Mobile Nations at MWC 2013: Day one podcast



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jsnod25 says:

Is android central crew upset at all that they don't have a music client to deposit their podcasts on like iTunes and Zune?

App link gives me an error code when clicked.

Jay Bennett says:

Hmm, it's trying to send you to a zune link, never had to see this before. Thanks for letting us know

Shambels says:

Let WPcentral people talk!!!

xconomicron says:

I want to thank you Daniel and Jay for representing the WP community. I don't know if you guys got frustrated at the beginning or not, but you guys handled it like pros! If I had been there, I probably would've said eff it and flipped the table over. I probably would've also added... "I gotz no time for this shit!"

Jay Bennett says:

Not at all! To be honest everyone in the room as been going for well over 16 hours straight at this point and we all need to let off a little steam and have a laugh. Hopefully our community enjoys hearing a little bit of our crazy banter!

xconomicron says:

lol - Good to hear Jay!  Once again, I want to thank you guys again for being here for us!

shantelle09 says:

In order to make this work, there are at least 126,000 cell phone towers that also emit microwave radiation. - Marla Ahlgrimm

paras chugh says:

murder !! i knew u guys were upto something....lol