Burton Windows Phone Lumia app

Burton for Nokia Lumia phones: available now with a very creative lens

Nokia seems to be fostering quite the partnership with Snowboard manufacturer Burton. We’ve seen Nokia sponsoring Burton riders, both partnering to create sleeping bags for your phone, and now there’s the Burton app for Windows Phone.

Released to the Windows Phone marketplace last week, many will have skipped over this app but we think it is worth your time, and here’s why.

Working with Nokia, Burton have implemented some freaking awesome feature ideas, bringing a potentially very powerful lens into your Lumia through Nokia’s sequencer API, connection to Nokia Music, and lots of sub tile functionality.

The Nokia Music integration provides playlists from Nokia music designed to pump you up as you head down the mountain. Effectively jumping you straight out of the app and into Nokia music as installed on your Lumia. Then there’s live tiles which can link you to the weather and snow forecast of the resorts near you.

Here’s the cool part though, even those who’ve never been on a Snowboard in their lives should try out this app, the sequencer functionality records a short video (like in Cinemagraph), then lets you to instantly chop down the video to the part you want to use. Next you can go through the video, frame by frame (choosing to skip a few if you like) and select the parts of that frame you want included in final picture. The results can be seen in the app screenshots below, where you see a Snowboarder at each stage of their jump all in one image. Of course there are other ways this technology could be used, I’m betting some creative folks out there could come up with something impressive (perhaps there’s a competition to be had?).

If you’re still not convinced check out a video demonstration we captured at MWC (be warned you won’t see the best of the sequencer in a crowded MWC booth!).

Burton is available for Nokia Lumia devices here in the marketplace, is free to install, and is definitely worth that price just for the lens alone.

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Hiiiiiiiii says:

Where is Gameloft? Pandora?

borasar says:

what does this have to do with Gameloft or Pandora? 

Adiliyo says:

that's a pretty neat lense

adrian1338 says:

Burton is the apple of the snowboard industry

borasar says:

i wonder what that makes lib/gnu and NS then 

Love NS:) My 1st and 2nd boads.

borasar says:

I ride a Lib and love it! Want to try NS however, they only recently got them here in Canada. 

Visva27 says:

Currently Microsoft made softwares for wp8 not for wp7.8. Microsoft blame Existing 7.8 users.

What phone are they using to demo in that video? Also, in general, what phones are the Nokia folks using to demo? Are they sticking to mostly the announced phones (720 and 520) or is there really no tendency there? Curious to know b/c the Burton app seems pretty resource dependent and it was amazingly fast to load and process. If all that's running on 512MB of RAM, then I'm stoked.

TechnoTim says:

Now lets see some Burton cases for Lumias

Sam Sabri says:

This is so sick. Glad to see some awesome apps for the snowboarding/skiing crowd. This and Winter are awesome.

ArtSooby says:

I don't see why this app has not been ported to WP 7.8 devices. It's really frustrating.

Jay Bennett says:

It makes use of the Lens feature and Nokia's imaging APIs which only exist on Windows Phone 8 as far as I am aware

shantelle09 says:

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