WordPress 2.0 for Windows Phone goes live but doesn’t get a makeover

WordPress, the popular open-source blogging app, has also been bumped to version 2.0 tonight as well. The difference here is unlike Twitter, WordPress did not get a magical alteration.

Indeed since we’re not regular users of the app, we’re hard pressed to state exactly what has changed and with no changelog available, you will too. One particularly frustrating design decision is to use the web browser control within the app when viewing your page or the dashboard. It’s slow, it is bad for low memory devices, and it should be jumping out of the app to internet explorer if at all.

That’s not to say there may not be some improvements but with a 2.0 initiation, we’re not seeing too many differences. If you’re already using version 1.9, released just last month, head here to the Store to get 2.0. Thanks, Steve A., for the tip!

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I guess T-mobile was looking out for it's customers. My 7.5 is running as good as it was from day 1. Applause for TMO

Yeah and I bet you think a phonograph is cutting edge as well too?? Snarf Snarf?? Just saying...

Hey, that video was good. I haven't seen He-Man in seven weeks and made $7319 off the computer. Snarf Snarf!!

TheWinPhan says:

"web browser control within the app when viewing your page or the dashboard", I don't recall this being in v3.9, or at least not in the main hub where it's located now.

he he...good one :P

hungelt2012 says:

I am a regular user of WordPress on wp, but I don't see any difference after updating the app.

morpheus1982 says:

TheWinPhan states some differences above. There is still a fundamental bug though. You cant edit a blog that is long because the remaining text gets cut off!

"The difference here is unlike Twitter, WordPress did not get a magical alteration."
Is everyone opposed to the metro-look now?  I see a lot of people raving about the new look of the WP Twitter app which looks like it could be an iOS or Android app!  I do appreiate the new features of the app, but they could have kept the look, but changed the colors and added the features.
I came to Windows Phone because of the UNIQUE look of the apps, but if more and more apps ditch the metro look, I may ditch Windows Phone. 
I hope the look of the Wordpress app does not change as I find it, LinkedIn, Facebook and a few others gorgeous, as if they are part of Windows Phone's OS.

TheWinPhan says:

I couldn't agree more with the change in looks, I am metrofied through and through. I'm not looking to have Android or iOS running through my Windows Phone, that IS why I CHOOSE to be a WinPhan and not a Fandroid or iFan! This was my tweet from yesterday addressing the Twitter change and I think it reflects your thoughts for WordPress too!
"I'm going to say it...the new Twitter app looks like Android and iPhone. That does NOT make me want to use it. I

I am going to look for your tweet when I get home from work this evening and retweet it. 
I am thinking people are overlooking the cosmetic changes because of the added features.  I'd rather use a 3rd party app that uses the metro design language and has all those features.