Portico Windows Phone update rolling out in European markets for unbranded hardware

According to a number of sources, the Windows Phone 8 update -- codename "Portico" OS build 8858 -- is rolling out across a number of European markets for those using unbranded hardware. WPArea.de reports that they have received the notification to upgrade their unlocked Windows Phone in Germany, while a handful of our readers from both Denmark and Sweden have got in touch.

We previously looked at Microsoft unleashing the update late last month to Italy, Germany and Russia. The reports coming in this evening show a controlled release with more consumers now receiving update notifications. Have you received Portico on your Windows Phone 8 device yet? Let us know in the comments.

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VikArmo says:

I thought WP8 updates rolled out at the same time? Guess not.

David Best says:

anyword on the uk?

VikArmo says:

No, still waiting.

how1ard says:

I am awaiting a response from the Nokia customer escalation team on when the UK unbranded phones can expect to receive Portico. Initially Nokia said that the roll out would be finished by the end of February, so we could be very close, unless it rolls over into March.......... I will let you all know what their response is.

VikArmo says:

Good man, thanks.

Mik29 says:

Just been on the phone to Nokia about the portico update for the UK Unbranded Lumia 820, They said that the update had been released in the UK but phones would be recieving it depending on the phones batch number, and they hoped all WP8 Lumias would be updated by the end of February. Im not gonna hold my breath, but fingers crossed.

how1ard says:

Hi, yeah that's what they told me at the beginning of February, the IMEI number thing. Trouble is that NONE of us with unbranded phones have got it yet. I just heard back from them on their Facebook page and got the following uninspiring reply.......... "I'm afraid we have no visibility on the roll out timings for that one". That's Nokia speak for "not a clue". The more I ask, the less they know. I’ve got 4G sat there waiting for me and I can’t access it, so frustrating, never mind the camera and battery fixes!

Hell yeah, here it is! Russia, tele2, unbranded Lumia 820. Can't find how to switch off images in ie.

how1ard says:

Downloading as we speak guys......... At last!!!

arthurspnr says:

I have an unbranded Lumia 820 sim free I had a message of an update so I let it download and I keep getting this message "The update was downloaded, but couldn't be opened (8007000d). Is this the Portico update? I am on Talkmobile in the UK. I can't find any advice on this problem can anyone help?