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MLB at Bat 2012 takes the field over at the Windows Phone Marketplace

At Bat 12 for Windows Phone

MLB at Bat 2012 has finally reached the Windows Phone Marketplace to bring all the stats, scores, and action of the 2012 Major League Baseball season to your Windows Phone. Officially titled "At Bat 12" in the Marketplace the MLB app picks up where MLB at Bat 11 left off.  You can tag up to three MLB teams as favorites so you can easily follow all the action from starting pitch to the final out.  At Bat 12 lays everything out really nicely.

At Bat 12

The overall appearance has also received a face lift with a lighter appearance to the app which makes it look better.  Key features include:

  • Add a favorite team panorama
  • Pin your favorite team to the Homescreen
  • Home and away live radio broadcasts
  • Gameday pitch-by-pitch tracker
  • In-progress video highlights
  • Condensed Games and video highlight library
  • Breaking news, schedules, standings, rosters and player statistics

At Bat 12 is running $14.99 and many will cry foul that there isn't a trial version available.  However, At Bat 12 delivers a ton of information to your Windows Phone and is well worth the fifteen buck price tag. 

But I agree, it would be nice to have a way to try before you invest in At Bat 12 or opt for a scaled down, lite version.  You can find At Bat 12 here at the Windows Phone Marketplace and again, it's running $14.99.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

QR: At Bat 12



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rojar19 says:

Wow. This makes me happy that a major app like this makes it to windows phone.

I'm glad it's here for the sake of those who will use it, but I don't see myself paying $15 for it.

gtbuzz says:

I'm glad this is finally out as I've been waiting for it for a while, but I'm kind of on the fence about it. On Android and iOS, if you subscribe to premium, you get the At Bat app for free. It doesn't look like that's the case with WP, as they've now updated the premium web page to state:
"MLB.TV Premium is not available on Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry."
Sorry, but if they're gonna tell me my money isn't as good as on other platforms, I'm gonna tell them to shove it. I've got an Android tablet as well that I could use it on, but this irks me.
I have sent an email to MLB Advanced Media Customer Service ( and also sent an email to MLB executive relations ( to tell them exactly why they're not getting my money. That way they still know there's a demand for the product, but I don't have to show it with my wallet. I suggest other people do the same.

inteller says:

I can understand BackwardsBerry but not WP7 is pretty lame.  They must be using some proprietary fringe HTML5 video technology and feeding it through a WebShit browser....thats really all iOS and 'roids have in common.

SocalBrian says:

To be fair "BackwardsBerry" has 3X the marketshare of all MS platforms in the US  right now (and neither platform's share is anything to be too excited about). This is clearly not about some "fring HTML5 video technology" since the major platforms have it. MLB should offer this on WP7 for less since it's missing major features.

Welve says:

15 is too steep for me, 4 or 5 maybe

UrbanaSax says:

I had At Bat 11 last year and enjoyed it. Being able to pull the gameday audio up from the local team is nice.

why not have another app with the monthly price of $3 since WP has no in app purchase, which is what you can buy on iOS.

bono5112 says:

Its 14.99 on all Os unless you subscribe to mlb tv premium, which runs 100.00+. I've been waiting for this and just DL it. Looks FANtastic ;)

gtbuzz says:

Other OS's have live video, which we don't have.

NaterBater says:

On android very few phones have live video. Mainly just tablets and even the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is not supported.

on ios you have the option of doing it monthly at $2.99

Mr4eyes86 says: sucks....its not the same as if you were watching the game at home...i tried mlb tv last year for the division series and thought it was horrific. You have to have 4 different views up at one time to be able to enjoy the game.this app is fantastic for the radio broadcast of all games being played that day. If you don't like the price then don't buy it.

nhd6 says: sucks. is fine and superior to - you can watch the same home live feed or the away feed as it is on tv, except on blackout days.  I've had it for years now and I still think it's worth every penny, even with the annual price hikes.  I guess this app is worth the money if you don't have a subscription and like listening to the radio broadcasts.

NaterBater says:

I live three hours from Philly and don't have a channel for them so I bought it last year. Its totally worth it for regular season. Only stupid thing is when they play the nats pirates or O's I'm blacked our which is dumb. I'm paying $120 a year I should be able to watch any game I want.

Thanks for the update George! I was getting worried they weren't going to release it for WP7.

Mr4eyes86 says:

Btw I like how your favorite team are the Rays!!! Good job!!! Go Rays!!!!

Thanks... I was a big Braves fan up until they broke up Glavin, Smoltz and Maddox.

RVL_ says:

Great app, good price, glad to see it on WP. I like this model of an inclusive, fully featured $15-20 app that covers one season/year.

goldenpipes says:

I was listening to the Twins vs Angels game today and the broadcaster had a bit to go get the At bat app, he said available for iPhone Android BlackBerry and even windows mobile... I am disappointed that they didn't say windows phone.

DavidinCT says:

If your a huge baseball fan streaming of the dreaming plan....

webguynj says:

Anyone know why MLB TV has abandoned the Windows Phone platform for the 2013 season

I would love to know as well. I wish they would 'step up to the plate' and get something done here.

ozze232 says:

Windows Phone is virtually the only device that doesn't have MLB At Bat and we've never had full functionality!  I've started a petition with Windows to help change this. Please vote for and share it.