Microsoft acknowledges Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tile issues

Windows Phone 7.8

Microsoft has acknowledged the Windows Phone 7.8 Live Tile issues consumers have been experiencing. Developers have approached the company with reports that problems have been caused by the magic tiles, with a MSDN forum thread prompting a response from Mark Chamberlain, Microsoft Principal Developer Support Escalation.

Now, this isn't to say that an update has been confirmed to be well on the way to consumers, but we are aware of Microsoft halting the current rollout of Windows Phone 7.8. It was only the other days when Vodafone pointed at Microsoft as to the cause for the delay to its customers. It's looking increasingly likely that the halted release and Live Tile issues are part of the same picture.

Here's what Chamberlain had to say on the matter (consider it an official confirmation that the issue has been documented and looked into):

"An update: this issue has been recorded and the problem is understood. There are actually two issues:

  1. Live tile causing continuous web requests (and side effects such as battery drain)
  2. Live tile failing to update.

The fixes will be considered for inclusion in an update to the phone operating system. In the forum post above, several posters have been able to get around the problem by unpinning and repinning the live tiles. This might be a temporary workaround."

We've covered the problem with Live Tiles in Windows Phone 7.8 quite extensively. Heathcliff, a well-known name in the Windows Phone homebrew community, wrote up a piece on how the issue could be worse than previously believed, leading to increased battery drain and data usage, should a device become affected by the documented problem.

With Microsoft evidently delaying the rollout of Windows Phone 7.8, we can speculate that a fix is in the works to be applied to Windows Phones that have already received the update, as well as implemented into the release for those yet to receive it.

Source: MSDN; via: WPArea.de; thanks, Ne0cron, for the tip!



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Prodigy11 says:

The fixes will be considered

What the h*** am I reading? Will be considered?!? Seriously, MS!

bobsentell says:

Simple, 7.8 was designed to jeep us happy until our contracts allow us to upgrade to WP8. Why waste the effort on an OS revision that is decreasing?

Prodigy11 says:

Microsoft seems to be the slowest mobile platform developer in the universe. And their quality control seems to be leaking heavily - not the best possible strategy for a OS that is trying to get meaningful. Are  you saying, that it is OK if they break 7.5 with a crappy update, and don't bother fixing it?

"Microsoft seems to be the slowest mobile platform developer in the universe"

sHAYM4N says:

Because it will still kick around for a bit. Not everyone is on contract. My folks are on WP7 and probably will be for a few years. Hell the world still rocks on WindowsXP in some places. They need to leave it in a state that works.

Wow, that's just a ridiculously stupid way to look at things.

AngryNil says:

7.8 is being sold on devices today.

Bloobed says:

A more optimistic view, would be that they were already working on another update, with specs and target date set.

Why you think T-mobile did not update it's 7.5 customers. TMO and all carriers may have been aware of 7.8 issues. Good looking out TMO in the United States.

dubie v2 says:

I still hate T-Mobile...

KLinCHI says:

I somehow doubt that's why TMo didn't release 7.8. Unless you're being facetious.

korg250 says:

For the same reason AT&T did not release for my Samsung Focus: careless

Kellzea says:

"The fixes will be considered for inclusion in an update to the phone operating system"
that doesnt mean "we are considering fixing it" it means "we are deciding weather to put the fix in an os update or not"
the not means it would be a hotfix patch instead of a full update.
lrn2 read

Reminds me of Microsoft in the windows mobile days but I still love my Treo pro

Nataku4ca says:

ya i was about to say, i guess that was a little ambiguos though

RawrrSavior says:

"Maybe we'll fix....nahhhhhh"

MikeSo says:

At least now WP8 users know what to expect when WP9 comes out, or when the OS folds, whichever comes first.

aaa6112 says:

74 app updates? Wow!

aaa6112 says:

That picture in the article....

WPfreak8 says:

Oh okay, I got it! ;)

Jay Bennett says:

That picture was George's Lumia 900, it probably had been some time since he'd used it!

Senkwe says:

"Will be considered..." they say. Wow.

Purge_GT says:

My WP7.8 Samsung focus crashes hard if I
A) turn on bluetooth
B) Play music through bluetooth
C) Either fire up Binaural Beats or if someone calls me.
Sometimes, it reading a text locks it up. 
Today, for the first time, it locked it so bad I have to hard-reset (as even pulling the battery and then powering it back on after still has the Samsung logo taunting me with no result )

invertme says:

I was going to update my focus tonight - I think I will pass now!

ousooner314 says:

Just wanted to chime in that I haven't had any of the issues Purge_GT mentioned. I use Bluetooth to stream music to the car, to receive/reply to SMS texts, and answer calls. It has worked without locking up. I did have the live tiles stop working the other day and a hard reset was needed to fix it.

hwangeruk says:

Agreed. None of these issue on my Lumia 710. I still use the 710 to Bluetooth stream music, I have no issues. I might one day cut over to my 920, but my 710 just works. Its battery life is also awessooommee!

bbennett40 says:

Me three. Works fine on my Focus S. Well, fine except for one tile. The ONLY tile that doesn't update properly for me is the WPCentral tile. Since the last app update, it won't refresh with the number of new articles like it did before.

Neusyn says:

I find its completely random on which apps are affected or not. And it comes and goes on what you do (ie reinstall an app and it doesn't have to be the app with the problem) almost like a weird error.

Kadcidxa says:

I havent had this problem with mines. Weird.

MrSean490 says:

LG Optimus 7 - Bluetooth turns on fine, but I cannot pair with any device. Would consider resetting, but too much effort to reinstall apps and reorganise start screen again.
Maybe this update will fix it...

Chef316 says:

No issues here on my HTC HD7 :-)

Ridlah says:

I don't see why this issue wouldn't be solved Remember Nokia just released some low end wp7.8 devices not so long ago and the Lumia 900 is still in stock at most stores

RawrrSavior says:

Yep, the Target I work at still sells the 900.

Aaron M says:

The more I think about it the more it seems 7.8 was a brilliant physcological ploy by MS.  Even with as small, delayed, and limited as it is (only adding one tile size), the update still softended the blow of not getting WP8 by making us think "oh well, at least we get 7.8".  Most of the news is on WP8 now and people aren't paying attention to whether or not 7.8 lives up to its promises.

They should acknowledge that some people like myself, still can't update their lumia 900.

Prodigy11 says:

And with this kind of amateurish behaviour Microsoft ensures that zero users will continue using the WP-platform. Job well done, Microsoft.

poddie says:

Really? Zero users? I kinda doubt that.

Prodigy11 says:

That was a purposely done exaggeration... It most certainly is not the best possible advertising for the platform, if they make current users unhappy with these blunders... And therefore, people are more likely to change the OS.

DenniSundaY says:

Doe they also acknowledge the problem with other storage? Otherwise I'm not interested.

E Lizzle says:

Amen!  Who cares if a tile updates when your entire phone is crippled.

DenniSundaY says:

true that! I luckily have much space left, but after installing Asphalt 7, 900mb was added to apps AND other! Every single app you download is doubled in the other storage!

FuriKuri says:

can't wait for galaxy s4 now :)

Cyruss1989 says:

Protip: get the One.

WPfreak8 says:

Protip get the iPhone. Android is nothing you should pay money for. Trust me, I owned almost every phone...

FuriKuri says:

I have an ipad mini which is I think the best computing device in the market, so getting iphone is kinda pointless for me :/
using lumia 900 and while it's good there's no wow factor in it, microsoft said it better in their ads "It's Time For a Phone to Saves us from our Phone" I don't see myself using it as much as I used my Desire Z or even blackberry.
@Cyruss1989: I like everything about the One but I like some features about touchwiz that makes me want to buy samsung more, like the smart stay and smart rotation :)

Neusyn says:

I would think that they'll at least release a patched 7.8. I almost wanna say while ur in there you should add another feature for us ;) but that'll delay its availability.

explosive0 says:

And there were folks crying bloody murder when Apple took a few weeks to fix the Exchange Server issue affecting iOS 6.1

Yeah...can someone tell me why it takes them half a year to fix MAJOR issues? I'm getting sick of this crap. They claimed they would be able to override the provides and push us updates. Well the MN with as many god damn problems as they have, there should be bi-monthly updates to fox all this crap.

Because they are busy to count money !

dzuchowski says:

when do you think they will get the update out. 
I have a samsung focuc flash i677 and tried the seven 8 tool on windows 8 x64 but i pulled the cord as it seemed as if it did not get passed the backup... It went to the diag screen with phone and pc logos... i pulled the battery and did reformat and pluged it back in... it went off the backup i think as it reinstalled all my apps... i think i will just wait for the update or find if someone has ported android over.

eryvile says:

Well, considering that it took them what, 6 months?, to develop this update (with enormous added functionality) and then another 1-2 months to realize it is broken, I suspect that we wont get any update before summer/fall (hopefully this year).
I suspect that they cannot do more than just "consider" an update as there's nobody left on the wp7 team. They moved them (probably it was just a single person left doing the coding, testing etc. for wp7.8) to other projects (wp8, blue, ...) after they had released 7.8 because they had planned to let it end there... (same thing had already happened after 7.5 until those stupid handset makers urged them to provide an update for the existing wp7 customers just to keep them happy -> that's how 7.8 was born)
Sorry for all the sarcasm.

That they acknowledge. But they brush under the rug how the messed up on Xbox Music/Video & the fact that our "Other" memory storage will take up all your phone within 6 weeks? This is my THIRD phone reset to clear space (11gb used by other). Seriously, at least man the hell up and acknowledge this has been going on for seven years since the Zune, and tell us you have no intention of fixing it.

DenniSundaY says:

Yeah im also wondering. Acknowledge within weeks that live tiles in 7.8 don't work properly but keep silence about the fact that other takes up lots of space since the Zune period. Many people do believe they won't fix it because it has been so since the Zune media players...

albertleao says:

I used to work for At&t and pushed wp7 to all my customers. I love the WP platform, but it's getting to the point where I just can't keep saying "It'll be fixed" or "I'm sure we'll get that next update".
Yes the UI is great and I love the fluidity, but I convinced 4 of my family members who were on androids to switch over, and within a few months, their live tiles stopped working. This is after me trying to tell them that apps like Mint and Wells Fargo will be coming soon. It's difficult to compete when everyone else is using Galaxy s4's which honestly don't have the buggy usage that androids used to have and the Google UI has gone a great lengths.
It especially frustrates me that MSFT didn't care to update ie9 on wp7. As a web developer, I have to code for the lowest common denominator of users, and it's just a pain when MSFT continuously keeps holding everyone back. MSFT is not the MSFT of the old, and as much as Bill Gates was my idol growing up, I feel like MSFT has just grown into a corporate giant playing catch up in so many areas.
oh well....

genfa says:

We tested the live tile, and on a 7.8, if the image (background or foreground) is an external one (HTTP ....), the tile doesn't update. The comment must neither contains accentuated char (ëéá...)

scdkad says:

Do you really think MS is going to be in any hurry or apply resources to anything 7.x? We only only got 2 features as is when we should have gotten almost everything non-hardware related from WP8. They obviously put almost no effort into 7.8..

Good looking out T-mobile USA. TMO was looking out for the best interest for its customers. Just want to say thanks again TMO USA.

deloa84 says:

That's exactly what I had in mind. +1000

MikeSo says:

I prefer the new tile sizes to the live updates, though, if I had to choose. But having both would be nice...

KFBradley says:

The new twitter app on my 920 won't update the live tile or lock screen if the tile is the small size. Related issue?

deloa84 says:

Nope that's an issue with the app and also different hardware (WP8 vs WP7.x)... Try reinstalling it that may work or just give them feedback about the bug so they know about it and hopefully implement a fix in a later update. Is it the really small size or the medium size tile?

KFBradley says:

Just the small size. I haven't had any issues when it's set to medium or large. Notifications work every time.

deloa84 says:

I have to wonder if this is the reason T-Mobile decided to skip on the update? Generally they are very good with timely updates etc such as with Portico, 7.5 etc. Glad they skipped it and I'm glad i didn't jump the gun on 7.8 yet. Il stick to 7.5 on my Radar for now.

ej1024 says:

Im not aware of this issues. I have a lumia 900 with 7.8 0 problem

MikeSo says:

Which tiles that are supposed to update do you have?

JPDVM2014 says:

I hope they fix this issue soon for everyone having problems, but for me, I have been loving 7.8 ever since I updated.

DarkSpirit58 says:

In the end T-Mobile make the right move and MS knew about the problem for the very beginning, I mean if T-M was aware MS was aware

Some of us don't even have 7.8 yet.

twint7787 says:

This update has been a complete disaster. I was going to put 7.8 on my gf's phone but I am sooo happy that I didn't. 

genfa says:

The problem comes from the sended notifications of the tiles : no remote picture -> the tile works fine on 7.5 7.8 and 8 ... It's a ms bug, but their is a workaround by removing the pictures from the tile notification...


Now that you mention it, maybe T-Mobile DID have the same reason for keeping its customers from getting the 7.8 update.

ethanh says:

Ugh...MS is slowly but surely marking each and every check box on my list of "$h!t that will drive me back to Android" list.
I originally came to WP7 for Zune Desktop type functionality.  They don't have that anymore.
I wanted quick releases of software updates.  That is not happening.
I dove into Windows 8 because I thought it would sync various things with my phone.  This isn't happening because I don't have a WP8 device.
End rant.

bsd107 says:

Believe me - the syncing of WP8 and Win8 is a mess. (iTunes is just as buggy, but I wanted WP8-Win8 to be at least as good as Zune/WP7.5...

bsd107 says:

The "Live Tile failing to update" issue is certainly not limited to WP7.8. Consider that to be one of the new features in WP8 that was ported back.

sinister1 says:

You would think that they would be on this by now instead of developing Smart Glass or Office for Android and iOS. SMH. At this rate they will be number 4 under Blackberry and Ubuntu.

Maybe you need to think that Microsoft maybe is the one of the biggest software companys out there but probably they are working in many proyects , they have their hands full and another thing is that the people normally think is easy programing an OS but is not easy requires a lot of time , money and a really skillfull people . I think sometimes the costumer have to be a litle bit pacient 'cause is not easy and we don't know the hardships they have when they are programing .


Its not just 7.8...My 920 has this issue as well. Very annoying.

Umar Riaz says:

I am going back to Android.

@Lightmoonwolf, Microsoft is not a big office full of people trying to do everything all at once, each section has a different division, the windows phone division do not build windows, the xbox division do not code for phones, being busy with different projects is absolutely not how it works, windows phone guys go to work each day only to work with windows phone, not to clean the toilets when they have a minute

So thats why my battery has been draining on my Focus Flash, my battery has even bulged from constant charging, ordered a replacement. Very disappointing!!!

MS has a clear lack of leadership and an increasingly poor management which is starting to remind me of the GM that went bankrupt. If you ask me Apple is also starting to have the same problems. Management is not about consensus but about leadership, if local laws and tax laws make it hard to get the right staff, maybe it is time to relocate some development HQs to a place you can attract talent to! That place is not the US and its 50% death tax plus an exit tax! That is tax hell and the best people will not go there if they can avoid it!

aubreyq says:


jmwhite19 says:

Carriers should have 0 say in the likely upcoming update (whenever it will be). Just saying, needs to just happen

nonameform says:

What about WPCentral app live tile not updating properly in 7.8? The only time that tile updates for me is when I restart the phone. After that it won't update until next reboot. Unpinning doesn't solve anything, deleting cache doesn't help either.

schlubadub says:

What about the slowness of the live tiles? I.e I press a tile... Nothing happens... I press again... Wait... Then it loads. This happens with everything including IE, Me etc. At the very least there is a 1-2 second delay before anything happens. Pre 7.8 I never had that happen.

bono5112 says:

My kids 900's haven't gotton the update yet

mads333 says:

Am I the only one that have these issues? :
1* several times time Xbox-tile dont respont and I have to turn off and on the phone to make i work again.

2* Slow respont from several tiles, Most build-in apps like Marketplace, Picturehub and calendar. Before the update they opened when touching the Tile. Now it can take between 3-5 seconds before the App opens

3* Screen is about 20% less sensitiv. Often I have to touch the screen an ekstra time to get a reaction.
I have a Lumia 800 and I'm seriosly thinking about getting a Galaxy SIII. 

mtcerio says:

I have opened a thread on the official Microsoft support forum:
Come and share your experience there. Let Microsoft know how many we are with this issue. Click on "me too" or add your post!

contributorM says:

Anyone know what laptop that is under the phone?

tqlla3k says:

Whats going to happen when people see bills with huge overages?   I just started using a WP7.x device(titan2) 2 days ago, and a lot of things are just missing.  Simple stuff, but important.

  • Data or Cell minute counters?  Come ON!
  • Cant unlink Skydrive from my photos?
  • Cant edit APN settings?
  • Why cant I switch emails from within the email app?  Do I really need 3 email tiles.