Fitness Month

Reminder: Win yourself some gift cards with the Mobile Nations Fitness Month

As you're already aware, it's Fitness Month here at Mobile Nations. We've kicked off multiple contests, which are listed in our fitness forum. If you've somehow missed the threads going up, fear not as there's still time to share your results and experience in the designated discussions. Currently we're on week 3, which is sleep and relaxation. The latest thread is day 4.

So why should you enter your results? There's a $100 gift card up for grabs for a weekly winner, as well as $20 gift cards available for each day. Now that's definitely an incentive, right? As well as the contests, there are a number of discussions published and ready to be engaged with. So if you're using the month of February to keep fit, get involved in the community.

Be sure to head on over to our forum to check out all the latest contests and discussions on keeping fit this month with Mobile Nations.



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mythos13 says:

  1. I received my FitBit toay. Thanks WPC for making me aware of it...I think. Though I may have risked my life walking down and up the 12 floors to the mailbox to get it.

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Bushybro says:

Also got mines the other day. This thing makes you a crazy person, lol. I was eating my lunch and walking around the house at the same time. My wife told me sit my ass down and eat, lol.

Mroofie says:

Lol tht girl is really blessed from top :D:D :P:P(boobies awsome) to bottom

walter1832 says:

Man, your so sexist!  How dare you take an innocent girl! they are nice!

NIST says:

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rodneyej says:

Daniel Rubino looks like David Schwimmer.. LOL!!!!...