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What a feeling as Nokia employees randomly break into song and dance

If you’ve ever stuck around Nokia’s “booth” at Mobile World Congress you’ll know it’s actually quite massive (we’ll have photos later).  The area is open during the convention where analysts and weary journalists can relax, have some coffee and get work done.

As tradition, every few hours the Nokia ringtone will blare across the speakers and the Nokia employees working the floor will break out into song and dance. It’s hilarious. It’s entertaining and we kind of love Nokia for bringing levity to an otherwise unexciting day.

So tune in and sing along to Irene Cara’s “What A Feeling (Flashdance)”. You can just follow the giant Lumia in the back if you don’t know the lyrics. (And yes, this was recorded on a Lumia 920).



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L0gic Bom8 says:

Lolz. Very nice. Despite still being in dire straits, Nokia is still showing a level of festivity and can break even the most boring moment of monotony. Wow, I said a mouthful! ;-)

jabtano says:

Dire strights? Nokia is doing rather well on the road to recovery. Nokia stock is currently a buy. The company is still holding billions. they have made all the right moves to regain stability. they are no longer bleeding funds. so dire straights no recovering yes.

L0gic Bom8 says:

@jabtano: They are doing well in recovery, but to me they're still not out of the woods yet. Things can still happen between now and the future.

jlynnm350z says:

Sounds like my job. We like to break out into song and dance every couple of hours.

mreaglejr says:

haha, looks fun!

Must be like the surface pro ads lol fun

The first thing I thought after reading the title was Harlem Shake. 

Awesome! Very cool that they have fun... I bet you don't see that next door at the Motorola booth...

evilrobot says:

I would be looking for another job if my employer made me do this.

The overwhelming majority of Nokia employees that i have met have nothing but good things to say about the company. "Awesome" is the word most used, so...

As an ex Nokia employee, I have nothing but love and support for a company that treats its employees the way they have.  There has been tough times but how they have handled them shows why most Nokians will always bleed Blue.

sholokov says:

Maybe Nokia just lets them do whatever.

Hi Evilrobot! We love doing this! Greetings from the show floor.
Those who don't want to (or can) sing or dance don't have to - it's completely voluntary!
With a big happy smile :-)
Bjorn from Nokia.

HaibaneReki says:

actually I wished this was not shot by the 920.. Let's hope it was just the youtube doing it's thing :)

LaNiQuE says:

And here I thought Dan would be mortified by people breaking out into song and dance.

NIST says:

Dan only does the Cat Daddy dance.

Shiroi says:

OMG I would've joined in had I been there! I hope you WPCentral guys did over there!

PipoDj says:

nice. hope i was there to see that myself

MikadoWu says:

I remember working as a Mechanic around 1992, everytime the Chilli Peppers song, Under the Bridge was on the Radio, the whole Shop song... Good times....  Girls loved it.
On the video, WTH did you use, no way that was a Nokia 920..

paulheu says:

Love the typical pony tailed sound 'engineer' in the foreground doing his very best to look important.. Having been in the business I still chuckle at these. ;)
From the looks of the board he's using Nokia paid way too much for sound..

GU3RO10 says:

Should of done the Harlem shake

TechAbstract says:

This is real. Harlem is fake

Fritzly says:

No matter how good they can be nobody will ever, ever beat Steve Ballmer dancing on stage.

truthsforme says:

LOL. I just burst out laughing in class just now. Thanks for that. I've never seen this before, when did this take place?

sholokov says:

That's funny.


I would wish that they danced to Harlem Shake instead, but with +40,000 videos already on Youtube involving the song, it would be pretty pointless.

thaman04 says:

At least it was NOT the harlem shake... so sick and tired of that.