WhatsApp Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets major new update, loads of new features

Now that Kik is on the sidelines for Windows Phone, WhatsApp has become our default international messaging app on Windows Phone. Luckily for us the WhatsApp team is busy updating and adding new functions to the app, evidently back on their 30-day schedule.

Version 2.9.2 is now live in the Store and it’s the one update you’ve been waiting for, as it really brings this app into its own.

WhatsApp Windows Phone

New features include:

  • Lock screen notification support
  • New Tile design (less cartoony, more Metro)
  • Backup function
  • Hit “enter” as send
  • Mass message
  • New Attachment screen, including Audio, Video, Location, Picture, Camera and Contact
  • Some new UI layout changes

Overall, it’s an impressive update. The lock screen notifications go a long way to improving the app’s usability on Windows Phone 8 and the message backup feature and new layout should also please long time users looking for a more robust experience.

Notifications have been more consistent for us than on Kik and hopefully that will continue with this app update.

Did we miss any new features? Let us know in comments. You can download WhatsApp for free here in the Store. All Windows Phones supported. Thanks, Dennis and others for the tip!

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Cheers2 says:

What's the difference between "new broadcast" and "new group" ?

afgzee says:

New broadcast is when you type a message and it sends it to everyone on your whatsapp list, new group is when you pick who you want to make a conversation with, so for example in a group could be you, your mum and your dad, or you, your friend #1 and friend #2.

Antistatic says:

This was not a good update!
If i start to watch a videoclip i received earlier, the whole app hangs and i have to restart the phone! It has also crashed several times when i just scroll through the menus, og or if i enter the settings and try to go back again!
Didn't anyone test this properly before the launched the update!!????

Makaruchi says:

I have a question, I've updated the "Whatsapp" to the latest version, but the tile. still look the same, do not know where the most metro, and in the imagin is that you can use a long tile, is for WP 8?, mine is WP 7.8 and can not.

afgzee says:

The new tile appears to be just for WP8.

Hmmm...I'm running wp7.8 but still same tile design and no double wide tile :/

Still no new smiles...

kevingerard8 says:

I've learned that Whatsapp on WP is only stable after every two releases. Or so it has been for about the last six updates. The good thing is, they usually bring out an update soon after to fix the crashes or whatever unstable behaviour the 'big' updates bring in. So I guess I shall wait to see if a new update comes out soon, to sort out the complaints of bugs.

V Turk says:

well it ain't perfect there's still a dumb thing that it does with sending images it cant send images from other folder like the screen shot album

Whatsapp updated, WP8 OS updated. Can we have a better Skype for windows now?

avazee says:

I like the new update... however, 3 things that need to improve:
1) It takes much longer to load than the previous version..
2) Add a voice-to-text feature so we can speak out messages
3) I love the Share Location feature, I like to think of it as a game to find interesting/funny locations as I am in different places.  However, the Share Location feature only shows you a certain # of locations around you (like 15-20), it doesn't show more than that.  The iOS version, however, shows you what looks like an infinite number of locations.

Loads faster for me

This app is crazy fast now

SauX64 says:

I don't get it, how can i restore the conversations after moving to a new phone?

senai says:

what does the back up, back up exactly??

oscarcanada says:

If its anything similar to how the back up works on iPhone, it means just that. It backs up all your messages and audio files shared, and you can even save kl your convos and send them by email etc.

nbktonic says:

Thats crazy, this is horribly slow now. I open it up, leave the phone aside and start working on a document on the pc and then it opens up the app!! It frustrates the shit out of me. Many a times I have to just keep pressing back and load it up again :(

Yes .. Finally
But still not optimized for 8X resolution, and still can't view the profile pictures of my friends in large size.

I'm hoping they will integrate into the People hub, so we can get all communications history in one place!

finally, but not enough...

oscarcanada says:

About time! Can't wait to out this new update into use now.

afgzee says:

after testing, for a few hours, it is slower to load than the previous version

monotheist says:

The app has become slower than usual. It takes a long while to load. Looks like Whatsapp loves messing up their Windows Phone App

Snow says:

3 issues:
1. App load alot slower now, sometimes even hang on wp8 nokia lumia 920
2. Wide tile sometimes shows the most recent msg, sometimes just a tile number, no consistency
3. Still uses audio api
Fix these please.

What does the audio API that whatsapp uses do anyway, its driving me nuts having a stream icon on the volume controls!

DeacoN_Jo says:

I've just updated it on my WP7.8 Lumia800 , and it definitely became much faster and smoother ..with all The Features mentioned being present, except the Lockscreen Notifications of course ...

Love the update but, resuming the app is broken for me. It just crashes as soon as I try to resume.

sheldork says:

As it is, the Audio api is sucking the power out of the batteries, they still have not disabled the vibration notification when a new msg arrives, which actually surpases the setting of vibration being disabled in the profile settings.
What was the windows phone development team @ whatsapp was smoking when they decided how to torture the windows phone users?

azraeil says:

Crashes on resume and "fast resume" is a joke right? Slow resume or no resume is more like it on my 920

After using this yesterday, I had so much hope, but it continues to use the media stream API & continues to use a significant amount of battery. Windows Phone 8 introduced instant resume, WHY aren't they utilizing that instead? Its so frustrating, especially in an otherwise spectacular app

giorgio h says:

Is the app better now?

federicoalde says:

not big improvments, i have a lumia 710 with 7.8 and lots of features are missed for the windows 8, for example the lock screen notification , 

Sam Wong says:

If you don't press back to quit, says press Windows key, it will stop responding when you go back in.....
Poor update I can say...

Sean Burns1 says:

The app has been faster but occasionally on my Lumia 620 opening it seems to stall & there is a long pause. Hope it's not a bug

rokat says:

after I start the app, whenever i use the volume keys there is a music control that shows up. its really annoying because whenever I have music playing, that is replaced by the whatsapp music control!! this has been an issue since the app came out. When can this be fixed? any ideas??

Fran_FLV says:

Great update... Thanks to the bigger group picture (but same quality), it's impossible to silence groups... Well done

Don't think i will bother with this, the reviews certainly aren't positive

lemonsteveo says:

You did the right thing, it starts up like a pig sometimes, even on my L920.  Took nearly 10 secs at one point. 
Wish I didn't update.

george.matar says:

Ok something is really weird... i can check that the version is 2.9.2 the tile has changed and everything but still no lockscreen notification! is there a reason? i tried uninstaling the app and install again... no change! it's not even asking for verification anymore!!! any comment?
Thank you

george.matar says:

Update... I guess i needed to include whatsapp in the settings for lock screen as it is limited. Not cool

Raj Chahal says:

hahaha ... thank god i am content without whatsapp :D
still i was good to know about this update , but then i saw so many problems beings mentioned ... 
come on whatsapp Devs we WP users want a fair treatment :X

MikeSo says:

Just as crappy as before. Can't believe MS is still letting them get away with the hack of using the music player API to keep WiFi alive, thereby killing battery. And it crashes when trying to add a picture. What a joke.

So why didn't Windows 7.8 get the double tile feature? 

Franz Acker says:

Faith in Windows Phone 8: Restored

sheldork says:

again with another update

mukulvdhiman says:

one thing nobody noticed.. now whatsapp also comes in share photo options!!

lemonsteveo says:

Pretty sure that was in earlier versions mate.

sheldork says:

I had used it like a month ago, so yes It was there

jfash007 says:

Just got worse. Takes an eternity to load sometimes. LINE messenger seems better

Thelmie says:

There's another update out. 2.9.3. I just installed but have yet to notice any changes

afgzee says:

It appears to have fixed the long load times from the previous update, also appears to fix the crash some users reported

jaynemesis says:

Wohoo, I was seriously wishing I hadn't updated because of the load-times.

ernie900 says:

i have (Att)  and its  almost the end of februrary . i was wondering how much longer do we have  to wait for the 7.8 update 

JavierLitis says:

New version: 2.9.4 , anybody knows what's new?

DieNadel says:

New update is out

The app really really sucks on WP compared to iPhone and Android! Sigh!

Rahul Raj2 says:

My whats app is not working properly on my windows phone!!!!
plz help me!]

Major drawback of whatsapp for windows is that you can't send Audio file(song etc) or video to your friends as attachment. When you try to attach Audio , it starts Sound recorder and when you try to attach Video file, it starts Camera. So without that it is useless. I 've sent email to  Whatsapp team but no answer. Any body here facing same problem ???

tembss says:

Facing same annoying challenge. I just also discovered that I cannot save a song that a friend sent to me on whatsapp. I have tried searching for the song on the phone by connecting it to a pc without any success. I can only access the song when I go to the profile of the person that sent the song to me, but there are no options to save/share the song. Frustrated..

Jason Sd says:

there's still a backdrop ,cant get any background image as other phones like ios n android has !! ,its just plain like black or white.this should be updated.

anthonyeid1 says:

It is so slow ... Im gonna change my phone just because whatsapp. Cz i think it is the most app i use

Shaymin1268 says:

I would suggest of being able to send audio and/or videos that ate already on the phone, not just newly recorded audio and videos.

scottyshao says:

Better than before but i stil am not liking it at all.  The screen when messagiong someone is way too small to follow the conversation properly. I have to exit the key board on my 920 to see the convo and then reply.
Also we cannot call the contact directly from the app. 
Maybe i am expecting too muych cominnng from my galaxy s3....??? That should not be the case though,.

why i can't get real time notification on windows phone 8?

Lav_2205 says:

Btw, there is still no way u can attach any music or video from ur library on the phone. U can only record a new 1 and send them.. A required feature as other platforms including Symbian as well has it...

When will we be able to change chat background (wallpaper) just like on other platforms