Sneak Peek at JobLens: a new way to find a career that suits you

Joblens home screen

Bringing our coverage of Nokia's partner apps that were demoed today towards a close, we have a somewhat intriguing use of the Windows Phone lens feature: JobLens.

Positioned as a service to help those looking for work, JobLens provides a friends list to help you network and look for opportunities through your contacts, but that’s not the clever feature. As suggested by the title, this app uses augmented reality to show you jobs that are being advertised near your location.

You might be wondering what purpose that serves, but if you think about it, the location of your job is actually quite a big deal. Finding a job near where you work, or even coming into an area you find pleasant and looking for jobs nearby actually does make sense.

One of the coolest things about this app though, from a veteran Windows Phone user’s perspective at least, is that the background of its main panorama is animated. Seriously check out our video hands on, it is funky! This may be a sign of things to come, but more on that later...



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theefman says:

Could come in handy very soon for me. :)

tallgeese says:

Must be a government worker or federal contractor.

Hanhua Yin says:

Must be a conservative.

Me too! Thanks Nokia :)

chucky says:

When is this app coming out? It looks cool, I want it!

radde says:

It is mentioned in the video that it will be available in about 2 more months.

radde says:

Wow ... This is a very neat App indeed! :-o

CJ Thunder says:

Is there a web equivalent, something that aggregates Monster, Jobbing, Craigslist, etc. by location?

MrVol84 says:

So is Nokia done announcing devices for this years mobile convention?

Residing says:

Probably not...the next BIG mobile convention for Nokia is their own Nokia World.

Agent-P says:

Wow, this is a neat concept. I could use this to find a job near campus.

JacksonSQD says:

Will this work only for the US?

Zeroplanetz says:

i so need this now!!!!

Giddora says:

God! I love the background magic they've done! Excellent UI!

aaa6112 says:

+1, awesome dynamic background. Can't wait to see other apps implement it.