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Windows Phone Twitter apps have their timeline views compared

We've asked a number of Windows Phone Twitter apps to strip down and reveal their timeline views, but fear not as we'll pixel out any secret areas. Rene Ritchie over at iMore recently compared some Twitter apps as a response to Phil Nickinson's AndroidCentral round-up of Android bird apps, both looking at how timeline views are different (if at all).

Not ones to feel left out, we decided to get involved and tag along, so here's our look at 10 Twitter apps for Windows Phone.

We've played it safe and selected 10 Twitter apps for Windows Phone, but we could have continued on to include more. The store features a number of gateways to the social network, but which is the best? Everyone has a favourite but when it comes down to Twitter apps, it's subjective to argue which is the best solution for consumers. 

Here's a look at a comparison of Windows Phone Twitter timeline views:











Tweet It!

Tweet It!













There you have it, folks. Pretty neat, eh? It's interesting to see just how similar each Twitter app is with one another. There are a few clients that do attempt to differentiate from the status quo, but no matter what mobile platform you use, it's always going to be a familiar interface - one which has proven to be both intuitive and efficient.

Where do we see the future of Twitter on Windows Phone? More integration at system level with the People Hub, as well as a focus on speech control and other advancements that will be included in future operating system updates.

Be sure to check out the same comparisons over on Android Central and iMore. What are your favourite Twitter apps for Windows Phone?



There are 74 comments. Sign in to comment

aaa6112 says:

I tried Gleek!, Cowlick!, Rowi, MeTweets, Twitter, Tweet It and Mehdoh, and while all of them (except the official Twitter app) are very well done, Mehdoh is my personal favorite.

axedmozo says:

hello. is Mehdoh allow you to see who retweeted, Favorite your tweets? as I can see among the pictures above. only twabbit have the Interaction, like in a website version. :D please answer me haha


apRPhle says:

Mehdoh gets my vote!

carlosrdd says:

Yea Mehdoh works the best but Gleek looks the best

J4rrod says:

Nope, Rowi is definitely the best

Strangis says:

I haven't tried Peregrine, Twabbit or Cowlick, but from my experience, MoTweets has consistently loaded the timeline faster than the other Twitter aps i've tried.

Shiroi says:

For me, Twabbit is the fastest. Using my Lumia 800.

BikerCVG says:

I can't talk highly enough about Peregrine...

Metaru says:

Agreed. I've loaded them all and only have kept peregrine. App is awesome if you are just a twitter follower . . . . Having notifications for the timeline instead of just dms and @s is awesome.

jhoff80 says:

I love Peregrine for this feature, and the increased information density in the smallest font, but it still has issues.
Frequently direct messages just show up as a blank white box, and it also has occasional problems with URL redirects that force me to use the "Open in Browser" button to get them to load.
Honestly, I really wish some of the other clients did this with their live tile instead.

suavemezie says:

I have all of them, Rowi remains most efficient in all comparison.

Harry Pamuce says:

Now i use Mehdoh, its nice before a update and a hard reset, was Carbon

mrcraggle says:

I was exactly the same. I really liked Carbon but had to go back to Mehdoh once I got my L920 as Carbon was pulled. It's a shame to really pull the app just before WP8 even came out. The app was barely updated though and never even implimented a lot of what they said they were going to although I really liked the 2 finger retweet gesture. 

Rippin2 says:

Rowi is crazy fast, my favorite

MDak280 says:

Mehdoh is my favorite :)

I like Mehdoh and I've been using it for a while... Lately I've been really into Gleek, though. Lately I've also been checking out Tweet it. Seems pretty cool. I want Liquid Daffodil to make a Facebook app now. I think that would be amazing.

bradbamford says:

+1 on the Liquid Daffodil Facebook app!

amcalexandre says:

+2 on the LDaffodil FB app!

seth_p says:

Do any of these twitter apps show conversations? For example, all the replies to a tweet and/or tweets before (like in a thread)?

kidjenius says:

yea rowi does

aaa6112 says:

Not all conversations, but only those that you were part of. Its a Twitter API restriction for 3rd party apps, according to Liquid Daffodil and other devs.

lesnjoro says:

Metweets does it very well

Shiroi says:

Twabbit as well, but it starts from the reply and not from the tweet you replied to. So the latest reply will load the entire conversation.

caesar500 says:

Mehdoh, because it lets me place my lists adjacent to the main timeline. I can flick left or right to see my specific tweets according to category. It also has support for sound cloud and instagram built-in, which you can also flick left or right to view.

CrackFachry says:

I love twitter apps!!
I tried Rowi, Gleek, Mehdoh, Metweet and the Official Twitter app. I'm liking Rowi the best.

The problem with those apps for my region (Indonesia) is most of them are unavailable - Only Rowi is available. I grabbed Mehdoh and Metweets while they're free and tried Gleek in the US Store. Heck, when I bought the Lumia 920 even the Official Twitter apps wasn't available in the store.
I know that some regions has stricter apps approval policy but it's just weird that also applied to twitter apps, especially when 1 app is available while other very similar apps are not.

justerand says:

Vote for MEHDOH !

karthikkini says:

All the twitter clients for WP OS are well-made. For me, Rowi stands out at the top of the list. Fast, neat & reliable.

tacofiend says:

I keep switching between MeTweets and Mehdoh, MeTweets kept crashing and wouldn't save my mute filters for a while. That's been fixed but I'm sure it's either MeTweets, BaconIt or Photostream that absolutely annihilates my battery after opening it. I've turned background tasks off for all 3 but a couple days ago went from a full charge to 0% within 2 hours of unplugging my phone and leaving my house. Really like both apps though, the only advantage I find with MeTweets is the mute filters, when they work.

rowi and mehdoh! :D

Eric Hon says:

rowi or medoh, but medoh is slightly better, but rowi is just alot faster on my L920

kaorun says:

Krile for WP, powerful and stable one.

rohitharsh says:

Rowi is my fav

AskaLangly says:

Because of lack of features in others, I always find myself reverting back to OFFICIAL. Rowi: cannot delete DMs.

sayonical says:

Lol I still use rowi. I always wonder if someone anyone can come up with a different design for twitter clients other than pivots....

beachhoppr says:

I am keen in Brink these days

wpstan says:

I am using great

rjmt512 says:

Are there any twitter apps that allow you to see who has favorited your tweets, like the @connect option on the web browser?

CrackFachry says:

I'd like to see the Connect Tab on Twitter apps for WP. Unfortunately none of the apps I've tried (CMIIW) like Official, Rowi, Mehdoh and MeTweets have it yet.

kidjenius says:

mehdoh is fantastic, but i keep returning to rowi. it's just so fast

erzhik says:

Rowi all the way...

Wyn6 says:

Medoh and Twabbit.

ajua says:

I used to love Mehdoh and I still do but I've been using rowi more and more because of its ability to show links in a mobile view right away. Mehdoh still has the best layout of all, though.

Wyspr says:

I'm not sure why but I've been unable to get any twitter app to notify me of new tweets, I've tried about 4 but can't remember which ones off the top of my head. I think gleek, metweets, official twitter but I cannot remember the last one.

Wyspr says:

Checking it out, thanks for the tip.

wpguy says:

I bounce back and forth between Rowi and Mehdoh. Carbon used to be in the mix, but I nuked it shortly after it was abandoned. I've also tried Gleek and Cowlick, but neither did it for me. I have never tried the baked-in Twitter functionality. I don't care to risk a dump of my contact list to Twitter, as happens with baked in Facebook to Facebook. (If People hub integration had control on a contact email by contact email basis, I would have used baked-in. But as is, WP's baked-in social integration is worthless.)

15Nada says:

I'm in between with Mehdoh and Rowi but for me Rowi always wins because it is faster in loading tweets
while Mehdoh is better in showing other information in the profile .. any way I would pretty much advice every one to buy either of them and forget about official twitter

dkp23 says:

I use people hub!

MeTweets is the best one because it has a UI similar to Tweetbot for iOS. To me, that is the benchmark Twitter client - all the WP twitter clients have clunky interfaces in some shape or form - they ought to be looking over the fence to see how competitors on other platforms are doing it.

Kadcidxa says:

Moved to Mehdoh from Tweet It. I like the way pictures are displayed on the timeline.

thaman04 says:

I have to say the OFFICIAL app looks the sexiest.  :)
However, Rowi has better features.  The official app needs another big update to bring the latest features.

astroXP says:

Even thought there are some great Twitter apps out there, I'm stuck with the official app all because of the API restrictions (i.e. real time). The Twiter app is, of course, the only one which doesn't suffer from it.

FitoRockx says:

I've tried all of them since I'm a heavy twitter user and my personal favorite is Metweets, I like the interface and the fact that it has instant push notifications, all the others I tried didn't offer me that.

Shiroi says:

My personal favorite is MeTweets because of it's UI. But my daily client is Twabbit just because it works super fast!

lippidp says:

My favorite is Smegma.

namodenamer says:

Vote for Mehdoh.

Honestly the official Twitter clien looks the best. I personally use MeTweets since it's the only Twitter clien besides Rowi that offers true push notifications. The rest are rip offs because they claim to offer push notifications but in reality they only poll once ever 30 minutes.

i dont know why all the wp twitter apps have to look the same, ios twitter apps for the most part have different looks.

ctafield says:

Not for long. There are strict UI guidelines now from Twitter that come into force along side the 1.1 API.

Hackemate says:

Mehdoh forever!!

Snow says:

Twabbit!! Its inline images is amazing

Shiroi says:

I know! It shows the zoomed out full image! Others only show a strip.

But I think Tweet It! is the best at inline images.

AmilM says:

Rowi and Mehdoh are my favourite. And Tweetbot for iOS is awesome.

Mobbs says:

Peregrine, the only one with pull to refresh.

LeDommage says:

Mehdoh does it too ;)

ctafield says:

Interesting to see some apps showing the links on the timeline.

axcisd says:

I have tried all of the apps and I keep going back to Mehdoh.  It is clean, fast and handles my notifications the best.

SalmanNaseer says:

New update for Twitter for Windows is out today and I've been using Twitter on my Windows Phone from last 3 hours. It's simply amazing and has reached a new level. I wrote a review about it here: