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omgTANGRAM a puzzling puzzle game for your Windows Phone


If you like puzzle games, you'll like omgTANGRAM. This is a Windows Phone game is a collection of tangram puzzles where you have to fill a wide range of silhouettes that you have to with seven puzzle pieces or tans.

On the surface omgTANGRAM looks like a simple puzzle game but once you dig into things, this Windows Phone game is full of challenges and a nice way to pass the time.

omgTANGRAM has three sections. A tutorial and two puzzle sections (an ocean and desert scenario) with seventeen puzzle in each section. Even if you know your way around tangram puzzles, you'll need to go through the tutorial on how to move, rotate and flip gaming pieces.  You basically tap on the piece you want to move and a spinning wheel appears around the piece.  Slide your finger around the wheel to spin the piece, double tap to flip it, and tap/hold/slide to move it.


Once you complete the tutorial you can tackle each puzzle section. The layout of the sections has your puzzle choices up top that are side scrollable. Just tap on the puzzle you want to tackle and it takes center screen. Your seven puzzle pieces are scattered about and you slide them into the silhouette to complete the puzzle.

Once you complete the puzzle, it comes to life and populates the background of the scene. For example, as you finish puzzles in the ocean scene you'll find fish and boats begin to appear on the high seas.


The puzzles can be rather challenging and the only hint you have is that if you place a piece in just a dreadful position it will shake. Otherwise, you're on your own.

The biggest downside to omgTANGRAM is that the game is ad supported and the ad banner tends to get in the way at times. It's a shame there's not an option to pay $.99 to get rid of the ads. Nonetheless, omgTANGRAM is a good addition to our Windows Phone puzzle game library.

omgTANGRAM is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone that you can snatch up here in the Windows Phone Store.




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razorguy says:

Keeps failing during the install on my L920 :(

Reflexx says:

Same here. Failed install on my L920.

No ad free version? I will have to pass for now.
Just a week ago, I would have grabbed any windows game that comes my way. Now, I am actually in a postion (so many games for WP in the last week alone) to pass on a few games. Nice!!!

Ozzpot says:

It's a good sign too that WP gamers are often seen begging for a paid version. A good indication that we consider these games to be worth a dollar or two for an ad-free experience and that we are only too happy to pay that cost.

Ozzpot says:

[double post] 

newfiend says:

omgTANGRAM Style! Sounds like a new psy song eh?

mblanco7 says:

Cancelled the download after 3rd try. Won't download looks fun but can't download

alias_elias says:

Developer here, thanks for the review! Sorry about those that can't download on their 920. I have heard complaints with that phone before, however, 10% of my users are on 920s, I am not sure what the issue is but I am looking into it.
An option to remove ads is coming but that will only work on wp8. Do you think I should do a paid version for wp7?
Also, more content is coming =D.
Anyone feel free to talk at me on the facebook page or my twitter @alias_elias

Make it ad free/paid version and you got a buy from me. I understand the point of free games with ads, because a few years ago, I could not afford to buy anything.
Things are different now and the way I see it, when playing games I don't want distractions. I want to be immersed in it. ads are okay on utility apps but on games, I would definitely not like them.

YianniGR says:

It's a very nice little game but you can finish it quick and then...that's all! You can't even retry the puzzles you already solved!!! Two levels is too few..
Edit: oops sorry mr developer just saw your answer. Congrats it's so well made game and the music so nice also. Yes it does need more levels. The colors in level one are great!

alias_elias says:

Thanks for the feedback YianniGR, the ability to replay puzzles is coming in the next update along with a new level.

technecium says:

Still not available in Russia (PEGI)

alias_elias says:

Russia will be added in the next patch.

Wes Halton says:

Wont install on my HTC 8X either !