Windows Phone Central app v3.8/9 now available!

Here's the big one folks, we present to you the v3.8 update to our official app, live now in the marketplace.

Available on both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8, this update is the product of several months of work migrating to WP8 natively, but we've also thrown in a few new features to keep things fresh and exciting.

This update supports Windows Phone 8 fully, including the 720P screen resolution (which should make HTC 8X owners very happy), as well as full support for all 3 tile sizes on Windows Phone 7.8 and 8. It's taken a fair amount of time to bring the codebase over to Windows Phone 8 in a way that allows us to fully support version 7 wherever possible. Hopefully you will never see the product of that work as everything will appear seamless, in which case we can now focus on bringing some very cool stuff to version 4.

Windows Phone 7 users you will find that v3.8 now supports double sized tiles, as well as featuring the bug fixes that are part of this release, and the higher definition icons. Windows Phone 8 users should see v3.9 available, with the same tile support but also featuring lock screen notification support. Please note though, that for lock screen notifications you will have to customise your tile to use the plain tile count style - this is a limitation in the Windows Phone SDK and one that we cannot work around.


You can find the full changes, and an image preview of the new wide tile above:

  • New live tiles including Double wide tile
  • New Wallpapers!
  • Full Windows Phone 8 Support
  • Using high definition icons
  • Support for lock screen notifications
  • Re-wrote the forum link enrichment code to correctly find all forum links
  • Fixed the app title not retrieved bug
  • Several other smaller bug fixes

As always we really appreciate your feedback so please comment, post on forums or generally get in touch through the app to let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Download the official Windows Phone Central app here in the Store. (Remember, the app has an "unlimited trial" making it free. It only costs $0.99 to remove the ads and add bonus features. The choice is yours!)

Note: The app is just freshly published, so if you're using our app now, try and use the download link within the app (searching may still show v3.4). If you don't see it, as usual, hold on for a few hours!

Un-pin: You may also need to unpin and re-pin your Live Tile to see the new doublewide, give it a go, it works!

QR: WPCentral



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aaa6112 says:

Been waiting for this update for a long long time, thanks Jay!
Love the double wide tile btw, very efficient use of space on either side!
Edit: I am getting an error when I try to save one of the wallpapers to my phone. And sometimes it just crashes the app when I enter the wallpaper section.

nice update, but wtf's with removing the option to customize tile back between text and image..?

...that's been around since v1 and I'm really shocked u removed that basic level of customization..

I love having the count and toast notifications but hate the tile back with the image, especially as its often a cut-off image on the square/mid-size tile and fucked with my layout..

can you confirm why this was removed???

Jay Bennett says:

Certainly. That customisation was introduced in a version 2 patch and was when I couldn't make the text and image display in an effective way. When switching to this new tile I found that if i left in the old customisation code it completely broke the tile because it was using part custom renders and part default sdk tile code. Still, i will work on something for the next update without images as you have responded negatively to this change

Iskassasya says:

Such a good response Jay. Thank you. I too also like the tile without image but it is not worth hours of your pain to get it working.

I like the tile better when its not switching. Just the number of new items is enough as I'll see the images upon opening the app anyway.

wow, thanks for the great response and I really appreciate it. also, want to emphasize that I do really love the app and feel its a perfect showcase of what a wp app can be, so great work jay!

and I didn't mean to be so negative, its just that I tend to be somewhat ocd with my tile layout so when I place a tile that's in my accent colour, I tend to prefer it stays that way, and flipping to an image breaks that..

as I'm now also realizing that the change is probably tied to the double-wide implementation, I can see the difficulty in maintaining that. I'll echo a suggestion made in response to this comment, that I think the ideal solution (and hopefully easiest to implement) would be to provide an option to disable flipping outright. for me personally, that'd be the ideal as I get notifications and a count which matter most and it keeps the tile looking consistent.


Jay Bennett says:

I'll put both of these in as options in that case

Ty1361 says:

Awesome thanks! I too prefer the old options.

NIST says:

I would prefer the tile to spin instead of flip.

Jay Bennett says:

Not possible with the Windows Phone SDK ;)

mosi76 says:

Awesome update. Thanks!

ej1024 says:

Perfect for my 900 7.8

karthikkini says:

How cool!! There have been a series of app updates since yesterday. WPC app is one more now. Thanks WPC team!!

dbam987 says:

The app looks great on the 8X's screen resolution! Awesome stuff, awaiting v4 now...

edwmcc says:

Looks awesome! Great job!!!

Sam Sabri says:

You might need to unpin and repin the Live Tile for the wide tiles to work in WP8. After updating the app wouldn't go double wide, but unpinning/repinning helped.

Great update Jay!


beej says:

Good call. I kept trying it. But unpinning it works perfectly.

Quin 2013 says:

I agree, it wasn't working at first, then it once I un-pinned and re-pinned the type.

Wow, amazing! Thank you for this update. I have an 8x and the app not taking advantage of the full screen was bugging me. If I could give you a better than a five star rating I would.

WhippedKream says:

Wow guys the new 720p resolution support is a KILLER feature you guys did! I saw a huge diff right away and my eyes are more relaxed while reading, and everything just looks sooo clear! Wow. Thank you :D I love my 8X and I have loved WPCentral since the day my Optimus 7 came with NoDo. Keep up the amazing efforts guys!

S0ckM0nk3y says:

This update is absolutely fantastic!!!!  Great job guys!  I've gotten a lot of people to purchase your app and this warrants the purchase even more!!  Keep it up!  Best WP site there is!

khazaduel says:

I cant get it to go to double wide on my 920?

Unpin and re-pin it...

Jey Si says:

U beat me on that Daniel :)

Jey Si says:

Unpin from Start then pin it again :)

Jazmac says:

This is all I ever wanted.

ricardios says:

Love the double wide tile. First one on my start screen.

jdb_ii says:

Thank you thank you!!!!!

JLP says:

Nice job Jay...the resolution support for the 8x makes this app even more awesome

Hey the new update is awesome , really good job it was really worth buy the app, i hope you keep improving the app more and more.

Now I really wish they would post another article soon so I can see the lock screen notification. Lol

Just posted a review for this app today asking about the windows phone 8 app, and now it's here. Go jay!

rubenbest says:

Double wide tile is amazing!!

vikrant6 says:

Awesome awesome awesome!!! BEST use of wide tile among all other apps out there.. Brilliant work Jay!

rcasey says:

SkyScanner uses the double wide tile beautifully too. Worth checking it out.

Jf.Vigor says:

As does groupon

WP7_Genius says:

Nice update looking forward to 4.0

I understand that you can't work around the plain tile count, but curious, why?

Not really helpful, Hit the Lights.

Jay Bennett says:

Basically the only way to have lock screen notifications is to set the tile's count property, resulting in that black tile count. Before we were rendering it as part of the tile image, which doesn't set the tile count property, thus no lock screen notification :(

Ah, thanks jay. Any information on you submitting the app for the app star thing? You would be in the top 5.

Jay Bennett says:

We are entering yes...

Awesome! Keep us informed! :D

Now you can submit the app for the Next App Star Jay. :)

Jey Si says:

Double wide tile working fine on WP8 but not on 7.8 (Nokia Lumia 710)

FIXED: I just re-install the app. :)

coeus89 says:

Love the double wide tile!

Cellus13 says:

Yay! Your app is the best news app ever. This app is worth the 99¢! :) Been waiting for the tile sizes :D

DJCBS says:

Am I the only one who's App shuts down when you try to open the Wallpapers section?
Edit: Solved. If you experience that problem just reinstall the App. ;)

The ZennyBoy says:

I just updated this at the local bar. I'm half drunk and I can still tell how awesome this update is!!!

abond32 says:

Wonderful, Great, Beautiful, large tile is great. Yep! Good Job! Thanks!

silverdoe says:

So the trial ver. doesn't have multi sized tile, cuz it doesn't have live tile. Pity one of the most integral feature of WP is being limited to premium, especially for someone who stuck with a damn wrong region account & cannot add any payments. Seems the Xbox migration only applies to Xbox, not MS acc-wide

runciter says:

Depends on where you are I suppose, but the Store does offer carrier billing (obviously where supported)

Sam Sabri says:

Unpin/repin the tile...

interopbyt says:

I finally made the decision to buy the app! Nice work! :)

mandartd says:

Awesome!. You guys are doing absolutely great!..Keep up the good work!..Thanks to the entire WPC team!

Same issues as the first comment.

Kenjoe says:

Nice and thanks

mayur89 says:

Gr8 wrk guys.... Im using wp7.8 n collecting money to buy wp8 dev...

Chregu says:

Very nice, thanks alot! I am just wondering, why doesn't Whatsapp, for example, have to set the ugly black circled count for lock screen notification?

Jay Bennett says:

They are using a different shell tile layout, the "iconic layout" specific

Chregu says:

Okay, thank you for the information :)

Katsy One says:

Exuse me... But why am I unable to download the paid version in the store? I mean, I already had this app, but then it was deleted and now it asks me to buy it, whereas I have already done that in the past.

If you're are new to Windows Phone, that's normal. If you try to "buy" an app again that you already bought, when you try to purchase it, it will tell you that and you'll just redownload it no charge.

Katsy One says:

Hm, sorry. My bad being a newbie to the OS :)


pankaj981 says:

I thought full WP8 meant fast resume :D, the update is a welcome change, thanks Jay!

Bushybro says:

Best site, best dev, best support!!!

edjr07 says:

Great job!!!

nokiageek says:

This update does not work well with my Nokia Lumia 620, clicking on wallpaper sends you back to the Windows phone home screen,

Maybe it's just the placebo effect but damn does the app feel smooth after the update!

Double wide tile still doesn't work on my 7.8... Already tried re-pinning the app as well as re-installing the app...

sunnybyday says:

Same here - on my NL 710 with WP7.8, I tried to un-pin/Pin, uninstall - reinstall and everythign I could think of. No luck so far - just can't get the elusive double wide tile. Ideas?

JPDVM2014 says:

I am able to get the double tile on my 900, however I can't get the live tile to update.

James8561 says:

i looked up the app, update prompted, listed as 3.9
when updated, i check the about page to see "Version: 3.8.78"
??? wut is goin on
otherwise the app opens almost instantaneously after the update. seems to take better advantage of a 2nd core

Jay Bennett says:

It's version 3.8 of the app but i had to mark the wp8 XAP as a higher version to ensure that windows phone 8 devices choose it over the other version. This will be cleared up next release a little :)

z8er says:

Woohoo, awesome!

phirefly says:

Looks Awesome on the 920!

Eric Hon says:

double wide dosn't work on 8, but it works on my 7.8

jerrynomenon says:

U might need to UNPIN ur tile from previous version and repin it

runciter says:

Love the update Jay! Brilliant!

Double-wide doesn't work on 7.8. Focus Flash

Jey Si says:

Unpin then re-pin. If the problem still persist, uninstall then re-install the app

For Lumia 920 win 8 phone, the version is showing as 3.8.78. But in market place I see it as 3.9. Do I have the latest version? And also for some reason, my screen became soooo bright. I had to uninstall the app and reinstall the app to fix the issue. Did anybody face the same issue?

jkercado says:

The app is WAY faster. Dayum!

Caspar Davey says:

Like the new live tile. I did notice that the header in the screenshot has the WP Central logo and the full name Windows Phone Central. My screen still just has the text WPCENTRAL with no logo. I have the live tile and checked the version on the about screen. I have the new version running. No big deal, just an observation.

oscargodson says:

Its a setting. Open up the settings and you can personalize the header.

Caspar Davey says:

Thanks. Hadn't spotted that setting.

Schikitar says:

This is great, handed over my 99c!

pierrerv says:

Awesome. Just updated. And now commenting via the app

Looks Amazing on my HTC 8X, thanks... and it looks even better with pay version :P

jerrynomenon says:

How about adding iconic style tile count (Large number next to app icon - like mail or messaging live tiles)? Also wpcentral for win8 will be highly appreciated :-)

cadeross says:

I have the free version.. And am on 7.8 why am I not getting double wide tile?

onysi says:

same here.  thinking its for paid users only.  i already reinstalled it and repin

Jay Bennett says:

It is for paid users only on 7.8, as it can only be kicked into gear when you're using the live tile

Talbot690 says:

My double wide tile works perfect but my normal size tile is grey and unpinning doesn't seem to work any ideas?

Talbot690 says:

Got it workin :)

Thanks Jay for this update. But i am not getting the double wide tile on my Samsung Omnia W.

oscargodson says:

Works great and I've been waiting for this update for a long time :)

One small thing tho, none of the icons anywhere on the app are hi res. They still look blurry. On a Lumia 920.

Jay Bennett says:

I assure you that the highest offenders have been updated, but for some on the browse screen I made the call that they didn't need an update

cadeross says:

Live tile not working double wide function I mean. I uninstalled it and reinstalled plus did the pin unpin thing not working

I can't get the double wide till to happen. I unpinned repinned. Uninstalled reinstalled. Turn my phone on and off. Any other suggestions? WP7.8 L900

Jay Bennett says:

Have you got live tile enabled?

Yes, live tile is enabled. Live tile isn't working now at all since I updated and uninstalled reinstalled. I have the paid version.

It is working now. A couple comments down someone said sign in and I did and now it works fine. I don't understand how that matters. Thank you Jay for the app and the response on here and on Twitter.

Jey Si says:

Buy the app :)

I have the paid version. I've had it for a long time.

aka P says:

Why does the appshow under bacground tasks? What does it do?

Jay Bennett says:

Background audio streaming when you play podcasts, and updates the tile if you have live tile enabled

onysi says:

is double wide tile only available for paid users?  it doesnt work on my 7.8  -dvp, forced update.

Jay Bennett says:

Correct, only for paid users

xiontechinfo says:

JayTBenett I am not able to get double wide tile at all.
What could be the reason ?
I tried everything, reinstalling pinning again and turning on and off the phone.

rastanac says:

After unpinning & repinning, try to wait for a couple of minutes and let the app sync a bit,then try changing the tile size. That worked at least for me.

xconomicron says:

Do other mobile nations sites get so many awesome updates like this to their apps?  I appreciate the update Jay.  Btw, the guy named Hank in a yellow Pancho at Burger King is still waiting to inform Daniel of some WP information.  xD

liammatho says:

No more blurry icons! Thank you!!!

R0bR says:

Lock screen notification works great, but after unlocking my live tile didn't show a count. This worked prior to the update on my 920, I'm using a small tile.

R0bR says:

Since everyone is unpinning and pinning the tile I did the same and it works now.

DenniSundaY says:

Super! Now the screen is filled on my htc 8x!

rastanac says:

Gotta love the double wide tile! Thanks! :)

venom5150 says:

Jay, I have to say, your app is the best executed in the WP store. Its distinctly Windows phone in a way that no other app I can think of does. Great job!

AndreiX says:

I'm a happy HTC 8x owner :)

sarim_xyz says:

this app could be made free. even if ad-supported trial version is offered, it must be fully-functional. It says, live tile is supported in full version only :-/

Jey Si says:

Go buy the app. Its only 99 cents. :)

jlynnm350z says:

You hear that bird jay? Cheap, cheap

Jay has mentioned previously that he had to charge 99 cents for him to make it worth his while to spend so much time on the app. And as a bonus to users that pay they get the live tiles and the different tile sizes. Plus Jay works full time and does this on the side. Considering how often the app gets updated the cost seems reasonable to me.

gcdc_lumia says:

double size tile doesnt wrk. i unpinned it and reinstalled. doesnt wrk. 7.8 user here

Jay Bennett says:

You need to have the live tile enabled for double tile support on 7.8

gcdc_lumia says:

oh, makes sense. i didn't buy the app. :( ugh...
i find it hassle to buy apps in marketplace because i dont live in US/Europe.

CommonBlob says:

Looks good. Still has some dodgy animations, but a nice app that seems even faster again?

Vheissu says:

Wow im amazed at how much different the app feels now that it is optimized for the 8x

Agent-P says:

720p support! Yes! And as always, excellent work.

wetworker says:

Thanks guys at wp central. This app is my go to app each and every morning.

DontHate707 says:

did you guys take out the feature of being able to customize the live tile in 7.8 with the latest article pic? :( cause all i can do know is change how the number is displayed and the color, the tile on the article looks extremly nice with a pic....

aerosmillie says:

Brilliant. Great update. Love the wide tile and lockscreen notifications.

vikrant6 says:

Hey Jay, latest article picture is not showing on the wide tile, just the title.. What might be the problem?

Jay Bennett says:

That happens if the image failed to download for any reason, it's like a safety making sure that you still see up to date headlines and count values even if the image failed over your connection for some reason.

Prensescim says:

Jay, one word: Excellent!!

Unpin and repin folks. Say it with me... "Unpin and repin." (some of you didn't say it)

Unpin and repin only didn't work for me. I got my double wide tile to work by signing in. Before that live tile didn't work at all.

Metrosity says:

Jay, is it possible to get a more fully featured post editor tool e.g add images via the app etc?

Xanthurum says:

Version 3.9 in the store, but the app shows version 3.8.78?...

Jay Bennett says:

It's a little trick I had to do in order for the correct version of the App to download for Windows Phone 8 users. This will be sorted in the next build :)

Xanthurum says:

Oh, ok. No hurry, good job by the way. Really love your app! All thumbs up!

jtes8 says:

Thanks Jay!

MadSci2 says:

Outstanding. Now all we need is an App for Surface Pro!

ChazTyldsley says:

New wallpapers but alot of the more interesting ones removed :(?

Jay Bennett says:

Yeah those all came from a competition we held last year, but they're all the old branding. Chances are we'll hold another competition some time :)

ChazTyldsley says:

Great cheers Jay! Look forward to it.

Works fine on my Lumia 900 i love the double tile ,THX for the update.

osku598 says:


eolorvida says:

am i the only one experiencing this... cant do the double wide tile... pin/unpin already done for a couple of times...

eolorvida says:

nevermind... it works now... ^_^

FrankEpr says:

Lovin' the wide tile!

Dave Blake says:

Wow Jay this is great

damo579 says:

Can't wait to try the new tile sizes but my phone hasn't gotten the 7.8 update yet...... Lumia 900 at&t

Jay, kick ass man! This is my favorite WP app and this update is great! Thanks for the hard work and setting the standard for developers to follow in designing a great app!

Mic98 says:

There is no double wide tile for windows phone 7.8. Anyways this app is amazing!

Duke178 says:

I also have same issue when opening wallpapers section, app crashes. Have also uninstalled as suggest but problem for me remains, also tried reboot but no change.

Yes live tile is enabled. I have the paid version. Live tile isn't working now and it was before I updated and uninstalled.

jlynnm350z says:

Awesome! Looks great. Is there anyone else having problems with the wallpapers app. Won't let me go in to the wallpaper app, just closes, also won't let me download any wallpapers. I get some kind of error. Using a 920.

browryan says:

Same here on the 920.

jlynnm350z says:

Also there is no new topic count on my lock screen and my live tile on my home screen. Using 920 still love the app, its the best. Keep up the great work.

Excellent update Jay, the text and icons on the live tile look crisp, thank you man

S_C_B says:

Love the update on my L920.

redeyss says:

Most used app on my L920! And best!!!

devize says:

Any plans to bring fast resume to this app? 

Would be good if I could open an article or thread, leave the app and send a text and then come straight back in without having to hold the back button. 

Thank you for the 720p native support. Now it looks so good on my HTC 8X. Also I'm a little afraid to turn on live tile and notifications, last time I did that the battery when galoping to 0% :)) Anyway this is what I called WP8 app!

randyjl says:

I've been waiting for the full screen on my 8x ever since I got it. Thanks for the great update!

rocky 710 says:

Can't pin the app to main screen after unpin

RaRa85 says:

As always great job guys and you didn't leave out the old-timers (7.8 users) in updating the app. Thanks.

AccentAE86 says:

Cheers.  Thanks Jay!

sunnybyday says:

Hi Jay - on my T-mobile Nokia Lumia 710 with WP7.8, I tried to un-pin/Pin then uninstall - reinstall and everythign I could think of. No luck so far - just can't get the elusive double wide tile. any ideas? is it because I used the seveneighter ;)
the other double wide tiles work fine - like the picture, calander etc

procen says:

Did you enable your live tile?

sunnybyday says:

That seems to fix it. Enable live tile, unpin/pin again. Thanks procen!

chad08er says:

A+ app Jay, keep up the good work.We just need to get other developers too follow your lead:)

jabtano says:


ihavewp8 says:

live tile or notification never works. It use too in the past

topleya says:

Looks so good on the Ativ S

ej1024 says:

I can't say thank you enough... The best app out there

Dre325 says:

My Live Tile is still not working on my L900 with 7.8. It shows a constant new article count and the back of the tile is an old article. I've unpinned and repinned. My biggest issue with this app is still the lack of visible links in articles and having to swipe right to see Links which have no context. Parse the links right in each post and allow us to click on them there like we do on your website or any other news app.

nalinbarola says:

Nothing new...wasted my data to update

Jay Bennett says:

Dear lord, I am so sorry that the new tile design and bug fixes was not worth less than 1mb of your data. How can I fix this travesty for you?