bringing similar phone to windows phone. I will buy with all my money. WP is good but could outrun android if MS can find a way of integrating mobile office with the desktop version. Thus making way for active synchronization via USB. Similarly, PDF should be considered. With this MS will lead the race in terms of office documents. And the competition will get richer and richer.

lantern20 says:

After all the wonderful support I've gotten from HTC on my Titan II, I'll probably be skipping any HTC phones. (Still no updates, ever!)

mcmaui says:

It won't happen because WP uses a different approach than Android when it comes to hardware, and that is optimisation for a specific hardware. Although it may be certainly possible to run WP8 on a QuadCore, it won't benefit from it that much as it's not tailored for it. WP7 was optimised for a specific SingleCore Qualcomm Chip which was just offered in different clock speeds. With WP8 it's the same, it's tailored for the DC Krait Qualcomm and every phone has it where speeds may range from 1Ghz (Lumia 620) to 1,5 Ghz (Lumia 920) or even more in the future.
IMO it's better to do it this way, because a DC with optimised software can be as fast or faster than a QC with a messy Android on it, so efficiency is the key here.

Dethzilla says:

This phone really has wpcentral scared. It is a great looking phone... Just another in a long list I don't care about. More Nokia 1000 please.

jmshub says:

I think HTC will need to maximize profits on their phone, so if there isn't too high a barrier for entry, they will probably build the thing in WP8 too.

Xaphoon148 says:

My Lumia 920 is The ONE ;)

duoFurious says:

Would love to see more advancements in hardware even though like blackberry, windows phone has always been more about the experience rather than specs(android). Because the specs for high end are easy to achieve in todays mobile market. Though what they have done with a camera and camera app. I would love to see this port over to windows phone!

DavidinCT says:

Maybe it's me but, I want one with a MIcroSD card....

starblade876 says:

I like HTC, but I think they're BSing if they say they can't make a WP with the same camera tech. Nokia put a great camera on WP8 and we're all even expecting them to do better. Stop being lame, HTC. :(

I think a WP8 version of the One, with the 720P 4.7 inch screen and the new camera would sell quite well...

daguila29 says:

There is nothing about HTC that excites me, or makes me think I want an HTC phone. I've owned at least 6 HTC phones way back from the Diamond. Since the Lumia came out I don't miss anything other than the camera from the titan, but purview is a good replacement now.

HTC is fighting an uphill battle, Samsung is dominating the Android market and Nokia is going to be the same monster for WP. I'd hate to be in Pete's shoes right now.

jefflee74 says:

I am really impressed by the new direction of hardware design, I love the HTC one hardware, but the reason I left Android to go to windows phone was simply for the performance and hardware integration. Sense is another software running on top of android operating system, which caused the OS to crash constantly because it eats up too much battery power just like it did with windows mobile, it heats up the phone so much, and most of all android is just so laggy, its certainly has become the new windows for sure. I would surely wait for HTC's new WP8 phone, I am so in love with my titan that I am never going back to android, its a boring , ugly ineffiecient and uninspiring OS just like IOS.

eolorvida says:

not interested.

My only question: how much will GOogle pay HTC to not release this phone with WinPho 8?

Chelsea FC1 says:


Here is full review of HTC One according to my point to view