Samsung bumps their Now news and weather app but changes remain a mystery

Samsung is back at work updating their core apps, which is good news for the handful of you ATIV owners out there. 

Samsung’s Now app is actually not a half bad “all in one” spot for your local weather, news, stocks and even social information. It’s laid out nicely, has a double wide main tile and is surprisingly zippy (even though the load screen doesn’t match the ATIV’s resolution).

The app got a small bump today from to though absent any changelog or visible new features, we’re hard pressed to tell you what is different. There is still no lockscreen support (which is a shame since their RSS reader has that) and the app appears to be functioning as it should, so perhaps Samsung just fixed some back things or made some performance improvements.

If you use the Samsung Now app, you can head to the Store to grab your update. Thanks, Saket S. and Bruno C., for the tip!

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That Ativ looks better every time I see it. Even though if ATT had the Ativ, I would still get the 920. But i really like the looks of this phone.

RaRa85 says:

This is great seeing as how no one has even seen the Samsung Ativ S first Windows Phone 8 announced. Samsung have a seat.

walter1832 says:

Samsung, your doing it wrong!

Saiyaku says:

YOU ARE doing it wrong too...

walter1832 says:

You are doing it wrong ALSO ?

HelloJed says:

lol. No he's not.

JD Miles says:

This is a nice little ap I miss from my Focus days. I do not miss the fact I was on my third Focus the first year, they all were covered by warranty. It was quite a hassle as the no back up system on 7.5 made it "fun" setting each back to the way I wanted.
My wife now has the Focus since I got my 920. Windows phone 8 is much nicer and because of the problems I had with the Focus phones (suspect micro usb ports) both becoming impossible to charge I will not get another Samsung any time soon. The Nokia build quality seems much better.

venetasoft says:

I will never buy a Samsung phone as it showed 0 interests on wp.
Too late Sammy, I own a 920 and exclusive apps counts !!

soumitro316 says:

Got an update on my 7.8 device too....the weather live tile actually works now:D...but it seems double wide tile support has been removed which was there before:-/

chataddicted says:

This update is for 7.8 not for 8. Now live tile is updating frequently on 7.8 but the full size tile is missing in 7.8 :(

Dadstar0410 says:

Lol "for the handful of you ATIV owners out there". That's cold. . .

aeronaught says:

I have an original Focus and I got the update as well.

lfjj says:

Give me that news app nooooow!

roydwang says:

Hate Samsung!!!!!!!

silverdoe says:

I don't know about the WP8 ver., but on WP 7.8, the update basically remove the doublewide main live tile, and the live tile actually works again (didn't for quite a while). So I assume the doublewide tile cause it not to update before, and Samsung had no clue how to fix it, so they straight up remove it. Pathetic. Go to the its reviews & you know! LOL

Etios says:

Pathetic update, Samsung removed the Double Wide tile.

they've also ported their excellent photogram app to wp8

Murgatroyd7 says:

I see I'm not the only one who noticed that the double-wide Live tile is now gone, which completely screws up my layout.  For those of you with 7.8, are you still not given the option to make it double-wide?  I would test it myself, but 7.8 still hasn't been released for the Flash Focus (or if it has, I can't get it for whatever reason).