WhatsApp Windows Phone 8

WhatsApp for Windows Phone gets major new update, loads of new features

Now that Kik is on the sidelines for Windows Phone, WhatsApp has become our default international messaging app on Windows Phone. Luckily for us the WhatsApp team is busy updating and adding new functions to the app, evidently back on their 30-day schedule.

Version 2.9.2 is now live in the Store and it’s the one update you’ve been waiting for, as it really brings this app into its own.

WhatsApp Windows Phone

New features include:

  • Lock screen notification support
  • New Tile design (less cartoony, more Metro)
  • Backup function
  • Hit “enter” as send
  • Mass message
  • New Attachment screen, including Audio, Video, Location, Picture, Camera and Contact
  • Some new UI layout changes

Overall, it’s an impressive update. The lock screen notifications go a long way to improving the app’s usability on Windows Phone 8 and the message backup feature and new layout should also please long time users looking for a more robust experience.

Notifications have been more consistent for us than on Kik and hopefully that will continue with this app update.

Did we miss any new features? Let us know in comments. You can download WhatsApp for free here in the Store. All Windows Phones supported. Thanks, Dennis and others for the tip!

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afgzee says:

It appears to have fixed the long load times from the previous update, also appears to fix the crash some users reported

jaynemesis says:

Wohoo, I was seriously wishing I hadn't updated because of the load-times.

ernie900 says:

i have (Att)  and its  almost the end of februrary . i was wondering how much longer do we have  to wait for the 7.8 update 

JavierLitis says:

New version: 2.9.4 , anybody knows what's new?

DieNadel says:

New update is out

The app really really sucks on WP compared to iPhone and Android! Sigh!

Rahul Raj2 says:

My whats app is not working properly on my windows phone!!!!
plz help me!]

Major drawback of whatsapp for windows is that you can't send Audio file(song etc) or video to your friends as attachment. When you try to attach Audio , it starts Sound recorder and when you try to attach Video file, it starts Camera. So without that it is useless. I 've sent email to  Whatsapp team but no answer. Any body here facing same problem ???

tembss says:

Facing same annoying challenge. I just also discovered that I cannot save a song that a friend sent to me on whatsapp. I have tried searching for the song on the phone by connecting it to a pc without any success. I can only access the song when I go to the profile of the person that sent the song to me, but there are no options to save/share the song. Frustrated..

Jason Sd says:

there's still a backdrop ,cant get any background image as other phones like ios n android has !! ,its just plain like black or white.this should be updated.

anthonyeid1 says:

It is so slow ... Im gonna change my phone just because whatsapp. Cz i think it is the most app i use

Shaymin1268 says:

I would suggest of being able to send audio and/or videos that ate already on the phone, not just newly recorded audio and videos.

scottyshao says:

Better than before but i stil am not liking it at all.  The screen when messagiong someone is way too small to follow the conversation properly. I have to exit the key board on my 920 to see the convo and then reply.
Also we cannot call the contact directly from the app. 
Maybe i am expecting too muych cominnng from my galaxy s3....??? That should not be the case though,.

why i can't get real time notification on windows phone 8?

Lav_2205 says:

Btw, there is still no way u can attach any music or video from ur library on the phone. U can only record a new 1 and send them.. A required feature as other platforms including Symbian as well has it...

When will we be able to change chat background (wallpaper) just like on other platforms