Twitter and WhatsApp are just the start as new Windows Phone 8 apps loom

Windows Phone 8 users should rejoice as evidently the newly updated WhatsApp and Twitter apps are just the beginning. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to react to the mostly positive news by teasing  he has a “few more apps on my #WP8 phone that aren’t in the Store”.

Microsoft in the past has had headline grabbing “app pushes” where a near steady cadre of awaited apps were launched on Windows Phone. The last time this happened was soon after Windows Phone 7.5 was launched with nearly 50 high profile apps being released over a span of weeks.

While we’re certainly not anticipating that many apps this time (Microsoft did just hit 130K apps) there are a few big titles that we’re still missing...

Within the last week, WhatsApp was updated no less than three times and Twitter was re-launched with a 2.0 update. Nokia was working closely with WhatsApp to improve the somewhat troubled messenger, which has suffered from stability issues in the past and we’re unsure about who was involved with the Twitter refresh.

So what are those Windows Phone 8 apps that aren’t in the Store? We can think of a couple possible candidates:

  • Pandora
  • Photosynth
  • Molome
  • Facebook  (new version)
  • Viber
  • Skype (new version)

We could throw Instagram on that list, but at this point, we’re not confident at all in that prediction (even though it would be a huge win for the platform).

Photosynth was teased a few weeks ago as nearly complete for Windows Phone 8 and of course Pandora was announced back in October, making those two very likely candidates. Molome, an Instagram-like competitor, is also close to being released.

Have any other candidate apps that you think may be coming? Let us know in comments!

Source: Twitter; Thanks, joeymk, for the heads up



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Ticomfreak says:

Instagram and snapchat...

ericmcarson says:

MLB At Bat 13...and Instagram

hitchhiker90 says:

I must be the only one who wants Waze

TapPixl.com coming up with Pixl app too. Its a simplified version of Flickr.

Talbot690 says:

MYSPACE app Yes finally!!!!!

Visva27 says:

Microsoft isn't made apps for windows phone 7.8 users.

fachru says:

I think almost a year ago I read news that Path is developing WP version and rumour about waze in WP and yet until now both app never release....

Official Facebook or GTFO; simple as that Microsoft.

Luminatic says:

Whatever it is, please also release it outside U.S. / U.K. / Canada as well!

Usmcbob says:

Give me my damn apps!

DeacoN_Jo says:

1st... Fingers crossed for Instagram , because however You may think about it, It's a Definite WIN ........Plus I'm really hopping for the ( Facebook , Skype ) redesign or makeover,, with Including WP7.x in the update..........and last but not least ; bringing ( Cinemagraph ) to 7.x .

DaSchnee says:

Teamspeak, please!

neelagopi says:

All financial Apps shud come to the store.. especially Citibank and American Express
Calling card company realted apps that support VOIP calling - no carrier minutes (low priority)
Pandora and Spotify (ad supported not paid one)
Games Games Games... when I travel I wish there were more games!
500px (low priority)
I honestly don't  care about Instagram... don't know why so much fuss about it...
Hopefully WP will rise and Google will step in...

miklavzg says:

Check 480px - 500px unofficial app.

Gomez9 says:

What is Instagram ?, and what's all the hype about it ?, is it really a must have app or are people crying cause IOS and Android have the app ?

what cave are you living in?

chad08er says:

Instagram just hit one hundred million users. WP8 needs this app ASAP.

steppa75 says:

Sky go, 4 od, BBC iPlayer are massive apps missing in UK.

yosagojimbo says:

Agreed, sky go is needed, along with now tv (by sky)

Jtkos says:

Would love to see Myfitnesspal updated or an official fitbit app.

pogi920 says:

Bring yahoo messenger to wp8....lol..

Jammo says:

Instagram isn't worth the hype

chad08er says:

One hundred million people sure love the app, and its needed to bring users over to WP8.

hcescala says:

and now i understand why most smartphone users stick to iOs and Android, to sum it up design and hardware are not the selling point here rather the Apps? How would i enjoy the device if the apps are half baked? What my LTE/3G for? If my facebook app sucks, i dont have instagram, flipboard? Do i need those games? No i don't need them on my smartphone i can enjoy them on my iTouch alone..

Sascha Hoppe says:

This Instagram-thing must be an american problem. I'm working in Germany in an IT-company and none of my friends and collegues uses Instagram. 

lhoylhoy says:

Because Germans are emotionless hehe

Luminatic says:

Wtf, having Instagram proves you're emotional? If this is The case, the it must be very widespread for example in Italy and Spain.
BTW there us a difference between being emotional and having the need to show yourself to the world via tools and apps.

neelagopi says:

I am from USA... and  I think its america-thing... most ppl I see use it for taking photos of food... lol!
Germans have better things to do than taking supid photos of food... :)

Big Supes says:

Its pretty huge in the UK as well, although I don't see what the fuss is all about. There's tons of post filter effects apps and why not just share them to Twitter or Facebook?

In Sweden, Windows Phone devices are almost unsaleable among target 10-35 year olds because Instagram is not available.

aubreyq says:

Interesting demographic (not the Sweden part, but the 10-35 year age group).

SilverSee says:

Doesn't anyone make phone calls anymore?

Iskassasya says:

Instagram? Just post pictures of yourself on Twitter instead, new Facebook version would be nice.

lhoylhoy says:

I heard instagram is already available in the store but they don't want you to know that

Big Supes says:

You heard wrong.

Big Supes says:

HSBC, BBC iPlayer, and Sky Go. Not very optimistic about 'iPlayer' (think the name gives a clue) and Sky Go. Both companies are in love with Apple and reluctantly releases Android apps due to the platforms huge market share.

adrian1338 says:

I would be pleased with NFC Payment by wallet and data sense

Marco Russo says:

Instagram, fliboard and zinio....

Dome85 says:

I hope in a new versions of Skype and Facebook (now it's terrible). And, please, c'mon VIber!!!!

I want viber updated too! I want calling feature on my viber!

ChazTyldsley says:

A good Facebook app and Instagram. The only things left that i miss from my iPhone.

Luminatic says:

I'm just hoping there are some goodies for Non-Americans and non-UK users too. Cause American banking apps won't help the Germans, same goes for other English-Speaking Country apps. Pandora, for example, which a lot of you are missing, is only available in the U. S., New Zealand and Australia, so while the release of a WP app might make some WP users happy, it won't help making windows phone a better buying option for the rest of the world.
IMHO, globally popular apps are much more important fou the platform.

paulxxwall says:

You are so right

WhatsApp really sucks on Windows Phone, WP8 included. Missing messages with hours of delay and usage of the AudioAgent for background capabilities is just so sloppy. And why is the app not using support for larger screens on WP8 devices? 

what phone are you using dude? Apart from the background audio thingy WhatsApp is flawless on my L920.

It works perfectly fine on my lumia 920

not available in spain.
The problem with the NFC is you can not make trust tags, and ALLWAYS need a confirmation to launch the action. this sucks

RN50 says:

This is great news for wp8 users

J Papi says:

The teens want INSTAGRAM.

Morq says:

Teamviewer, Photosynth and amiga emulator :D

afgzee says:

These apps coming better be something otherwise in my eyes Microsoft has just snooped to a new low.

paulxxwall says:

We need these apps in the store before blackberry comes out because if bb10 comes out with these secret apps plus the ones they already have it will be bad for windows. I will be pissed

braydee89 says:

Instagram, vine, flipboard. Then I'll be happy.

JerseySal says:

Instagram is caca. They should rename it InstaAttentionWhore

aubreyq says:

LOL! The platform still needs it to increase the user base, though.

pmich says:

Give me Flipboard and all will be forgiven.  .... 

Moti Komfort says:

waze, instagram ....

Anas_91 says:

new facebook and instgram 

adamski777 says:

they can fix that other storage before they bring out more apps

Bob Wooten says:

My votes:
HBOGO, WatchESPN, MLB AT BAT 2013, FACEBOOK (update), YOUTUBE (update), SNAPCHAT, SportingExplore, USAA
and... Instagram to appease the masses....

The live tile support for twitter is not working properly on my phone. Is there anyway to fix this?

bjd223 says:

Facebook buying Instagram is the best thing for WP short of MS buying them. MS and Facebook are very tight and I'm sure they are pushing them for a dedicated Instagram client.
MS owns stock in facebook, I've heard as high as 20%
MS wrote FB live chat system
MS wrote official FB app for WP
Facebook chose MS (Bing) for search features
If I had to guess I would say MS is going to write the Instagram client for FB and release it. It depends what is holding them back. If it is a technological issue of the platform then it will take longer. However with WP8 out they can do much more with the system. They may be intergrating the service like some of the other social media elements which would take a large OS update. Or there could be some transitioning going on where FB is not fully incharge yet. More then likely they want to get settled before making them help MS with a client.
Eitherway I personally think it is coming, it is just a matter of how long it will take.

afgzee says:

if they were so tight, we wouldn't have the almost featureless facebook app we currently have

tacofiend says:

Slightly off topic, but the new Rdio update FINALLY puts the WP8 version up to snuff with iOS. It seems a lot quicker and more stable than the last few updates and looks a bit different.

Dead Cell says:

Where the F*** is INSTAGRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lenn Liggins says:

If you want these apps write to Instagram and others on their Facebook.

paulxxwall says:

I'm sure they have

Guru Patel says:

TubeTV for youtube is good!

JackXD says:

yea very slick!

almdudler26 says:

I don't want instagram for myself, I want it so more people get windows phones

Instagram! Instagram! Instagram!

Gambit11B says:

How about those promised Gameloft games?????  That sure would be nice.....especially since BB10 has already begun receiving them.

afgzee says:

COME ON!! where are the apps man! made us wait months with not delivering dont let us wait more. next month im out of contract!!

ihavewp8 says:

Instagram is gay move on people with your life. Hajaha