Windows Phone Challenge heading to a cinema near you

Microsoft is taking the Windows Phone Challenge footage and launching it into cinemas across the US (sorry, everyone else who resides outside the states). Ben Rudolph, the popular face behind all this friendly cross-platform abuse, has crafted an insightful post on the Windows Phone Blog detailing some cinema chains that will be featuring the marketing material.

From now through March 28, look for new content playing at top theatre chains, including Lowes, Regal, AMC, and Cinemark. Viewers will be able to check out the videos just before everyone is reminded to turn off their mobile phones (keeping everything relevant of course). This isn't the first time Microsoft has launched a marketing promotion using the big screen - and we sure hope it isn't the last.

Check out the video above for some action showing Windows Phone taking on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Source: Windows Phone Blog



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jordandrako says:

Very smart move. There are lots of great movies coming between now and then. Should get lots of attention.


Hopefully, all this heavy marketing for Windows Phone pays off soon.

sym1a1a says:

Its about time ms started using these, there great marketing material and Ben does such a great job with these challenges

procen says:

I want a free phone from Ben the PC guy :-P

MemoHK says:

I have one question: Where can I buy a Cyan Lumia 920? :D

WinFan1 says:

The store ;P

if you are in the states in att stores.

I know these are fake but I still enjoy these challenges but I have to say the latest Galaxy S III one is just terribly obvious

NIST says:

They are not a dramatization.

rightisray says:

They aren't fake in the least.  They are quite real, I assure you. 

xconomicron says:

definitely real..

uptempo777 says:

I love these challenges but seems fake to me.
So he has the Nokia Lumia 920 beat these people's Samsung Galaxy S3's (which they all say they love) and after that, they all say they are ditching their phones?  
I love and have the Nokia Lumia 920 but really? 

Fiann says:

Um, because they aren't going to show you the ones where the person is like, "Oh, that's cool but I'm sticking with Android. Thanks."

GG002 says:

Would you tell a camera team you hate your Lumia 920 if they came up to you in public and challenged their S3 (or whatever) to your L920? Didn't think so. And if you actually did, the team would just move on to someone more exciting. Of course they pick the guys carefully, not just some random runt who doesn't know what (s)he wants.

Haxcid says:

Here is the deal though, are they runnng a app for thier search like he is or are they using the browser...
If you are using a web browser against his apps then yes windows phone will win every time. What I want to know is how it fairs against apps like Yelp. Did the S3 have gps enabled?
I know it is marketing but if you are going to do a challenge be 100% honest or you end up like those stupid walmart ads where they walk some person around and tell you how much money they saved but never actually show you the register and go out of their way to make sure you do not see the totals for either reciept.

ymcpa says:

It's up the the contestant to know how to use their phone. I'm guessing most will use the browser. But even using an app like yelp won't help. The local scout is integrated into the phone. It takes 2 clicks to get the results near you. The type of challenge is rigged  to things the wp is good at, but it's also the kind of things people do most often.

xconomicron says:

no definitely real....such as in this video. I just so happen to know the person.  yea........................


...........................btw, she gave the iphone to my brother...the last line is scripted.

Appmek says:

Definitely scripted, they're not even trying to claim otherwise.

ymcpa says:

I'm pretty sure the ending line is scripted, but I don't think the rest is. They've been running these challenges for a while. They've done them at conventions and the MS store and they have lost before.

thaman04 says:

Not scripted.  Only the last line is.

How are these fake? I do these same challenges on my friends and the end results are the same.

thaman04 says:

If you watch the video, they have the legal note that says "Real people, not actors."... also I've seen these challenges in real life many times, this is definitely not scripted... only the last line is.

WinFan1 says:

I have also witnessed these challenges in person and have seen the windows phone lose.

Jojogill says:

Smart moves Microsoft. If they keep this up, visibilty and awareness for Windows Phone will continue to grow.

Residing says:

Finally!  I've been wishing Microsoft would feature Windows Phone in theaters since Mango was released - the YouTube vid that introduces Mango was great and would have looked fantastic on the big screen.

Ben Kolo says:

This is awesome and so true. Can't wait to see some iPhone challenges, I switched from the iPhone to Windows phone and everything is hands down better except for app selection, which is continuing to improve.

treetownal says:

Its missing the scene where she asks, "can I use instragram to take grainy pictures of my waffles and show my friends with a caption 'yummalicious'?"  

ncxcstud says:

Microsoft play these on tv during primetime. Man these ads are exactly what MS needs. Very much like the iconic/annoying Apple ads that feature the phone itself.

petersun21 says:

Is MS declaring war against Samsung? Samsung is still an official partner of WP

vitaliano says:

You know, Samsung is more than welcome to invest and innovate in the WP ecosystem. They just chose not to so far.

eff Samsung.  I love how they throw WP8 on a Galaxy S2 and think WP users will be happy with that...

WinFan1 says:

You mean galaxy s3 lol

I love this marketing campaign . . I thought that the Bing challenge campaign was genius and was wondering if they were going to do the same for WP . . Its pretty much what I do on a daily basis whenever someone touts their Galaxy S3 as the best thing since sliced bread . . Great way to show people other options other than android or apple

Planblover08 says:

The sad thing is I didn't know you could filter local scout and have been a WP user for 2 yrs. Who would of thought to click on the headings?

I hope those Windows Phone commercials don't come to my movie theater; it may inspire me to get up and shout "Suck it Android!"

ihavewp8 says:

Yup I go to regal movie theater

sinister1 says:

Poor people, wait till they get home and find out they can't do custom SMS notification sounds. LOL.

WinFan1 says:

Yeah sounds almost as sad as it being something you complain about.

rmichael75 says:

I dont see the HTC 8X in these commercials. So MS back to Lumias now. :)

hary536 says:

I already saw the ads last weekend in a movie at AMC20 theatre in Santa Clara, CA.

thaman04 says:

This ads are great.  It would be great if they did different versions with the Samsung ATIV S vs. Samsung Galaxy III.... lol.... and even the HTC 8X... maybe even some iPhone comparisons too.   :)  BUt I guess it's better they focus on one at a time.

AskaLangly says:

Too bad the campaign won't extend all the way out into July for Pacific Rim... it's the only movie, besides Fast 6, that I have been waiting for.