Nokia at Mobile World Congress 2013 Live Blog

Note: The event begins at 8:30am Barcelona time (2:30am if you're on the East coast in the US).

We’re here live at the Fira Gran Via for Nokia’s big Mobile World Congress announcement! The room is packed, the anticipation is high and the world is watching.  Expected on deck is the Lumia 520 entry level phone along with the new Lumia 720, a 920-esque device but for those on a budget. We may also get news on services updates, including Nokia Maps going to HERE Maps.

Will there be more? Join our Live Blog and watch the Nokia stream after the break!








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Jnero20 says:

:D can't sleep

jdriscoll636 says:

Looks like I will have something to read on my lunch break. This is one of the few times working grave shift is going to pay off.

Sadly, won't be up that late (11:30 PST), but I'm pretty sure (hope I'm wrong) that all they will announce is what WPCentral said, but I hope they announce a Verizon 920 (922).

mark beadon says:

4.30pm here in queensland Australia, one hour to go. Perfect. Me and my Nokia 808 are eagerly awaiting a big gun camphone.

fardream says:

More hardware, same sucky software, why bother? What are you doing, Microsoft?

Nik Rolls says:

Presumably hanging out on the official Windows Phone feature suggestion portal, which is possibly where you should be venting.

Luminatic says:

Gold. Reading material for my coffee break! Not expecting much, but always open for surprises.

vitaliano says:

You know, I won't be too disappointed if L920 will remain their flagship for the next 4-5 months. Let others open their cards first and then strike. BUT, and it's very important, Nokia should be ready to release (read prepare enough supply) any new flagship within 1-3 weeks of the announcement.

dukrem says:

This should be a lot more achievable now, it won't be the first WP8 device which makes a huge difference. See how fast they were able to deliver the 620 and now expect 720 and 520 to hit the shelves within weeks. I think the next flagship launch will go a lot better.

Good morning and welcome to Europe mr. Rubino! Will be watching/reading from Oslo:)

AngryNil says:

The 520 could be the best looking Lumia to date, if evleaks is once again correct. I hope it has microSD expansion, though.

suraj.das says:

Great! Going to read it while im studying.. Mom thinks im sincerely studying \m/

amcalexandre says:

Less 1 hour from Portugal, can't wait for the News! Go for it Daniel.

david90531 says:

I really wish they had a better name for HERE maps..but I guess the new features are more important

uopjo6 says:

Better maps, and Nokia Music available to more countries (at least where I live), then I'm a happy man.

I love this site. Love the streaming updates. If the 520 beats the specs of 820 at less than half the price, I am going to be pissed :D

My thoughts exactly ;-)

pogi920 says:

they only mentioned the placetag but how about the price tag...lol

ClixT says:

Lame.... I guess I was expecting too much.. lol

hamzie11 says:

PLEASE!! ask a question about the notification centre

ClixT says:

Couple of guys kept on asking nonsense stuff (at least for me)
I think that's more of a MS question though.

No tablet announcement :( I was really hoping for that!!!

worldfar says:

Where is the catwalk? 4100m Lumia 1000(950)

tissotti says:

It has been mnetioned thousands of times.
There's a reason Nokia is only announcing Windows Phones in MWC, there's no software update from Microsoft to enable new hardware.

wadijusay says:

Announcement was quite disappointing...hopefully in the summer there will be an announcement for a high-end phone.  Honestly, I am swaying toward an android next year if MS does not have something to compete with the Google Now features.

Apoc says:

No tablet, no new top end device, going back to sleep now. Guess I'm a 920 yellow & surface now.

lippidp says:

Crap.  No Nokias with keyboards in the foreseeable future.

dan_morrall says:

new here branded apps in store now